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Group for Artists with Mental Health Issues

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Hey all this is LPAki, the founder of Artists with Issues (aka AWI). I'm starting this group because recently I experienced a break and have been diagnosed with schizophrenia after spending some time in a mental hospital. If you don't know what schizophrenia is, it's a long-term mental disorder that warps the viewers sense of reality. For me I hear music talk to me and people whisper about me. Art has been a therapeutic release for me especially music when listening to them through headphones. Medication also helps me overcome many challenges. This group is for all types of artists who have also been diagnosed with medical issues and for us to come together over a common issue. You do not need to prove you're diagnosed with anything and the goal isn't to pry. Mental health issues affect people differently and we all handle them in our own ways. I'm posting this chain to see if there are any artists or users on the site who would like to join as admins for this group. This is an important mission for me and I can't do this alone. I have applications here for anyone interested so just let me know.

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