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I am going to say this now: To those who are still trying to help Julian Song, I think you should all stop helping him. Why you may ask? Because, no matter how many times you try to help him, he just never listens to it, no matter how much hate he gets, no matter how many times you keep making commentaries on him, or even a parody about him, he will NEVER listen to them. I think it's best that you all give up helping him and move on to the next person. Don't just attack him or feed him excuses. Because he's gonna keep going no matter what you say. That means to some people who have tried helping him, but failed in the process. At this point, Julian has been beaten to death by people in the CC, and of course, nothing has worked on him at all. I suggest moving on and not waste more of your time with Julian. I also don't want to see retarded excuses like "JULIAN SONG NEEDS TO STOP TAKING TROLLS SERIOUSLY!!!!", or any other shitty excuse that doesn't work at all. If anything, it makes you look like failhard. That is all.

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