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Wolf Paw - Size Comparison

Paw to hand comparison of my Canadian wolf pelt. His claws are giant. :aww:

Wolf from a taxidermist

Disclaimer: I did not kill this animal and disagree with the killing of animals for sport or fashion. If you do not like what you see, don't look at it! Also, don't bother wasting your time leaving rude or pointless comments here, they will be ignored.
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WinterRaine's avatar THAT'S a paw you don't want to be bitch slapped by. :O_o:
RatofSpring's avatar
Wow, that is a big paw :O I heard that "Anatomically a wolf has huge paws bigger than a man's hand".
May I ask how old you are?
FossilFeather's avatar
I'm 23 and female so my hand isn't giant, but even up next to a guy's hand, my white wolf's paws ares till quite large. :)
RatofSpring's avatar
Oh I see. Wow, cool :D
miriteatstoes's avatar
Ees my sleepin' buddy <3
Lupen202's avatar
Don't know whos are bigger, Maguyuks or this guys xD does he have his middle pawpad?
FossilFeather's avatar
No, he doesn't even have his toe pads, just pieces of them. Personally, I thought it was kind of an odd skinning job myself but I have found that their cut makes it easy for me to slide my own hand under his and "wear" it as if my hand was fur covered and had long claws. :love:

I like your new avatar by the way, really cute. :aww:
Lupen202's avatar
Ah ok. Yeah, i kinda like them without the middle pad (unless i want to mount it. ). Mags just got his toepads and a few peices of his middle pawpad, split in two.
Don't they have huge claws? I love how everything on a wolf is huge lol. Huge teeth, skulls, claws, tails...

And thanks :)
FossilFeather's avatar
I know! They're wonderfully massive compared to other, smaller canines. :D
Lupen202's avatar
Yeah, they're just amazing xD I mean think about it, their heads (at least most) are almost as big as our head, if not the same size.
PuppyAkamaru's avatar
those are some pretty big paws
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