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July 13, 2020


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ISO NSFW Couple Art

WaterChildArts Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Looking to get these two in a NSFW

Budget: Up to $85 USD

Styles: Manga, Semi Realism

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emubi Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hello my name is emubi and I'm interested doing your job!

please contact me via:
email    :
Discord : emubi #9329 (fast responds)
or notes is fine too!

here's my initial prices:
COMMISSION PRICELIST 2020Types of art that I will do:As long as not too hardcore or extreme, I'm pretty much accept any kind of job (even non-illustration like motion graphic/vector/3D)Character design from scratch will have price adjustment, contact me for details Terms and conditions :Payment full upfront via PAYPAL (choose "send money to friends and family", so I won't get cut)Max.2 revisions. If its my fault (bad anatomy or not following the brief etc.) will not be counted as revision.More than that it will get additional cost My workflow would be : "sketch  > outline and base color > finishing" each of that step will have a client's confirmation before moving on Worktime depends of the client itself, even without deadline I'll try to finish it ASAP anyway, just discuss it with me The artwork that I made will basically non-exclusive, and will upload it for portfolio purpose. If you want to be exclusive/commercial it will have additional price, contact me for details NO REFUND!, unless I can't finish it, I'm gonna refund it 100% Please prepare your reference (cloth, pose, etc) for minimizing miscomm, if you need help in this department, I would gladly help. For more information, contact me via :email      : mouritz.bethelio@gmail.comdiscord   : emubi#9329...

here's my artwork samples :
Fu Hua - Night Squire by emubi Fu hua - Shadow Knight by emubi Fu Hua Azure Empyrea by emubi Exalted - Gentle Snow by emubi Exalted - Steel Heart by emubi Exalted - Joyous Onyx by emubi Arianne - Rapier Mode by emubi Arianne - Staff Mode by emubi Knight Ellinor by emubi Akame Kunoichi by emubi Zaku II S and Char Aznable by emubi Pathfinder OC Arisu by emubi Clide Lodwick V Bahamut Prime by emubi Atelier Shallie - What's the Ingredient? by emubi Fu Hua the 4 Battlesuits by emubi
xkalipso Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Examples of my work :

  Zelda and Samus by xkalipso     Jeannie by xkalipso  Ameter by xkalipso  AI-Leah Cyberpunk by xkalipso 
Hyrule Warriors - Cia,Veran and Midna by xkalipso  Rachel by xkalipso 
nekogitan Featured By Owner Edited Jul 18, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello there! I have an open commission going on right now and here's my price sheet with some samples as well:
[OPEN] COMMISSION PRICE SHEET by nekogitan   Commission: Eliaam by nekogitan   Commission: FB by nekogitan   Milk Tea - Food Fantasy by nekogitan   Vanish to the clouds by nekogitan   Entrance by nekogitan   Food Fantasy - Pineapple Cake and Eggette by nekogitan   Serenity by nekogitan   Uncover by nekogitan  

I work within 7 days but depends on the commission's complexity. Don't hesitate to contact me if you want to discuss anything, cheers :D
dotlineshape Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hi, I'm interested. Here're some example or my work
Himiko Toga by dotlineshape   Enmu_A Moon Demon_Kimetsu No Yaiba by dotlineshape   V-Nia [Arcaneidolocc] by dotlineshape   Samurai Girl by dotlineshape
NSFW sample
let me know if you interested in my art.
you can contact me via note or email at "" if you have any question or discuss.
TheMudwatch Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi, I'm interested in your commission! Here are examples of my work:

Mature Content

Sexy Elf by TheMudwatch

Mature Content

Kida from THAT scene Re-draw by TheMudwatch

Mature Content

Goth Waifus by TheMudwatch

Mature Content

Sawyer ReUpload by TheMudwatch

Mature Content

Mavis Dracula Patreon Preview by TheMudwatch
Shadowrun Mage OC Commisson by TheMudwatch

Mature Content

Thicc Meg by TheMudwatch

Mature Content

Shadowrun OC Commission by TheMudwatch

As for starting price single character, full color/shading no background will be $45 but judging from this commission the price will be around $65-$70.
Send me a note or chat if you are interested.
Tsuki-Nii Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
While I don't often get commissioned for nsfw I do have a piece from a repeat client. 
I'm willing to do the couple nsfw for 70-85 depending on how complex you'd like the image to be. If we're throwing in some full backgrounds, it would most likely go over the 85.

