Corel Sketch Pad crashes on Snow Leopard

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I wanted to use the search function, but it does not seem to work at the moment.
Perhaps someone can help me with my problem concerning Corel Sketch Pad. I am using this program I got with my Intuos for practice and first rough sketches and concept. By now it crashes really often and I can´t figure out why. It seems to be independent from the tool I am using or the work I am doing. My OS as well as the program itself is the latest version, the same are the drivers of my tablet. Did anybody have the same problem and solved it?
Thank You very much for your help.
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Hi Ive just started using sketch pad....It crashed yesterday and I lost 4 hours of drawing...I now save often and I have realized its isn't as fast as photoshop and cant cope if I have any other applications open at the same time.

good luck :)
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call Wacom I have a chintiq and it came with sketch pad which doesn't work with my tablet.i called wacom and they sent me a copy of painter elements they will do it for you as well
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How is that Chintiq working out for you? Do you have the 21 version? I am curious, how are the pens (or brushes) with that?
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I use the 12 and the brushes work great its like drawing on paper. really no difference from the other tablets except you don't feel disconnected from your work.
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Thats awesome to hear, I can't wait till the day I can purchase one. I use the Bamboo for now. Thanks for the feedback! ;)

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ah I wouldn't be in a rush for it they all do the same thing really. Id actually say go get an intros4. But once you try the Cintiq u wont want to give it up
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I've just heard too many stories about corel and snow leopard not working from time to time. I use autodesk sketchbook Express. It is similar in some cases to Corel only it doesn't crash at all. give it a search. It's not a bad program at all.
opps, wat bout d updates
thanx sooo much, was so screwd up as the peopl in corel was nt helpin in neways, thanx again
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I started using the Corel Sketch Pad today and it keeps crashing every 2 min into it( Frustrating); I have the Apple Mac OX... Did you find the Cure?? - Joel
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oh yes! fixed my problem XD

mine is windows 7 and i think i just needed to use the windows xp service pack to open it lol ><
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My problem is kind of similar... not exactly though. I got mine also from the Intuos pack, but for some reason when I open it, it has that big bar on the screen when it is loading to open the application, but then it just freezes there and yea... But it worked the first time when I first downloaded it :/
I have a similar problem with this program in SnowL. I keep on getting an error message when I try to download an update. A bit frustrating!
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I'm getting the same message. What's the point of having a fix if we can't even download it?
Nuts! I kinda given up on the whole thing, all there software acts the same, sketchpad and painter
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I still have no solution for this problem. The Corel support is terrible in my opinion, because I even do not see any possibility to send them a simple E-Mail to describe my problem. All you can do is call them for about 12€ / call and that´s just a joke to me.
I have found a solution that so far is working perfectly for me. Give this a try and see if it works for you too.

Quit Corel Painter Sketchpad and go to your Applications folder and find the sketchpad icon. Right click on the icon and select "get info" Under the "General" panel check the box that says "Open using Rosetta". Close the info window and relaunch the application as normal. So far, everything is working 100% perfect - no crashes. I'm using Snow Leopard 10.6.2 and before making this change the program was crashing about every 5 minutes or so. Hope this works for everyone.
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Thank you so much for posting this! This has been aggravating me since I installed Snow Leopard and now it finally works well!
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Thank you very much! This solution works very well, now I can use this program at last. It is not 100% stable- it crashed once, but it works very very much better now.
Mine has crashed only once or twice since applying the fix. Corel still needs to provide a patch - but it is nice to be able to work without a crash every 5 minutes. I'm glad it worked for you.
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Yea I read on some other forums that Corel is working on a fix. Is there any way to avoid it for now?

btw exact same problem here
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It's not just you having that problem. I got my Intuos a few days ago and corel sketch pad has been horrible about crashing.