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Bulk Commissions for Card Game / Promotional Material (Fantasy)

dreamcrafter17 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2021
Dear all Deviants,

My name is Chap and I am looking for artists who have some spare time to create some commissions for us. These artwork will be either used to create indie card games, or promo and branding material. These cards will either be given away individually, or sold in complete packs for marketing purposes. It could be a set of 10, a set of 20, a set of 40, or even a set of 80 or 100.

At the end of the day, we are primarily concerned about the artwork style and the cost-effectiveness of the project. If you can give us a bargain price for bulk artwork, we will heavily consider it. Due to the large quantity of cards given, if your rate is more than USD$50 per piece, we will likely not consider it unless the work is of exceptional quality.

Theme & Subject Matter
- The theme is a fairy tale / fantasy world similar to Alice in Wonderland and Harry Potter. We will require environs such as landscapes and urban buildings, and/or magical objects, and/or mythical creatures, and/or characters. We're open!

Accepted Artwork Styles
- Fantasy Art
- Vector Line Art

Project Details
- All cards will share a single card back.
- Cards are sized exactly 63mm x 88mm with rounded corners.
- Full PSD files (unflattened compulsory) are required deliverables.
- You'll have to sign a contract / waiver giving our clients all publication right, and permission to display artwork in portfolios will be granted with written permission.

Please drop me a message to your inbox (take note that messages with portfolio and price offers will be paid more attention than those without). Looking forward to hearing from you guys.


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Juantejeda01 Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Professional General Artist
hi, im interested in the job, chek mi profile

Ilus Emi3 by Juantejeda01   Ilus Emi2 by Juantejeda01   Vikingnico2 by Juantejeda01   Tapa Y Contrargb by Juantejeda01   Pagina-violencia-v01 by Juantejeda01   Boceto Mostros by Juantejeda01   Pruevas Nahuec2 by Juantejeda01   Peteadas by Juantejeda01   Img 20200911 112814 284 by Juantejeda01   robot, crazycat brain by Juantejeda01  
MadJackStudio Featured By Owner 16 hours ago  New Deviant
Hey there,

Interested in working on this with you.


dm/note on deviantart

Examples of work:
Bridging Cold by MadJackStudio   Cities Of Smog by MadJackStudio   Consumption by MadJackStudio   Dreamed Away by MadJackStudio   Cyber Elf by MadJackStudio   Connected by MadJackStudio   Fantasy Portrait by MadJackStudio   Growing Vagabond by MadJackStudio   Gutter Soup by MadJackStudio   Alien Portrait Concept by MadJackStudio  
mannieboy Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Professional
I am Armando Abeleda. my rate is $50 pencil/inks. I have just finished 100+ fantasy card illustration for a TCG. email me at
Monkey King by mannieboy   Fountain Of Youth by mannieboy   Seraph by mannieboy   Herakles Strenght by mannieboy   Ghoul by mannieboy   Succubus by mannieboy   The Tribulation Force by mannieboy   Aliens in Bowties issue 1 Cover by mannieboy   Illogical Poster 3 Color by mannieboy   Spawn attacks by mannieboy   drink with jabba by mannieboy   wolverine vs sentinel by mannieboy  
Doug1457 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Professional Digital Artist
Hi, I found the proposal interesting!

$30 per piece


Eren x Tit colossal (attack on titan) by Doug1457   Dororo by Doug1457   Kratos by Doug1457   Noxus by Doug1457  
RenMoraes Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Greetings, i'm interested in the Job . I Have Large experience with comic coloring and Digital illustration . Here's my gallery :

............................................................................................................ ...........................................................................................................

                            Draenie by RenMoraes    Walking  Mace by RenMoraes    Comissions by RenMoraes    Hedron construct by RenMoraes   GateFinder by RenMoraes
                            Adapak by RenMoraes    Mercenary lady by RenMoraes    Apocalypse Cancelled by RenMoraes    Orc Barbarian by RenMoraes   Dwarf adventurer. by RenMoraes
Contact me by DA or Facebook : Link           My email :
Renan Moraes.
wyne219 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
I'm an freelancer artist, I'm interested in your work. Here are some of my art pieces.
If you like my artwork, feel free to contact me via email: or discord : wyne219#9461 .Thank you
western pub by wyne219   Magic room by wyne219   1 by wyne219   7 by wyne219   The road to the sea by wyne219   grave by wyne219   s1 by wyne219   5 by wyne219  
Studio-DA Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Hello Chap,
I definitely have the time and the desire to work with you on your project. I do usually give discounts for bulk requests I need to know a little more about the illustrations to be able to define a price, but I'm willing to come to an agreement that is fair for both sides, and is within your budget.
I can deliver the illustration the way you asked then with no problem. I'll sign the contract gladly. 
You can find me on Twitterand  here on Deviantart. You can see more of my work on my Ko-fi .
I'm eager to work with you and ready to start working right away.
Here's some samples of my previous works:
04 Comic 15 by Studio-DA   44,1 by Studio-DA   Gluttony Daemone by Studio-DA   Aravol by Studio-DA   Boss fight by Studio-DA   44,1 by Studio-DA   Wolf by Studio-DA   Sketch1630605828742 by Studio-DA   Priest by Studio-DA   Sketch1625840417167 by Studio-DA  
esar2016 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Professional General Artist
Hello, my name is Emmanuel Robledo and I leave you some links to see my work ....… I have Facebook:… I have instagram: Music video links for local rock band Working reel: greetings ... 
Superman by esar2016   1 Contraste de tamao by esar2016   Sper Caballero  by esar2016   Untitled by esar2016    Untitled by esar2016   Enano by esar2016   Documento 118 2 by esar2016   Documento 110 2 by esar2016   Caballeto Y El Dragon by esar2016   2019-10-10 101904 by esar2016   67138446 2378483458914394 4420880180747173888 O by esar2016   42560402 1924429277653150 6329468797031809024 N by esar2016   Mujer Maravilla by esar2016   70254526 2472033389559400 3850917533573971968 O by esar2016  

