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Usually when I go on deviantart, I check my messages & go to comment on other's journal entries, but instead of going to the journal, my internet takes to me to somewhere that says "Internet cannot display webpage". And sometimes, it won't even take me to my profile!
I tried using my laptop, and the same problem happen. I also have firefox, but it doesn't work either. This doesn't happen to other websites.
What is happening? Is it the problem with my internet or my account somehow got hacked? Is there a solution?
Also, sometimes when I log out the same thing happens.

P.S: I moved this to the Windows section
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Hmmmmmmmmm...............How strange.................I think the internet problem has...................Stopped............?
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But I don't look at porn. You mean pop-ups?
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I doubt it, my internet won't work on my phone (WiFi or otherwise), my laptop or my mum's laptop. I used Safari, FireFox and Internet Explorer. Many people have said it but a virus scan is always a good idea, Even if you've already done one. Hope this problem gets fixed!
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Ok, I've got a new laptop now. I went on dA WITHOUT logging my account on it, which means it's the connection problem. Highly impossible that I'm hacked.
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Reinstall your fucking OS, stop looking at goddamn horse porn and for the love of God, install Avast.
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??? Um............Ok............. O_o
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Ok, this might be a hack but it might not be, these are my predictions and solutions

Your router could be screwing up
Simply unplug your router amd wait 15seconds - 5mins and plug it back in

Deviantart is having problems
I remember the same thing happening to me before, it'll clear up in a couple days

Deviantart has been hacked
This is defiantly not the case or else everybody would have this problem. But if it were to happen it'd mean that someone is trying tom implement viruses into Deviantart or shut it down. This is not probable because of the massive security tho.
You've picked up a virus from another website
This is highly probable with all the crackers and black hats in the world. Simply get a program called Malware Bytes, let me google that for you [link] then do a quick scan. If nothing shows up do a full scan.

You're far away from the servers
Try refeshing the page a couple of times(IF IT SAYS IN THE URL BOX) and see if that works, it could just be that you have a very high ping rate (higher ping rate= slower connection to servers, also meaning you could time out from the server)

I really hope this helps, I doubt you got hacked because if you did it'd only be on 1 computer unless they made your profile into a page that give viruses or hacked your router to give you this virus.
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Well, here at my father's office I just have to refresh the page a few times and the page shows up, but at home it takes forever.
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Then it's probably just your ping which can be affect bY:
Where you live
Your Service Provider
Your router
or just to many computers on your router eating up bandwidth.

Again, when you get home, try reseting your router
hope this helps :3
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Nah, I'm getting a new laptop anyways.
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but you said it happened with your computer, laptop, and iPod so it's not the device you're using to connect to the internet that's the problem.
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The laptop's actually my parent's laptop, I've used it before. But buying one is like brand new.
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What he meant is that the problem is with your connection, not the computer.

As BrosEntertainment has explained its either dA servers (which is clearly not), or your router/network connection. When you have many concurring connections (say 20 computers requesting different webpages) the router may drop some of the connections/packets.

Another thought is if you're using a wireless router and it is not using a security key, then your neighbors or others outside may be using your router to use the internet or to download stuff which can really affect your connection.

If you open 20 different websites each in its own tab, then close Google Chrome and re-open it, some websites won't load, this is what happens when many users are using the same connection.
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But then, things got worst. :( Now everytime I type something in the search box, it always says that an error occured. >:c
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This is in Chrome? Correct?
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At this point I can't possibly think what the problem could be. Is there any other information you can give me?
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Well you see, I am not at my home right now, I'm in someplace else with my parent's laptop, so everytime I use it here, other than my home, all I have to do is refresh the page a few times if the internet cannot display the webpage.
But if I use the laptop at home, it'll take like...Forever for the webpage to finally show up.
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Regarding the internet issue, that has nothing to do with being hacked. It's your computer failing to connect to the internet and telling you. If it happens in more places than home with the same computer, it's likely how your laptop/computer connects to the internet.

I recommend an upgrade in either the Wireless card or the laptop.

I'm still baffled by the error when typing inside the search box, however.
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I'm going to get a new laptop anyways.
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Hey sorry about that, Google Chrome appears to be better than Safari and Firefox! And the MBAM was pretty handy too. Now there's less errors, thanks guys!
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Just use google chrome and don't go to anymore porn sites. You will be ok.