Despite all the anime inspired work I do, portraits and semi-realism are probably my strongest suits. (probably because I'm a life drawing fanatic and I do anatomy studies when I'm bored XD)

Feel free to respond here if you're interested in my offer and shoot me a note if you'd like to work with me or for further details

Ghostcoffingangbangcom by Tsuki-Nii  

Mature Content

Steamy Rave Cat by Tsuki-Nii
  Bananasundae by Tsuki-Nii   Class work 041 by Tsuki-Nii   Degas by Tsuki-Nii  
sixmi34 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hello, there!
I'm Sixmi34, freelance artist specialized in NSFW art.

Here's my commission info:

Mature Content

NSFW Commision by sixmi34


Mature Content

Jeanne d'Arc by sixmi34

Mature Content

Artoria Pendragon by sixmi34

Mature Content

Formidable!!!!!!!!!!! by sixmi34

Mature Content

Raiko by sixmi34

Mature Content

Reisalin Stout by sixmi34

Mature Content

Raikoooooooooooooooooooo by sixmi34

Mature Content

Aerith Gainsborough (NSFW) by sixmi34

Mature Content

Tifa Lockhart by sixmi34

More sample here:…
and here:…

Chat/note me if you're interested, or you can reach me here:

E-mail :
Discord: S34#7867

Thank you~ :happybounce:
BootyFreeze Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
SaMaAg Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2020  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hi,I'm interested in the job.I'll leave you a link to my gallery.…

single character(bust)-u$s25
single character(half body)-u$s35
single character(full body)-u$s45
background is u$s10 plus
what I don't do:
children in sexual-related content

Armando Huerta tribute by SaMaAg Escaramuza Discola (Disobedient Skirmish) by SaMaAg In concert by SaMaAg
monoaxe Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
are you still looking? If so i'd love to work with you!  ER6FIS6XsAAr-PB by monoaxe   Stfu-8 by monoaxe   Stfu-9 by monoaxe   Untitled by monoaxe   EcHtF1YX0AA BIU by monoaxe   EXG5LQ7WkAI0w6t by monoaxe   EPyuaGVX0AA9Uqy by monoaxe   EZOvsF1WkAEpt0Z by monoaxe   Duvhhh by monoaxe   
Quintessence-Study Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
I'm a digital artist
I do comic and illustration
You can send message or email
I have an account for nswf keely-Key 

Las Luces Tomo - keel by Quintessence-Study Concomics by Quintessence-Study Spanwspawnefectos by Quintessence-Study Skull Tong by Quintessence-Study Valentine desing by Quintessence-Study Kartosh by Quintessence-Study
JusticeNaim Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2020  Professional
Hi my name is Justice Naim. I'm an illustrator and graduate of the Joe Kubert school. I'd love to work with you on your project. I'll attach some links to my work. You can reach out to me using this email:


RED77art Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hello. Here are some examples of my work
Let me know if you are interested

Mature Content

cyber maiden by RED77art

Mature Content

The Canvas by RED77art

Mature Content

Beg me by RED77art
R-3G Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2020

Mature Content

Commission art NSFW: picnic by R-3G

Mature Content

Commission art NSFW: demi human by R-3G

Mature Content

Request: Valkyrie by R-3G

Mature Content

NSFW : Some Girl want Punishment as a Reward! by R-3G
 i made some few commissions on nsfw art for cheap price 30$ for 2 characters with background.
kittycat291096 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I draw half body and full body commission and the price range is around 25-45$.

Couple commission: Eren/OC for @TitanHours (2) by kittycat291096   OC couple commission: Sugawara/Huni for Shurple by kittycat291096   The servants by kittycat291096   Couple commission for tiny-raptor by kittycat291096   Chun-li and Cammy commission by kittycat291096  

Mature Content

Aphrodite - goddess of love by kittycat291096
  Artemis - goddess of the moon by kittycat291096   Thanatos - my beefy potato by kittycat291096   Spider by the beach (re-draw) by kittycat291096  
shchetochkin Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
I work with vector and 2D graphics and I can help with pic.
If you still need someone I can offer my skills.
 1234 by shchetochkin   Ych 2 by shchetochkin   Ych by shchetochkin   Commision by shchetochkin  
sthanheykel Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hey, I'm interested.

