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Commissoning for a Character Reference Sheet

Silver-Freddeh Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Recently I came up with an OC that I would like to bring to life, unfortunately I lack the artistic skills and views to create my character, which is why I ask if anyone would be willing to create a reference sheet of my character! I only have some basic descriptions of their appearance. 

If we come to an agreement regarding the commission I can pay on Friday as that is when I get paid!

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lidijaraletic Featured By Owner 10 hours ago  Professional Digital Artist
hi, this sounds interesting. if youre looking for realistic style, i might be able to help you. take a look at some of my work: 

Void Bard by lidijaraletic   IMMORTALS - Apollo by lidijaraletic   Knaacs - character illustration by lidijaraletic  

Mature Content

Yuki-onna by lidijaraletic
  Vir Dei by lidijaraletic   Genasi by lidijaraletic   IMMORTALS - Athena by lidijaraletic   IMMORTALS - Minotaur by lidijaraletic   commission//Freija by lidijaraletic  

my minimum price for a character sheet is $150 (for sketches) or $200+ for render. feel free to reach out
polarbeark Featured By Owner 11 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
DM open

Discord: PolarBearK#7733

Mature Content

Commission open 2021 by polarbeark


Mature Content

Wonder Momo more wonderful than ever by polarbeark
  Happy Christmas everyone! I brought you a gift! by polarbeark Comision Tenten Butt-extra by polarbeark  

Mature Content

Ruka Sarashina bloomers by polarbeark

Mature Content

Tifa Lockhart by polarbeark

Chibis: staring $15
Cmics Page: $60 one page flat color

Animation: Asking me for DM 
CAPTAIN-GAMMA Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  Hobbyist Artist
Hello there, I would like to offer my services to your project. Here are some of my works so far. Please feel free to email me at Thank you.

LIKE A BOSS by CAPTAIN-GAMMA   Whos Next by CAPTAIN-GAMMA   Watu-Mutilon Invasion by CAPTAIN-GAMMA   Zahara Bridge by CAPTAIN-GAMMA   All will be Well by CAPTAIN-GAMMA   Light it Up by CAPTAIN-GAMMA   Page-2 by CAPTAIN-GAMMA   Genesys by CAPTAIN-GAMMA   GALACTIC CORE #2 by CAPTAIN-GAMMA   The Galactic Core by CAPTAIN-GAMMA   GALACTIC CORE #1 by CAPTAIN-GAMMA   The Zahara in Hyperspace by CAPTAIN-GAMMA   Genesys by CAPTAIN-GAMMA   Zahara 2.0 by CAPTAIN-GAMMA   Manifest by CAPTAIN-GAMMA   Ray-Bird by CAPTAIN-GAMMA   Endrumm Zero by CAPTAIN-GAMMA   Neutralizer by CAPTAIN-GAMMA   Fusion by CAPTAIN-GAMMA  
taibox Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  Professional General Artist

I'm interested!

My gallery:

My mail:

dekanojibirl Featured By Owner 14 hours ago  Student Traditional Artist
My Commissions are open so if you are interested check out my carrd co!
My mail:
Welsharess Featured By Owner 15 hours ago  Professional Digital Artist
I'm 2d artist/illustrator.
I can create a reference sheet of your character. 
please contact me via e-mail( or twitter

80$ - simple art style with one pose
150$ - detailed art style with several poses/heads


Emotions by Welsharess   Witch Emo by Welsharess    Fancy by Welsharess  
Mokolat-Illustr Featured By Owner 15 hours ago  Professional Digital Artist
• I can draw : Character Reference Sheet, OC
• Time : illustration take me one to four weeks to do.
• Price : depend of complexity and specification of your commission.
Commissions informations :  Commission infos 2021
Contact : deviantart note or

Mokafi Featured By Owner 20 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, I'm interested in your order and I'd love to work with you
Character sheet costs 140 $ - 180$

