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[OPEN ART COMMISSION starting at $15] Digital Art by dotpapercrowndot

dotpapercrowndot Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Professional Digital Artist
Hello! : D I'm currently OPEN to take commissions Limited slots only please send me a note for inquiries! thank you.

here's my pricelist, you may also find more samples over at my page!

[LIMITED SLOTS] Art Commisions by dotpapercrowndot by dotpapercrowndot  [ADD ON] Art Commisions [see description] by dotpapercrowndot
  1. I currently don't do NSFW!

  2. I offer Add ons like for full background artworks!

  3. I don't give out PSD files

  4. All add ons and custom things you might want to add please talk to me about it

  5. Usual working time upon receiving the rough sketch: 7-14 days

Remember i only take payments through paypal!

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