I've worked with NSFW art and couple NSFW art before, here are some of my previous artwork:

Mature Content

Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter by sthanheykel

Mature Content

Sailor Venus in Venus by sthanheykel

Mature Content

Yumeko Jabami #2 by sthanheykel
  Ninecolored 3 by sthanheykel   Bel by sthanheykel   EV2CoipUcAAFvO0 by sthanheykel   Chika Fujiwara Beach Day by sthanheykel   Lille Concept Art by sthanheykel   Pano De Veia by sthanheykel

 My prices are:

$10 - headshot
$15 - half body
$20 - full body

I charge and extra $5 per figure/pose or background.
aiapel Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hi. This is some of my works 😀😁

9ebd5986-2cfa-4ad3-b530-5f7e0b71dc6d by aiapel   97bb95fa-92e7-4679-ae19-4cba01475157 by aiapel   35033601-cbfe-412e-81ef-9647927d6db0 by aiapel   MoT-4 by aiapel   Commish 1 2 by aiapel  

Im very interested to your project.  If you love my works you can send my note or email me at

I hope we can work together as a team ;D
CwenRabbit Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi! Check out my DA gallery and my old portfolio:…
Im looking to build a new one! I can do any style!
lufidelis Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hello there

I have  open some special offers to July  Promotional CommissionsHi People! I open promotional categoris of July READ RULES, QUESTIONS, DROP ME AN NOTE- I do ANY characters - female, male, furry, anthro, futanari etc...- i DONT DO - Sexualized - 18 characters- All categories i send sketches first for approvation : Transformations Couples One character + Scenary I DONT SHOW Sketch in categorie : QUICKIE FULL BODY - Commissions done in 5 work days.-Payment, in ADVANCED BY PAYPAL, so please, just buy if you REALLY enjoy my artstyle, i DONT DO refounds!- Sketches are send all fridays - deadline 15 to 20 work days for commissions done, sorry, if you think it delay too much, but i prefer delay and send to u an quality artwork.- very complexed ideas can have prices alterations (increase the price)- Questions ? Drop me an note or leave one comment. TRANSFORMATIONS IN 3 STAGES - 65USD TRANSFORMATIONS IN 6 STAGES - 100USD The transformations can be any, Animal, gender bender, Bimbo, Naga, horse, babies etc...Couple illustrations 85usd - 2 characters + scenary COMPLEXED SHADES One character + Simple Scenary (day or night) - 50USDSIMPLE SHADESCOMPLEXED SOFT SHADES COMMISSIONS 35USD ONE CHARACTER - ADD CHARACTER + 20USD******************************************************************************************************************SPECIAL OFFER - ATTENTION IN THIS CATEGORIE I DONT SHOW SKETCH FIRST, SO JUST BUY IF YOU REALLY ENJOY MY ARTSTYLE!18USD QUICKIE FULL BODY  if you enjoy, drop me an note

Samples [P] Savage Rogue and Jasmine by lufidelis   [P] April o neil by lufidelis  

Mature Content

[C] Prisioner by lufidelis

Mature Content

Namakashii by lufidelis
  Foxy by lufidelis   [C] Zatanna Tentacle Attack by lufidelis  
radisty Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
i would love to draw them 

here is my previous work 
Amcom Color 3 by radisty   Zmcom Color 3 by radisty  

Mature Content

Vae and Zab by radisty

Mature Content

Genevieve by radisty
  cover work (commission) by radisty   full metal by radisty     

please check out my commission info 

commission info

MaxSasori Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hello there, 

I'am Max Sasori, a digital character illustrator. 
I don't know if my style is fine for what you are actually searching for, neither if you have already found an illustrator for this but here's some samples of my work with my links in case you are interested ! 

I can do Black & white sketches, simple and also detailed paintings :

Black & White Sketch
Sketch by MaxSasori   Sketch2 by MaxSasori   Sketch3 by MaxSasori  

Simple shading
Sloeo by MaxSasori   Levi by MaxSasori   Davil by MaxSasori   

Detailed painting
Lordgris by MaxSasori   Lucina by MaxSasori   Fullsize by MaxSasori  

More :
Prices / Information     Website     Instagram
AngieSG Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Student Digital Artist
Hi! I would be interested. Some samples: 
Adae Briannis by AngieSG Endverse kiss by AngieSG painting is attractive by AngieSG Love wins by AngieSG
Note me if you are interested
zave-k Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
KatouShinobu Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Student Digital Artist
I can do 85$ for couple nsfw scene with BG 

[Commission]: Elliot and Pepper by KatouShinobu   [Commission]: Wolf and Alissa by KatouShinobu
Happy New Year by KatouShinobu  Modeus by KatouShinobu  [Commission]: Venelo by KatouShinobu

Jarvan IV Pool Party by KatouShinobu  Wilbur by KatouShinobu  Champion Leon by KatouShinobu

[Commission][YCH]: Asuka an Katsuragi by KatouShinobu  [Commission]: Salem, Mathias and Amala by KatouShinobu 
Mayoree Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi Im opening commission in semi realistic style and I do NSFW commission. 

