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Black Bear Skull

Young American black bear skull.

Skull from *Zhon

Disclaimer: If you do not like what you see, don't look at it! Also, don't bother wasting your time leaving rude or pointless comments here, they will be ignored.
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XxzenithxX's avatar
Thank you so much for uploading this; it`s a nice, clean, crisp shot of a skull that I needed. I`m researching how to draw bones, see, and this is definitely an image I`ll refer back to in the future. Excellent lighting, too; really defines the hollows and details.
lamelobo's avatar
awesome skull!
Zippo4k's avatar
Mmmmm... Reminds me I still need to photograph my skulls. I don't have access to the same nice outdoor scenery as you do.:XD:
iho-ja-luu's avatar
Awesome skull!!

I want to have a bear skull so bad
SpiritDragonWolf's avatar
WANT! lol I need to get some coon and bear skulls. I want a badger or fisher most.

FossilFeather's avatar
Badger is an awesome skull. I got mine from one of my best friends. ^_^
WolvesWithin's avatar
Amazing! How young exactly is the bear?
Or do you know? -cocks head-
FossilFeather's avatar
WolvesWithin's avatar
Ah, I was just curious really. ^^
One of your bigger skulls I can assume still though.
FossilFeather's avatar
Yes, he's about as long as my wolf skull. I meant to take some comparison pictures of the two but my SD card ran out of memory today. Next time! :D
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