Mature Content

IMG 0004 copy by esar2016

Mature Content

IMG 0003 copy by esar2016

Mature Content

IMG 0001 copy by esar2016

Mature Content

Batman Vs Joker Copy by esar2016
probably-not-diego Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student General Artist
 Hi I was interested, anything just talk to me.

Contact: Diego Dornelles digital illustrator, comic artist and characters designer. 
Artstation profile: ArtStation - Diego Dornelles
Deviantart: diegodorn - Student, General Artist | DeviantArt
Instagram: Diego Dornelles (@probably.not.diego) • fotos e vídeos do Instagram

E- mail:

Some of my work posted on DeviantArt
Mood by probably-not-diego   Ultraman by probably-not-diego   Barry, the tortoise by probably-not-diego   Golden Fields by probably-not-diego   study by probably-not-diego   -peace- by probably-not-diego   The Great Mouse Detective - Comic Fanart by probably-not-diego   Kowl, the owl wizard character study by probably-not-diego   Kowl the owl wizard, comic page by probably-not-diego   We are Venom by probably-not-diego   Anubis by probably-not-diego   Selfie-portrait [2019] by probably-not-diego   Selfie-Portrait [2018] by probably-not-diego   Selfportrait by probably-not-diego  

mederoart Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Digital Artist
I'm interested
Here's my portifolio:
here are some samples of my work:

Mermay by mederoart     carrasque-Recuperado by mederoart      Halloween 2 by mederoart    halloween 2-Recuperado-Recuperado by mederoart    buxa-Recuperado by mederoart    Dance-portifolio by mederoart   Concept D2 by mederoart   Planta by mederoart  

 You can contact me in dm or email: 
designerguy200 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
"if your rate is more than USD$50 per piece, we will likely not consider it unless the work is of exceptional quality."


"We don't care about quality and are looking for some naive, amateur artist who doesn't understand the business side of art and wants to be taken advantage of by providing cheap artwork for commercially-used materials."

This offer is a joke. It clearly shows you don't care about your product enough to pay proper market value for it, and don't care enough about artists to respect their skills and pay them what they are worth. This is a classic lose-lose situation.
dreamcrafter17 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
You’re entitled to your own opinion.
designerguy200 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Been in the art industry over 40 years, dear. It's not an's FACT.

This is 100% objectively and unequivocally a shitty, insulting offer. Good luck with it.
texstudio Featured By Owner 6 days ago
I can help you with that!
See what we can do.
Cat Sushi by texstudio   Chibi Riders by texstudio   Logo for Mrr Fatal by texstudio   Saskatchewan Roughriders as a Ninja! by texstudio   Redesign Coyote Logo by texstudio   Logo for Heckhounds Team by texstudio   Challenge of Glove by texstudio   KH Bragi by texstudio   KH Eraqs by texstudio   KH Hermod by texstudio   KH Urd by texstudio   Dragon Croupier by texstudio  

If you are interested, send me a message to
constan-lerois Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
my price to $ 50 per card (63x88mm)

some samples of cards are here…

Card for board game by constan-lerois Cards for board game by constan-lerois 03  by constan-lerois Girl With Axe Character by constan-lerois 02AmazoGladiatrix by constan-lerois Fanart by constan-lerois Portrait in Color by constan-lerois card by constan-lerois 1-02reutersCopy by constan-lerois 01-black and white portrait image by constan-lerois 01-3Girl-3  resize by constan-lerois

shellshock369 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello there I would like to offer my assistance
my stuff is pretty stylized and so I think it would work in a card game style element

Here are some samples of my fantasy works
Karle Geistlehr (Solo) by shellshock369   Gosef Boulderfall by shellshock369   Buddlebumb Buziboot by shellshock369   Slime Slug by shellshock369   Flesh Hornet by shellshock369   Metal Knight by shellshock369   Echo of the Ripper by shellshock369  

My stuff can be drawn fairly simply so as long as the requested pieces are not too complicated I should be able to do them fairly quickly. I would like some sample descriptions for the kind of thing you are looking for but my starting offer is about $40 per piece

