[Commission] PixelArt Request 4 GIF animations.

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My name is Gabriel, I'm developing a freeware game called Equilibrium.

I'm asking for an artist to design 4 animated GIFs using the bottom references:

If you can create a new and original pixelart and animate it as a GIF, please, contact me at DA or email telles.gabriel at gmail dot com

Also, I'm paying US$100 to US$50 dollar for each animation.

The first animation will be the earth with some building and highways, bridges, Christ the Redeemer, trees, water, etc, using the cartoon style above.

The second is this same earth, but destroyed, showing the earth core like the image above, with the same builds but destroyed, the Christ half destroyed, etc.

The thirty and the forth animations are about the Moon and the Metal Moon.

You can see and feel how it will be implemented by watching the Intro of my game here: [link]

Your name will be listed on the Credits if you desire it.

Any help is really appreciated.

Please, feel free to ask any question, and if you feel capable, give it a try.
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I missed to say, the GIFs will not be placed on a movie, it will replace the movie by 8bits cutscenes.