+fav I can draw : Humans, Human-like creatures, Ocs, Fanart, Anime - Manga, Your portrait (as my style), soft nsfw, shounen-ai, shoujo-ai
+fav Time : illustration take me one to four weeks to do.
+fav Prices and more informations : [Paypal] Digital Commission [OPEN]
+fav Contact : deviantart note or via my email
  [IDV] Forward x Batter by Mokafi   Comic StripCommission by Mokafi   Commission: Dong Sicheng by Mokafi   Commission by Mokafi   Yuki Douji (Onmyoji) by Mokafi   Modern AU (IDV) by Mokafi   Victor Grantz (Identity V) by Mokafi   Bloom by Mokafi   Tamamo no Mae (Personal PJ) by Mokafi   Tamamo no Mae (Personal PJ) by Mokafi   Joseph Desaulnier (Identity V) by Mokafi   Eli Clark (Identity V) by Mokafi   Commission: Lavare by Mokafi   41-tron-vien by Mokafi   75-eyes-on-me by Mokafi   53 by Mokafi  
PenGhost Featured By Owner 21 hours ago  Professional Digital Artist
I can do it, 

Here's my samples

Character Sheet - Salina Honda [AT] by PenGhost   Character Sheet - Kalina Honda [AT] by PenGhost   Character Sheet - Aquaria [Colored] by PenGhost   Character Sheet - Chika [Colored] by PenGhost   Character Sheet - Vesper [Colored] by PenGhost   Sample Characters by PenGhost   [Sprite] Hiraya by PenGhost   Prim by PenGhost  
KaosNoKamisama Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Hi there.

I could help you to visually develop your OC if you like my style. As for the payment, don't feel so pressured yet ;) Normally artists need to first communicate with the client, agree on the terms, discuss the details of the pieces, etc. Most serious people divide the payment in one part upfront (usually after the first sketch is ready, since then "tangible work" has been done without doubt), and the final payment before delivering the final piece.

Do you have an idea of what kind of refrences you'll need? I guess you're thinking at least about a front and back view, maybe a detailed side and 3/4ths of the head... maybe some close ups of a couple of distinctive details and/or accessories? Do you have a budget in mind (that will determine how many views you can afford, as well as if all or some of them can be colored)?

You can see my work in my gallery, but here's a small sample. Let me know if you like it and want to work with me on this.
Have a nice day and good luck!
Sample by KaosNoKamisama
flamehealer2002 Featured By Owner Edited 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I would be interested in doing your commission.
We can discuss about the detail in the chat
My discord: Mei&Linc#2477 (copy it)
Here the commission and example
The first commission
The Supreme Star
Bellca Featured By Owner 2 days ago
If u interested u can chat me on
Discord: RenNoble#6752
Aasasasa by Bellca   1a by Bellca   2.1 by Bellca   1 by Bellca   Full Body by Bellca   Fullbody Detailed Bg by Bellca   Asasasasasasasasasasasasasasasasasas by Bellca   Caa by Bellca  
kumokuu Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Hello, i'm interested 😊
I'm used to designing oc (only with description)
For 2 fullbody + 3 headshoot just $100
My sample
Leopard Kemonomimi by kumokuu   Wick by kumokuu  
Tak berjudul125 by kumokuu   Sayaka Phoenix by kumokuu   Sayaka Elf (Dakimakura) by kumokuu     
KirkeChan Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Hello! Maybe I can help?
Commission prices by KirkeChan   Commission prices - semi realism by KirkeChan   Ria - original character by KirkeChan   Matcha Mochi by KirkeChan   Walter by KirkeChan   Ahri  elderwood - fanart by KirkeChan   Academy Ahri - fanart by KirkeChan   Request - Mizu by KirkeChan   Frosting - request by KirkeChan   
Mauludeanx Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
hello i'm available 
here some samples of my work
    Ritz by Mauludeanx   Honeyview ritz 2 by Mauludeanx   Ritz Charcter Concept by Mauludeanx   Elnoir character design by Mauludeanx   Vera1 by Mauludeanx   Desain Maskot by Mauludeanx  

