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a sewed  up heart by fossildigger24 a sewed up heart :iconfossildigger24:fossildigger24 2 2 kawaii potato by fossildigger24 kawaii potato :iconfossildigger24:fossildigger24 5 10 Noodles mask sketch  by fossildigger24 Noodles mask sketch :iconfossildigger24:fossildigger24 0 0 2D and murodc meme by fossildigger24 2D and murodc meme :iconfossildigger24:fossildigger24 2 0 gorillaz brand soda by fossildigger24 gorillaz brand soda :iconfossildigger24:fossildigger24 1 0
The meaning of salt skin shortened
Noodle fell back.. and slammed the door at what she just witnessed.. she ran tears running down her face.. the drunk singer.. trying get him self together and run after her it was too late... she ran to her hotel room. SLAM the door shut she locked it..  Noodle slid down on the door with a shocked and teary look in her eyes.
:iconfossildigger24:fossildigger24 0 0
Gorrilaz song lyrics meme by fossildigger24 Gorrilaz song lyrics meme :iconfossildigger24:fossildigger24 1 0
Japanese flower girl
Noodle sat on the dock watching the waves. 2D happen to spot her. He wondered if it was really her. It looks like her, but she was taller and older.He slowly approached her. Noodle got quickly and pointed her gun .2D stood frozen … his eyes Turing white. In noodle he stuttered … Noodle dropped her gun and hugged 2D. 2D blushed a bit and hugged back.  Noodle started to cry a bit. 2D keep hugging her with no words.  2D backed up a bit noticing she was wet. And probably hungry. 2D didn't know where to begin.. He said slowly would you like to stay in my room here.  Noodle nodded and smiled faintly. 2D picked noodle up and walked off. Noodles keep her head down trying avoid eye contact with him. 2D walked to his room making sure Murdoc or the Cyborg didn't see him. He shut the door and put noodles down.  
3 hours passed Noodle had taken a shower and put some clean clothing on. 2D brought her a sandwich knowing she was probably starving Noodle sat eating. 2D j
:iconfossildigger24:fossildigger24 2 9
tiger noodles
2d: dear diary, i don't know how long i can keep this up. Noodle is everywhere i go, and it's not even noon! i need to get out of here opens door to see noodle on all fours
noodle: roar!
closes door
2d: dear diary, on 2nd thought, my room isn't such a bad place to stay in. noodle walks over on 2d's lap and sits in it, russell takes a picture
russell: i'm sorry, i had to.
murdoc takes picture murdoc: the fans got to see this!
2d: i would move, but i'm to scared to move
noodle: pet 2d-san
2d starts petting noodle, noodle purs 
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Tiger stories
russell: 2d, i know your not the brightest guy here, and i know me and murdoc's bullying has probably traumatized you...BUT NOODLE IS NOT A TIGER, SHE'S A LITTLE GIRL!
2d: i'm telling you russ, she's a tiger! she's out to mull and cuddle me to death!
russell: good, maybe it will knock some scense into you.
2d heads back to room, only to find noodle on his bed sleeping, rolled up in a ball, 2d tries to get in bed without waking up noodle
2d: please don't wake up please don't wake up
noodle wakes up
noodle: roar!
2d: hides under covers as noodle claws blankets trying to get under.
2d: NICE TIGER, NICE TIGER! clawing stops
2d: i think she's gone looks next to him to see noodle
noodle: roar 2d-san!
MURDOC: laughing his butt off this is more entertaining then MTV reality shows.
russell: this makes me glad noodle hangs around 2d so much! 
:iconfossildigger24:fossildigger24 1 0
Noodles tiger days continued
2d runs back to room with noodle chasing her on all fours in tiger suit
2d: if this is my punishment for smoking I'm sorry noodle!
2d runs in room and closes the door
2d: phew.
noodle nudges door open
Noodle: ROAR!
2d: ahhhh!
Noodle: pounces on 2d
2d: GAH!
Noodle: on 2ds chest, rolls up in a ball and sleeps
Russell: 2d why are two look adorable.
2d: blushes 
:iconfossildigger24:fossildigger24 2 2
Noodles tiger days
2d goes into noodles room 2d: hey noodle, what you doing?
noodle comes out of closet wearing tiger costume
2d: aw, you look so cute in that. goes over to pet noodle
noodle: rawr! scratches 2d
2d: ow! noodle why'd you do that!
noodle: RAWR! looks like she's about to pounce on 2d, 2d runs out of the room
2d: i think i lost her
noodle jumps out of the corner noodle: RAWR!
2d: GAH! runs into murdoc
murdoc: watch were your going face ache!
2d: murdoc help, Noodle is acting like a tiger
murdoc: good, i hope she mulls you >:)
noodle: grrrr *slowly walks on all four's to 2d.
2d: n-n-n-n-nice tiger...falls to floor up against wall
noodle: grrrrr sits on all fours watching 2d
2d: now's my chance gets up and runs
noodle: RAWR! pounces on 2d who falls
2d: GAH!
noodle lays on 2d's chest smiling
2d: sigh what are we going to do with you strokes noodle's back 
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Gorillaz wall PAPER meme by fossildigger24 Gorillaz wall PAPER meme :iconfossildigger24:fossildigger24 4 6 GORILLAZ LITERALLY by fossildigger24 GORILLAZ LITERALLY :iconfossildigger24:fossildigger24 4 2 Noodles sketch by fossildigger24 Noodles sketch :iconfossildigger24:fossildigger24 3 5 Too much make up LOL by fossildigger24 Too much make up LOL :iconfossildigger24:fossildigger24 2 0


im currently listening to daft daft punk mood happy drawing a bunch 


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Im 15 years old i love gorilaz


Noodle gorillaz
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