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I love you all
Favourite Movies
Princess Mononoke
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House MD
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Very song specific
Favourite Writers
Vixyy and my little mormel
Favourite Games
Megaman, Gradius, turn based strategy
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Tools of the Trade
Pencils, colouring pencils, waterpaints, pen and ink, SAI, Photoshop, Wacom Bamboo
Other Interests
Drawing (anthro) art, cooking, roleplay with friends (not with you though), design
So I finally overcame my reluctance to see a movie in 3D again to see Zootropolis and it was somewhat good. Somehow I managed to remain as unspoiled to the movie as possible, having seen only snippets of trailers and avoided as much talk about it, but I still went in knowing the movie a predator prey societal structure running throughout it (which I enjoy). I'm happy I didn't see all the trailers because it would have lessened the impact of at least a few scenes that I really liked. Biggest joys were the humour, animation and attention to detail put into creating a modern society fit for many species of sizes and shapes. The movie does well
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Leafbiting 2015

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Geezzz that time again? Lucky mees... Yesh! While I'm still scrambling around to do something special for the participants of last year, Leafbiting has crept up on us once more. What is Leafbiting? October 4th is World Animal Day, something that doesn't seem to be a very well known fact around the world X3. As my gesture towards all the tasty animals I love to eat so much, including fish and other seafood, I refrain from eating any meat for 2 months (until December 4th, my birthday). It helps me appreciate eating meats even more so, I think anyway. Can I join? Oh you bet! In fact, I see more and more people taking part in the biting of lea
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It's DA's 15th birthday! Gratz you guys <3 So for their celebration, they want people to fill out a questionnaire, why not right? Here goes. How long have you been on DeviantArt? Almost 10 years! (Aug 20 2005) What does your username mean? It's simply the word vosje, which means foxie in Dutch, then written in an Asianish kinda way. Describe yourself in three words. Obnoxiously brutally honest Are you left or right handed? Righty What was your first deviation? I think it was this  one, because DA doesn't adhere to chronology for my gallery :I Anyway, it's one of the earliest (definitely not THE earliest) image of Foshu as a character.
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Yaaaaa, you bring back the older furry art of the late 1990s common on HTML sites.

Thanks I guess? XD

I first got onto the internet at age 10 in the year 1995. I was still very young, then I became a teenager in late 1997. That's when the whole "golden age" of online furry art began, after the Internet was upgraded from Usernet groups and became the GUI projection model in its earlier form. You are in the same age range as me, did you not have dial up modem during your secondary school years in the late '90s? The major search engine Yahoo! had entire directories for finding furry art and communities if you knew the pathway in their listing. Stuff like this place: This: and one of my first favorite stops:

I never got to use the internet until I was around 17. I had no idea what furry even was, even though I had been drawing 'furry art' from back in elementary school. I've never thought much about the time before I discovered the internet, but some things kind of make sense to me now. Like in furry vore circles, I never understood why I was so well known and remembered and influenced so many others, but I guess I just showed up at the right time and place for me to do my art thing like any other artist would have.

Wow the sheer number of butthurt users on FA must have really got the numbers up to the point that the mods had to act. I will admit my block list have never gotten so big by some of the dumbest people I have seen on FA before. Its a cringe worthy picture o FA and there are way way worse ones then something tame

The butthurt originated on Twitter, not too surprisingly. But yeah I wanted to make a stance against this kind of mobbing where a minority simply tries to get loud enough to either bully someone into self censoring or becomes a nuisance to the mods.

as rare as I am here I prefer to support people when I dislike the system. hope the appeal goes in your favour.