for more information please read here

COMMISIION INFODINíS ILLUSTRATIONCOMMISSION INFOSend me a dA note or e-mail me: with title "Commission" and the following info :Type of commission. (portrait/half body/other) Type of image. (wide, vertical, square) Describe you character. References of your character. Additional references of the pose/accessories/etc. are very welcomed! Specify as much details as you can (pose, expression, extra details ...) What propose of your commission. (personal use, commercial use, other) Your Paypal AdressPAYMENTPayments via PayPal and in USD only. The price is included a paypal fee. Payment can be in advance or at the end after I finish the drawing. Please notify me when you have sent the payment.COMMISSION TYPES :Here all the work i can do for you and the price each type of commissionSEMI-REALISM PORTRAIT 20$ (simple BG ),ILLUSTRATION 50 ~ 75$ (depend on complexity),CHARACTER DESIGN 40$ ( + 10$ for back design, + 5$ for more detailed item),COMMISSION PROCESSI also reserve the right to decline a commission request for any reason.After I accept your commission I will do a sketch and send it to you. (If you want to cancel the commission, You can do in this stage.)During sketching stage any revisions are allowed. I will keep you updated the process. When the sketch has been approved, any minor changes are welcome, but any bigger changes (character's pose, background, facial expression, mood etc.) will be charged additionally!then pay the payment when i already finish it. i'll send the finished image after i receive the paymentCOPYRIGHT AND RIGHT OF USE-The customer retains the right to re-post and print the commissioned work for non-commercial purpose only.-I, the artist, retains the right to post as a portfolioThank you all for reading!

feel free to contact me via note or

email :    

discord :
aikopinku Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Hi there, feel free to send me a note or via email: if you're interested in my artworks! UwU

Here is the price:
Half-body: $30
Thing-up: $40
Full body: $50

And here are some of my samples, I can do both NSFW n SFW stuffs! UwU
Sampleeee by aikopinku   Sample by aikopinku    Sample2 by aikopinku   Commission by aikopinku   New Canvas by aikopinku    Acquy2 by aikopinku Project1 by aikopinku   Comm by aikopinku   31-12-2018 by aikopinku   Agustd by aikopinku   Shiranui by aikopinku   comm for Deryk by aikopinku   
PeterWulfdane Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New Deviant
Sounds great to me!

Nathan Portrait by PeterWulfdane   The Whole Armor of God by PeterWulfdane   Northern Lights by PeterWulfdane   The Zeal of Thine House aka The Holy Warrior by PeterWulfdane   Beautiful Tyranny character sketch sheet by PeterWulfdane   Caradoc by PeterWulfdane   Morg concept by PeterWulfdane   Torquil by PeterWulfdane   Gayle Fletcher by PeterWulfdane   Two Princes by PeterWulfdane  
Yammia Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Hello, here is my commission information, if interested you can DM here or send an e-mail here

Commission Prices
Terms of Service

Thanks for looking!
Ryusyai Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hy, there I am open comission
this is the pricelist
Headshot : $10
Half-body : $20
Full-body : $30
Detail BG : +$20
payment paypal

for detail and sample of my art you can visit this link below
Commission Info
Miles Morales by Ryusyai   Scenery : Rainy Day by Ryusyai   Ishtar by Ryusyai    COMMISSION : Armored Nekomimi by Ryusyai   [OPEN] Adopt 03 : Shinobi Girl by Ryusyai  
lobsterbiscuit Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Hello! I am interested in your commission. I am an experienced illustrator and am a character concept artist. Thanks for taking the time to look at my work, I hope to hear back from you soon!
    Nisha Transparent by lobsterbiscuit   Forest Temple Final by lobsterbiscuit   Ashelolklk by lobsterbiscuit   Rol Final by lobsterbiscuit   Ayla Final by lobsterbiscuit   Illus1 72dpi by lobsterbiscuit  
KatouShinobu Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist

Seraphine by KatouShinobu  [Contest Entry] Christmas time by KatouShinobu  
Emma Brightness by KatouShinobu  [Commission]: Aelina by KatouShinobu  Yukihana Lamy by KatouShinobu  Hilda by KatouShinobu
NSFW Girls sample:

Character Sheet 
Character Sheet - Kat [My OC] by KatouShinobu
80$: 1 Pose 2~3 different clothes + 3 emotions
150$: 2 Poses (back and front) 2~3 different clothes + 3 emotions
+20$ for chibi
kjus Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Hi! I am  so much interested with you that I specialized in anime manga and I been working as webtoon artist as 3yr!
full body with 40usd within 24~48hr!
I am available at all times  , send me a note 
or contact me at discord BRMD-DHR#1478

bluma girl by kjus  shutendouji~ by kjus  commission open! by kjus  shutendouji by kjus  sakuna of rice and ruin by kjus
Muzakki Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Hi! I'm Fariz Muzakki, a freelance digital artist. I accept any request for character illustrations.

