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Been while since I did these 
I'll be doing only 3

I can draw Pokemon ocs and dragon ocs
Digitally or tradionally

And no bases plz  I will not accept bases

I put effort in my stuff so you should do the same 

No rushing I hate being rushed I want your drawing to be neat as possible 
I know I've no posted much here for while I've been busy 

and unable to draw  hope this is understandable 

i I also have art trades open Incase anyone wants one
i can do dragon ocs or Pokemon 
I know I'm late saying this ^^; I think it was this week 
Happy new years 
I wish I could at least one drawing from one my favorite artists and I'd be happy. Even though it won't be possible =u= even though I do draw my stuff 
Disappointed Helpy Icon  Art trades are still open if anyone interested 
I turn 21 yay!
Our wifi was knock out and we're trying find way resolve an issue with company which explain lack of art too.
Anyone wanna do one

sttention this only for friends and watchers only 
will be doing only 4 

will ll notdraw pony just to let you know 
I was moving to new house which I don't have wifi at the time but the internet should be able to be installed at my new house just heads up on why I was gone 
This is awesome and exciting! Going to have my second year in colloge too!

 FnaF Icon [40] - Bonnie Intensifies 
I'm now 20 years old :D
Every time I check my messages nothing new appears or won't show what people been posting new I keep seeing the same things over again and not new messages or drawings is it a glitch or what's going on?
Sorry I have not uploaded drawings lately due to being very busy with colloge and hardly have enough time for to draw things Incase I draw may upload em slowly since paint class homework keeps me busy the most.

thats all for now also made YouTube account with my destiny walkthrough Aswell.
It was awesome and beutiful at the same time some parts made me sad some happy emotions Pixar does to me >w< Judy hopps such adorable character along with nick Wilde.
:D wooooooo
Hope everyone has good day and have fun
Ive been quite busy with college and keeps me very busy with the homework it gives me which the only time I can upload are Fridays and Saturday's .

I can do 5 art trades if anyone wants one as Im free on Friday and Saturday 


AT are only for friends.  And watchers 
I have not posted artwork since I've been spending time with family members who came from new York also been spending vacation trip with them too.
I will post artwork mybe next week ^u^
just making sure you guys i draw on fridays since im in school/work
i got new computer a laptop now i can continue my arts now ^^