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I am going to say this now: To those who are still trying to help Julian Song, I think you should all stop helping him. Why you may ask? Because, no matter how many times you try to help him, he just never listens to it, no matter how much hate he gets, no matter how many times you keep making commentaries on him, or even a parody about him, he will NEVER listen to them. I think it's best that you all give up helping him and move on to the next person. Don't just attack him or feed him excuses. Because he's gonna keep going no matter what you say. That means to some people who have tried helping him, but failed in the process. At this point, Julian has been beaten to death by people in the CC, and of course, nothing has worked on him at all. I suggest moving on and not waste more of your time with Julian. I also don't want to see retarded excuses like "JULIAN SONG NEEDS TO STOP TAKING TROLLS SERIOUSLY!!!!", or any other shitty excuse that doesn't work at all. If anything, it makes you look like failhard. That is all.
After seeing a number of Go!Commentators on YouTube, I have ranted on them, and I was such a fool for becoming one of them. Honestly, it was my fault for doing this to GoAnimate users, but hopefully this rant will redeem myself because I have a lot to say in this rant. The link is right here, if you want to check it out:

 As a result, I had to disown all of the commentaries I have uploaded on my channel.
Fuck this bullshit. I was falsely accused of making this idiot's impostor, when I didn't do such a thing. The link can be found here: 
Just fuck off. A lot of people in the PikaPikaGirl hatedom keeps forcing others, including myself to go against her by making up excuses like "OH SIERRA FORCED ME AND TRAVIS TO BREAK UP!!!!!!11", "ZACKARY PALMER STRIKED ME DOWN!!!!!!11", "SIERRA HAS A CRUSH ON FAIRYTAILFAN2017!!!!!!!!!!!111", and other retarded excuses that are really fucking vague. Do you honestly think I am gonna believe any of your ridiculousness in a way of insulting and harassing her? No, because you will get called out for that. Jesus, you people out there need to realize that you are gonna put yourselves in boiling water for attempting to dox her, hack her and saying shitty excuses like "DOXING ISN'T ILLEGAL YOU IDIOT!!!!!!!!1111", and more ridiculous excuses. I've had it with the hatedom. You guys out there act like manchildren over a fucking steam gift card that should have been long-forgotten, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, you guys were fucking completely ignorant about the situation. I'm not gonna get involved with this, because a lot of you are gonna attack me with lies and excuses. I hope a lot of you in the fucking hatedom read this and shove all of their bullshit in their ass. Thank you for reading this post.

Just because I got this back, doesn't mean I won't use this. I might use this in case if someone blocks me on another account.


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Zackary Palmer
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What deos FOSC stand for?
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