I'm interested in your character reference sheet commission. My price offer for this service is USD 100 which will give you front and rear view of the character, and 3 additional facial expressions.

Here are some samples of my works.

Letizia the Silver Maiden (Original Work) by Muzakki   Exercise (Original Work) by Muzakki   Agni (Commission Work) by Muzakki   Una (Original Work) by Muzakki   Tita Alanya (Orphans of the Ruins) by Muzakki   A-Wing Fighter (Commission Work) by Muzakki   Dryad (Orphans of the Ruins) by Muzakki   Beach (Commission Work) by Muzakki   Laneia Avery (Orphans of the Ruins) by Muzakki   Magnum (Original Work) by Muzakki   Ria (Commission Work) by Muzakki   Constancy (Original Work) by Muzakki   Katya Vanina (Orphans of the Ruins) by Muzakki   Brawl (Commission Work) by Muzakki   Energy Sucker (Commission Work) by Muzakki   Zombie Buster Girl (Commission Work) by Muzakki   Spike (Commission Work) by Muzakki Night Stroll (Commission Work) by Muzakki

Let me know if you are interested to hire me! I'm quickly responsive to email ( and Discord (muzakki91#7944).
Yoviro--Soon Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Hey Im interested on making your OC

Laura C by Yoviro--Soon   Princess and Guard - Variations by Yoviro--Soon   Korvo: Captain Vasquez - Rotation by Yoviro--Soon   DnD character by Yoviro--Soon   Fighting Mechanics - Character design by Yoviro--Soon   Laura by Yoviro--Soon   Korvo by Yoviro--Soon   Among Us Fan Art by Yoviro--Soon  
DoomGuy26 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Hello, Im interested in this project and i would like to offer my services.

My portfolio
few of my work
  Dark Elf by DoomGuy26    Mankar The Dark Wizard by DoomGuy26   Thunder guardian by DoomGuy26   Guardians of the Wind by DoomGuy26   Guardians of fire by DoomGuy26       
Auron vs The Revenant by DoomGuy26   Dragon rider by DoomGuy26   Lich king vs Night king by DoomGuy26   Knight by DoomGuy26   DragonKnight by DoomGuy26

:happybounce:  Check the commission information HERE

if you interested please send me a note or email me

Best Regards.
VaIube Featured By Owner Edited 5 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Hi! I'm interested :D

Here're some examples of my art and also my price list

Fully rendered commission

-Head: $25

-Half body: $30

-Fullbody: $40

- Background: +10$ +25$ (depending on it's complexity)

- More than one character: +40% of the price (per extra character)

I also do sketch commissions (If you're interested):

-Head: $10

-Half body: $15

-Fullbody: $20

Sweet Eclipse by VaIube   Stay Away by VaIube   White Death by VaIube   Corrupted spirit by VaIube   Eating your heart by VaIube   Mortarion by VaIube   

COMMISSIONS OPEN! info.Hi! I'm glad you decided to stop by :)If you're interested in order a commission, here's some important info about how I work.IMPORTANT! --> These commissions are for personal use only.In case you're looking for something of comercial use, the price will have an extra 20USD.- I accept Paypal only as a paying method.- I accept 50% of the price before start working and the other 50% after finishing it or 100% at once (in USD).- I will start working after receiving the money.WORKING PROCESS:- I will send you pictures of the drawing process, so you can be sure the drawing is going in the right way.- You can point me those things you dont like so I can correct them, but only in the sketching or first coloring phase.- If you find something you donít like too late with the finished product, I will not go back and change it or refund money. -I will ask you for descriptions,†good quality photos and other detailed references, so I can work better. If itís an OC and you donít have picture reference donít worry! We can work something out.- Please, tell me if you want me to work for a certain deadline before paying me.- If you don't want the commission drawing to be posted online please tell me beforehand!ABOUT COMMISSION- I can draw pretty much anything like animals, humans and fantasy creatures. - I do not accept fetish or porn requests!†PRICE LIST:Fully rendered commissionCharacter -Head: $25-Half body: $30-Fullbody: $40- Background: +10$ +25$ (depending on it's complexity)- More than one character: +50% of the price (per extra character)Landscape- Between $70 and $100 (depending on it's complexity)I also do sketch commissions (If you're interested):-Head: $10-Half body: $15-Fullbody: $20Head:,Half Body:,Full Body:,Sketch:,Thank you so much for reading! :)

