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Hello, everyone, user and curious ..
I wish to obtain an opinion concerning the sources.
1 question = is it important to read and know the sources of a program?
2 question = Can we make a visible change to the code and share it?
3 question is a community sure to be free if it questions?

                                  Bsdaxplod-4 by malre

For exemple: Do you want brought solved for new source and create a new ArtWork with (exemple) links Tutorial - Escher StainedGlass

For me ->                  Bsdaxplod-6 by malre    

                                           links available with source  for plug-in (to see comment).
                                       you are always ready ,Are you go ?

bonjour, à tous ,utilisateur et curieux ..
Je souhaite obtenir un avis concernant les sources.
1 question = est ce important de lire et connaître les source d'un programme?
2 question = Pouvons nous apporter un changement visible sur le code et savoir le partager ?
3 question =une communauté est elle sure d'être libre si elle ce questionne ?

the owners of the software in accordance with this rule

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ok today i


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 think to mandelbrot with books"chaos" and i find a mix script. 
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I don't think the translator did a very good job; I don't really understand your questions. You linked here from a plugin you posted yesterday, so I assume you still want opinions even though the post is old. So here are mine.

Most users don't read the source code of the programs they use, even if it is available. Most wouldn't understand it if they did! Even for programmers, it takes a lot of time to learn what the different parts of the code do and how they interact with each other. The advantage of open source software is that it gives the freedom for people to take it in new directions if they want to.

For example, you mention two programs: Apophysis and Chaotica. Apophysis is open source and several people have made their own versions of it. The only variant still in common use today is Apophysis 7X; although it has not been touched in several years, if someone wanted to fix its bugs or add new features, they are welcome to do so. (I've actually considered that, but have instead switched to JWildfire, another open source flame fractal program.) Chaotica, on the other hand, is not open source; any changes to it are dependent on the company that owns it. If they decide for whatever reason to stop offering it, it will die.

Another example is Fractal Explorer by Arthur Sirotinsky (there are a couple of other programs with the same name). He offered it as freeware, but did not release the source code, and has since abandoned it. You can still find copies of the program, and people still use it (there is even a DA group for it). But it can't be improved since the source is not available.

I notice you've written a few Apophysis/Chaotica plugins. Some include source and some do not. None include any kind of documentation. I personally find the source code for plugins very useful; it helps me figure out how they work. Most people don't; they just play with the plugin and try to make something interesting. But the same considerations apply: with no source, people can't add new features or port it to other fractal programs like JWildfire.
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I don't use Apophysis much any more, and I've never used Apophysis scripts. I had a look at one of the source code files, but frankly it is confusing. The copyright credits Michael Faber, but includes code from dc_mandelbrot which was written by Jed Kelsey and Georg Kiehne. There are very few comments and I can't figure out what you are trying to do. Can you explain your idea?
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that's right, I took the principle of source algo by Michael Faber, and i include code by Jed Kelsey and Georg Kiehne.
after several tries circle, ect, I wanted to get a derived form. Then I took bits of code and I added them (?). the visual is not very satisfactory (crob for example gives an initial edge).
ect .. the documentation is too short. do you have any documentation other than that issued by xirus02.
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No, unfortunately not. Some people have written nice tutorials on how to use some of the variations, but they are scattered; it would be nice to have documentation on the hundreds of variations in one place. I wrote a guide about 4 years ago with summary descriptions of some of the variations, but haven't kept it updated: Flame Fractal Variations 1.0
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Thank you, some data is not exploitable example TC or TM.
it's a shame to know that a code can lose interest with a lack of data.
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thank you for your answer and I'm sorry for my poor English.
Many people see this post as a request for help (why not);
I launched this post in order to make inter act the people using the free software (apophysis) and chaotica to know their feelings with respect to this connection of the code.
Ce que je souhaite et de pouvoir travailler ces codes ensemble , trouver des personnes qui veulent modifier ce code et trouver des commentaires afin de crée un plug qui crée une sorte de matrice artistique.

What I want and can work these code together, find people who want to modify this code and find comments to create a plug that creates a kind of  matrix artistical .
Finally the codes provided with the plug are sometimes any comment for exemple make un good fpx or fpy.

if you have test plug on links , wish you append a structure code ? if yes  i wish you welcome!!

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Today, Oh ma god, Papyrus pls staup still some code

Abstruk-2 by malre  

and another plug

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - The Puppet - Icon GIF


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that must surely need comment..:iconmnrrapeplz: 

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Hey malre!
To answer your questions:
1) No, it's not important to have knowledge of every fractal software out there. You can decide to work with only one, or two programs, or as many as you like;
2) It depends on the item you want to change. If parameters are publicly shared, usually you can modify them and publish your result, without forgetting to credit the original parameters. If you're keen in programming, you can also change source codes or even code your own plugins. With programs, it depends on the program and whether it's open source or not.
3) Yes, the community is available if you have questions.

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ok it's really cool of you, so are you also a fan of this type of design, want to share with you this post your (possible) changes to the zip provided in comment:huggle:
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Do you mean the code of the software itself or the artworks's code/paramaters?
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of all codes, software, plug .. °_0!
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So, if you were to create an artwork in Apo with various plugs, etc, and show the parameters for your finished fractal artwork for others to see, check, use maybe, sure go ahead. You might want to decide on particular terms. Like there are many parameter sharing and stuff going around.

I don't know how you would share the original software codes, like you can't share pirated software so to speak.

Like, you can share your photoshop artwork's PSD file or show the steps you took to create it, but you can't share the whole Photoshop with someone. :lol:

Edit: Find groups/rooms that discuss fractals! \o\
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:ladummypoke: yes, to say simple; you are right.
To continue my request:
is to know for a user whether to share its code or these parameters, work .. is that it can affect the smooth operation of exchange (community).
if in case you would agree what do you think of these links.
can you bring:balloon: 
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Sorry, I am not sure I get what you mean. If you want to share the parameters of your artwork, you can do so, or find works who have it to play and show it to them as well depending on what rules they have for it. 
Unfortunately, I don't have Aposhack installed to check. But from the image you posted, it looks like it needs to be rendered more to make it smooth as it's pixelated now. But you might be able to find more people in the Fractal chat. There used to be people in DA's Aposhack chatroom in… but they seem to have moved on to discord (link is in the chatroom there). They probably exchange params in there for checking and stuff.
C-91 is DA's Fractal Art Community Volunteer so feel free to contact them and they might know more about it. :)

Sage by malre
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Thanks for your help ,
there are many other links, but it's not my interests.
fORUM-4 by malre  
I want an opinion on the creation and maintenance of the software.
The forums (and this one) sometimes give good comment.
To work together, it is better to create your own post.
You do not have chaotica, or apophysis that's why you do not understand.

And it's true this picture is very sad!!
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