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I post art on Reddit as MyNoNameMouse
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This short story is written by David Bollt...
A master in visual arts in dynamic style both on canvas and skin. This being one of his writings may persuade you to research this artist's other starseeds.

A little bird once had a dream that he was a person who lived in a beautiful palace.

In this dream he would roam the corridors of his mansion, proud of all that he had built. His fortress of security and strength protected him from the dangers of the outside world. In the dream, time started to move faster. Years passed in seconds and eventually the bird dreamed that as a person, he died. He dreamed that the palace, left unattended for months then years, then decades, eventually crumbled... ground back into the earth by the relentless cycles of wind and rain.

Free of the palace walls, the awareness of the dreamer looked out into the world. He imagined that the mansion had been but a tiny cage. The harmony of the stars, the sun, the moon and the planets were all acting in concert to make the world a garden. He saw the true palace was really the universe in which the temporary little mansion had been built.

When the little bird woke up, the dream of being a person soon started to fade. He sang a bright cheerful song, simply glad to be a bird again.

He spread his wings and jumped out into the sky. He flew out into a world of impossible beauty. A world that was bursting with variety and self expression. Despite the danger of serpents... the garden was full of gifts.

After singing many bright songs and flying to many extraordinary places the little bird died.

Just then... the garden woke up from it's dream of being a little bird.
  • Listening to: the third person
I have a myspace account if anyone would like to add me...:)…
  • Listening to: the third person
Sorry about the leave...
Deviantart has changed a bit... All the art i submit is available for any use other than commercial... I feel there is some sort of moral crime there... but for tattoos...altering for your own creative journey... or sharing it on your wall or on cellphones and dinner what thou wilt...

toinfinityandbeyond starseeds...
I have been getting things shuffled into some chaotic order... soon I will be posting regularly... I have been storing many things waiting to be shown... Things have changed a little bit.... the last couple months have been quite hard and extrememly stressing...the details are not that important and generally would make a boring novel and make me sound like a wimp... but where there is death there is birth... where there is blood there is life...
Well I was awarded today with a very prestigious award. To me anyway. I sent a link to the Brian Froud website a month ago as a fan and was chosen as artist of the month for April. In return they posted me and a link to my gallery on his site, along with that spiffy banner you see In my webcam photo. He helped co-create with Jim Henson on the movies 'The Labyrinth' and 'The Dark Crystal' and has published a good handfull of books featuring his world (I recomend 'Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy' book).  I think without a doubt this will get me some exposer, but then again you know what they say about exposer, you can die of it...;P

World Of Froud------> <------World Of Froud
I was just browsing around and found a page that belongs to a person hosting photos of themselves and friends, and another album for their artwork. Well I was shocked to see that the art work looked quite familiar. Either we are on the same brainwave and share the same synaptical relays on some quantum level. Shareing the same inspiration and portray them exactly the same with the same title, or I would say these were mine. They aren't being sold as prints on this site, In fact I am not sure how to get in touch with this person, no listed email.
But I don't feel pissed or nothing, I actually feel sort of honored that this person is claiming my artwork to be there's.
What would you do? If anything?
I thought I would put up a few links of where I can be found. I don't have a website (will when i can afford it, maybe somebody would like to sponser me) but I will have one hopefully soon. I can be found here… (Tribe)
Then I also have a myspace account here… I am also a member on (conceptart) I am thinking about getting into the commision deal. If you have a requests just let me know. I do sell originals on occasion. But at the moment I will probably sell my sandles for a boul of soup. Im Po.
Oh yea, if anyone has the time I have an idea for a new avatar. Some sort of spider design. (spiderfan)
One more thing. Can anyone control weather behavior? I would like an early spring.
That's it for now.
hi maggie :heart:
Often, the dying can sense people in the room or hear you speaking to them up to the very end. Talking to the dying can comfort even if you don't think they hear you. Your presence is felt and that can help the dying feel less afraid or alone. It is important to be supportive of the dying and loving. The Dalai Lama's book, "Advice on Dying: And Living a Better Life" states that the soul is aware of its surroundings and crying or grieving should be avoided while in the room with the dying. The goal is to provide the dying with a warm and relaxing atmosphere to die in peace and hearing their loved ones crying and depressed can cause sadness, fear or anxiety for the dying. Always have someone by the dying person's side, if possible. Friends and family members can take turns so no one person gets too tired.