TiuttiCP Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Digital Artist
I'm interested on this if you liked my job,you can contact me!(prices are negotiable either!)…
Commissions4 by TiuttiCP  
Commissions5 by TiuttiCP  
Commissions2 by TiuttiCP  
Adoptables1 by TiuttiCP  
Bowser's Fury the big battle by TiuttiCP  
Sciencetober(body-swap) by TiuttiCP  
Isi-Daddy Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Hello! I have designed characters based on descriptions with photos of clothes or hairstyles before for a writer friend, I also did some reference sheets for my own characters.
Price depends a lot on what you like to see on the reference sheet (fullbody front and back view, headshots, close up of details and such)
Here are my rates so you can get a feeling of how much it would cost:
If you'd say you'd like 2 fullbodies (front & back) and 3 headshots for expressions I won't charge 2x fullbody and 3 x headshots, it would be a set price that I can't tell you yet because I'd need more detailed informations.
I also don't have flat colours stated there, they'd also be cheaper than a shaded artwork.

These are my own characters I have designed, with a simple and a detailed reference sheet. (the detailed one is a a few years old, so the style isn't up to date there)
GoE - Character Line-Up by Isi-Daddy Mini Ref - Avarus by Isi-Daddy Avarus - Reference Sheet by Isi-Daddy

and here some colouring styles that would be possible besides to flat colours:
Sweet Smile by Isi-Daddy Don't Worry, be Happy~ by Isi-Daddy Zweisamkeit 3.0 by Isi-Daddy
nopperabo-desu Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New Deviant Professional Digital Artist
Hey. I love doing character designs of all kinds.

Here are some recent work examples.
Berserk by nopperabo-desu Tainted by nopperabo-desu Morda by nopperabo-desu Schierke by nopperabo-desu MFZ feat. RealLifeRyan by nopperabo-desu

Let me know if you are interested. Would love to discuss a possible commission for a character sheet.

Have a great day.
YorieOfTheCastle Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Hello, hello, dunno if you've already chosen your artist so here are a few of my sheets for consideration~!
Lilian Reference Sheet by YorieOfTheCastle   Seth Reference Sheet by YorieOfTheCastle   Jessamine/Peanut Reference Sheet by YorieOfTheCastle   Calysta Reference Sheet by YorieOfTheCastle   Ji-Young Reference Sheet by YorieOfTheCastle  
A front+back based of description = $75! This includes a basic first sketch from the description + some changes/revisions *before* the final drawings.
Furvok Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Hello! :D
What style of art are you interested in? I work with several artists and I could recommend one if you tell me what style you are looking for.
In anime I recommend you my artist kyria, I leave you some examples of his beautiful work.
He also draws furry.

1q (1) by Furvok   Dic1 by Furvok   Brujita by Furvok   Sorteo by Furvok  
TheTDArts Featured By Owner 6 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there,

Though my Art centers around Anime, I would like to help you out if you like my Artstyle

Here are some samples of my work:
Kagerou Project - Ayano Tateyama by TheTDArts    Hibike! Euphonium - Nozomi Kasaki x Mizore Yoroizu by TheTDArts    ( OC ) 'N/A' - Turnarounds by TheTDArts     ( OC ) 'N/A' - Emotions by TheTDArts     ( OC Fanart ) Uta by TheTDArts    ( OC Fanart ) Ba'al by TheTDArts    

And please, feel free to send me a note if you're interested and/or have any other questions

Thank you, and have a nice day
kittycat291096 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I draw half and full body commission and the price range is around 25-45$.

2017 commission: Book cover for agentX24 by kittycat291096   OC Commission: Vogue cover by kittycat291096   BNHA Commission for @YourMasterSatan by kittycat291096   Birthday cake Cookie by kittycat291096   OC commission for @iastSA by kittycat291096   OC commission: Blue by kittycat291096   OC commission: Penny for @02321 by kittycat291096   Oc commission for @Mal by kittycat291096