Magi the Kingdom/Labyrinth of Magic RP

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Hello everyone! I'm here to see if any of you want to Rp with me or other Magi lovers! Be peaceful and caring about other so pure Ruk can pour through us all!

here Ill post my OC's info first:
Shaunna El-Hashem
Kingdom: Magnostadt (current)/ Sindria Empire (Homeland)
age: 16
hair: long, curly, and black.
Eyes: deep brown
Key Quality: Compassion/Kindness/ musculary strong/ intelligent with certain things
Personality: Hot-headed, generous, witty (at times), loving, forgiving, and a sleepy-head.
Best interest: Exploring Magic, eating sweets, playing games with friends and naps.
Body: Tall, chubby, hourglass. Big hips, big breast, has a gut,!big butt. ( but she's ashamed of her body )
Clothing: prefers something light when hot such as a thin clothed dress with leggings along with knee high sandals
hair style: kept in a ponytail
favorite magic type: Water and Life
Household Vessel: Ariana (actually gauntlets kept hidden as bracelets)
Usable Magic Types: Lightning, wind, water, life, and fire
love interest: King Sinbad/???
family: Father (normal working man) Mother (An elite wizard) Brother (high class warrior)

so so please reply if you would like to RP!
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So you've heard of it than?
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Not really.I may have heard of it.
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