Please remember that all people will not share these signs, as each person's death is as individual as they are. These signs of death are merely a guide to what may or often happens. If you suspect that death is nearing it is important to be vigilant. Death can occur very suddenly or at any time. If your loved one wants someone with them when they die, it is important to keep watch as things can progress rather quickly. Some go through few signs and die within minutes of a change being noticed. It is best not to delay or put off visiting.
Looks like I will be moving soon. I used to be part of a fetish circus once upon a time. We had a full monty of artists musicians piercer wax whips chains and pirates. Well it has been 3 years since. 3 years of traveling and learning. My art collection should be bigger. But it seems my inspiration dies when i am stuck in the wilderness. Most of my inspiration comes from you.
Any how. yadayadayada. I looks like i will be moving to the west coast. San Fran bay area. Are circus was in NC now it has grown in size and moved to the other side of this land. Here I will throw my moderation in art, in the trash. I will have to go all out again. Actually I can't wait. If you would like to catch a glimpse of what I am babbling about. check this out.
I am looking foward to submitting more. Perhaps more photos and such. Thank you all thus far for being fans and staying in touch. You all mean more than you may think to this slightly disturbed but daydreaming fool.
I don't have alot of stock invested in poetry. But I thought I share what I whipped up last night.

the soft-headed hearts
massaged into water
no scars were left behind
from rotating roadsigns
or jealous darts

woodburnings from past lives under the laws of love
these miter joints ache from cradleing cuddled rage
these slices of death show the rippled rings of age
papercuts can not saw through this cowskin kidglove

we came back to life
we see into the eyes of eternity
we have been where no mans ever been

with no flag of furious prides
we stake no ground
we fit coats for the children
kept warm and sound
woven and hemmed from our own selfless hides

our patient silence is loaded and cocked
with our ember tempered hope
this anxious violence has been corroded and blocked

a tolerance for pain
with a supersense for aim

(footnote from the heel: there is no "way"
                                   x-cept perseverence
                                   greased with the spirit of unselfish love)
Once just outside of time...their lived a boy who traded everything he ever had for nothing. He kept this nothing and stored it in his heart (one thing that is impossible to trade, even empty) Empty hearts hold plenty of nothing.  But as even the coldest living things know, nothing is top notch when it comes to fertility. If say per chance a seed fell into the nothing in this certain boys heart, it would sprout. But sometimes it's not the best idea to just plant something in nothing as they say deep in the forrests of forgotten and unthought. They say that if their is no growth after the sprout, you now have a dead something rattleing in the heart. Not even resembling a heartbeat. If it is small enough it will decompose. But if left alone it grows wild in tangles, dry. Ask the boy. He even said thorns will rip and tear, scratch and bleed. Until you have a bloody something inside.
The boy just smiled. Their is always hope inside nothing. that will never leave. The boy would always say the fire when he pointed to the ashpit of hope inside. He would say ashes are nothing but the memories of something. Fire washes away old and makes new. This boy is the grandchild of the sometimes salty but caring lady known by many. They called her Earth. The boys name, well to tell you you the truth, he has a wonderful name.           The End (to the beginning)
I will be back soon...
If not tonight
This is the strangest feeling
Something I can't control
Do I play the fool for you

If not tonight
Waiting forever
Just to see your face
Waiting is all that I seem to do

Yeah puro amore
Will another night exist like this again

Yeah solo amore
We will never get this moment back

If not tonight
Underneath the stars
Beneath the crescent
Sinking down into the sea
It's not the time
But I will wait forever
If this is what you want
Waiting could be the end of me

One day I will open your eyes
Underneath the stars
Beneath the crescent

Yeah puro amore
Will another night exist like this again

Yeah solo amore
We will never get this moment back

Yeah puro amore
Let it be with you tonight
There will never be a night
If not tonight

Tell me when my love
If you have known me for a good know I have dissapeared before a year or so...well I am no more sequel...I hope I have brought a few smiles to some..more or less this is a finale...something keeps licking me like the puppy...time to take it for a walk...the next submission will be to your hands from it will be all that you have given me to start with...

I have not a clue about artgroups...especially on DA...but I have started something...this site… you will be able to upload whatever you want... the username is Bottlenote and the password is synapse ....if you bookmark this you can check up on the description you may add your signature or remain nameless...when submitting to DA (if you do) I would list the contributionals...anyhow any questions...soon I will organize this...but then again how organized is art?
I thought Id try an artgroup...I gave it a name and submitted it...It centers around the idea of saturation...I gave it a name... "Bottlenote" and basically its a piece of "art" that is created by many...It will be passed around (in a method im not sure of yet) a signature in a bottle at sea...everyones breath...little puff...or light-headed heave...then all involved will submit it...under their own name...if you find this intrieging or just plain don't understand...let me know to be added or ask me what the hell Im talking about...
Some times it feels like I have ran away from my love...and into a cave to hide my naked body...Got lost deep in the dark for thousands of years...and like a seed trying to find the surface...I should have left one single string...rather then a trail of bread crumbs...Quite hard to find bread crumbs in the dark...(takes A sib of Guinness)...heres another one of those can speed up the beginning if it starts to get monotonous…
If you want to see a quick sketch that I cannot submit on this site...check out this link...Hope you like and inspires…
Good morning