Send me a message if interested
RoeeateR Featured By Owner 6 days ago   Digital Artist
Samples of my work here:


discord:   Roeeater#0442

telegram:   @fellixfell
Destiny character commission by RoeeateR  5K wallpaper Final 43 by RoeeateR  SOUL JACKER book covers by RoeeateR  Tales from the Blood Fairies - concept art 2016 by RoeeateR  NANITS concept art 2016 by RoeeateR  360 PANORAMA retouch of my old work from 2015 by RoeeateR  Snake Eater 2017 Retouch by RoeeateR  Final by RoeeateR  WORLD PEACE by RoeeateR
RoeeateR Featured By Owner 6 days ago   Digital Artist
Samples of my work here:


discord:   Roeeater#0442

telegram:   @fellixfell
Josleyker Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2021  Professional Digital Artist
Hi there! I'm Josleyker, Realistic illustrator with experience in portraits, characters and Backgrounds, in addition to fantasy. I can gladly develop the ideas you are looking for

My price for the illustration is $60

Cross Arrow by Josleyker   Cybershot by Josleyker   Gold Sword by Josleyker   Order Knight by Josleyker   Viking by Josleyker  
KirkeChan Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2021  Professional Digital Artist
Hello! Maybe I can help you out? I'm a semi professional digital artist with over three years experience on ther market. I can offer multiple styles to choose from, as well as a great delivery time.
New pricelist by KirkeChan   Diona by KirkeChan   Angry Xiao headshot by KirkeChan   Cryo vision by KirkeChan   Outfit design by KirkeChan   Character sheet A by KirkeChan   Ria - original character by KirkeChan   Request - Mizu by KirkeChan   Ahri  elderwood - fanart by KirkeChan   Some anime food I made today by KirkeChan  
woodych2636 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2021  Student Digital Artist
artfullys Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2021  Professional General Artist
Hi, i'm so interested, note sent
MarcosUchiha04 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2021  Professional Digital Artist

I'm Xen, professional illustrator and comic artist. I really really want to join this project. I've worked in other TCG designing playmates and cards, even templates to them. I attach prices per piece and offers per packs. Also my portfolio and some card samples. You can contact me throw my email or disccord.

Single card: 50 USD

10 cards: 45$/card

20 cards: 40$/card

30-50 cards: 35$/card

50+cards: 30$/card


Card Samples:…


Grugf Unit Card Fauna Template by MarcosUchiha04   Omegamon Zwart D Card Web by MarcosUchiha04   Bird View City Background by MarcosUchiha04   Millenniummon And Ken Web by MarcosUchiha04   Megidramon Color 01 by MarcosUchiha04  

BorisPeci Featured By Owner Edited Sep 12, 2021
Hi, I'm interested, please check out the examples of my work:

30-40$ per piece for set of 20

Li Long by BorisPeci Yoshimitsu by BorisPeci Conan the Destroyer by BorisPeci Anubarak vs. Nazeebo by BorisPeci Explorer by BorisPeci Ogre by BorisPeci Kratos by BorisPeci Goliath by BorisPeci Silver Warrior by BorisPeci Kitana by BorisPeci Shedding by BorisPeci Heihachi Mishima by BorisPeci Dragons' Den by BorisPeci Joker by BorisPeci Queen Cobra by BorisPeci
Nneila Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I can do items and scenery/lanscapes/buildngs
Untitled-1 by Nneila   Spells by Nneila   Elemental by Nneila   Painted Copy by Nneila   2 by Nneila     Pie Ref by Nneila 88 by Nneila Card Design by Nneila Pendant of Purification by Nneila Phoenix by Nneila   game building - alchemy by Nneila  
Beer by Nneila   Book by Nneila   RPG Items adopts - OPEN by Nneila   fantasy by Nneila  
other style:
danght2209 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2021  Professional Digital Artist
Hi, Im Christian. I really enjoy your work. Looking forward to cooperating with you.
Contact me via
Discord: ChristianMS#7426
Forest- fantasy concept by danght2209   Bus Stop by danght2209   Chill room by danght2209   Lab by danght2209   Bar by danght2209   Arabic Town by danght2209   Basement by danght2209   Lab Broken by danght2209   Night graveyard by danght2209   Island in Paradise by danght2209   Courtroom in Paradise by danght2209   Town by danght2209   Night-room by danght2209   City by danght2209   Mount by danght2209  
creativecaviar Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2021   Digital Artist
isn't USD$50 per piece for a commercial project too low don't you think? considering it is for publication... do you guys have a website?
designerguy200 Featured By Owner Edited 6 days ago
I commented the same thought up above. This offer is an absolute joke. And it is so sad to see so many artists on here tripping over each other to work on this. I mean seriously...does not a single artist on this site understand the business side of art, and know how to properly price themselves? It's like not one of them has ever picked up an art guild book in their life. So frustrating...
dreamcrafter17 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2021
If you think it is too low, then we respectfully pass. Thank you.
MrHairs Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2021
hi, im interested in the job

4 by MrHairs   Untitled-2 by MrHairs   6 by MrHairs   7b by MrHairs   Ilustra7 by MrHairs   Night Elf3 by MrHairs   7 by MrHairs   Guerreira by MrHairs  
darktsaqh Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2021   General Artist