Headshot: 30$ - 40$

Burst up: 45$ - 55$

Fullbody: 60$ - 70$

Simple background: Free

Complex background: +5$

The price will depend on the complication of the details.

I only start to work when you have already sent me half or full payment.
Here are some of my samples: 
Ff 7 remake 3 by Mayoree   Lux by Mayoree   Fay by Mayoree   Ahri by Mayoree  

zerucheese Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Greetings, I'm really interested with your offer. My artstyle is anime/manga style and hopes it match that you're looking for ^^
Here's my artwork sample :

Bakugou and Deku Heroes Rising by zerucheese   Ren Amamiya X Kasumire Yoshizawa by zerucheese   Persona 4 X Persona 5 Protagonist + Nanako by zerucheese   Ellie The Last of Us 2 by zerucheese   #SAILORMOONREDRAW by zerucheese   Zorra Chan | OC by zerucheese   Legendary Sannin (KIMETSU NO YAIBA EDITION) by zerucheese   JOKO MIGHT !! by zerucheese   Linda Melinda DREADOUT 2 by zerucheese   REI AYANAMI SUMMER by zerucheese   DARKNESS LALATINA SWEATING by zerucheese   MAKI OZE FIRE FORCE by zerucheese   PRINCESS HIBANA FIRE FORCE by zerucheese   MAI VALENTINE SUMMER LATE NIGHT by zerucheese   MORGIANA DESERT SUMMER by zerucheese  

If you're interested, you can reply this comment, send notes, or contact me through :
email   :
discord : Zerucheese#3383

wempzical Featured By Owner Edited Jul 13, 2020
hi im interested and will do it for a low-rate but a high grade art, message me thanks
Everybery Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hello! I`m a professional artist. I have a huge experience in drawing book covers, fanart, OCs and etc so I`m very interested in drawing for you. I usually work fast  and with high quality.
COMMISSION - red dress girl by Everybery  

Mature Content

COMMISSION - Normina by Everybery

Mature Content

COMMISSION - vampire bodoir by Everybery
  COMMISSION - Sublime by Everybery  

Mature Content

COMMISSION - soft II by Everybery

Mature Content

COMMISSION - Soft by Everybery

Mature Content

Shadow by Everybery

Mature Content

COMMISSION - Lovely YCH by Everybery
  red queen by Everybery   COMMISSION - Lilith by Everybery  

Mature Content

kazumaji by Everybery

Mature Content

Bath - colored by Everybery

Mature Content

COMMISSION - Serena by Everybery
AnakKecilBrengosan Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hello friend, i'm a professional artist.
i can make high quality art for you.
you can contact me via note or email at
this a few of my works, my other art in the gallery or
This is a few of my art.

Thank you.
Alucard by AnakKecilBrengosan   TWO HEADED OGRE by AnakKecilBrengosan   Vexana Fanart by AnakKecilBrengosan   Arcane Idol Illustration by AnakKecilBrengosan  Masha Fanart by AnakKecilBrengosan
DoctorDominion Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist

I´m interested in your request, I do SFW or NSFW and I draw almost everything, check my profile to see samples of my work and rates.

Due to DA regulations I cant't upload all my drawings, check my blog or my gallery at hentaifoundry for uncensored material (same username)


carlhains23 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I can definitely do semi realism ! just send me a note if you're interested on my style ^_^

Mature Content

Modeus  by carlhains23

Mature Content

Kohaku by carlhains23

Mature Content

TIFA Fanart by carlhains23
  Android  18 Baam! by carlhains23   Hyuga Hinata Fanart by carlhains23  

more of my samples here @…
LJMorgue Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, i'm interested in your offer. You can check my Commission Info

Contact me if you are interested :D 

cold blooded men by LJMorgue    Tyler Vitto by LJMorgue    Theo by LJMorgue   
Kamehlia Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Hobbyist
Hi! Please contact me if you have interest in my work. Thank you

Mature Content

Cute Couple commission by Kamehlia

Mature Content

Moon Butterfly Commission Censored by Kamehlia

Mature Content

Eda from Owl House by Kamehlia

Mature Content

Moon Butterfly Commission Censored Dakimakura by Kamehlia
  Dark Lady by Kamehlia   Cute girl on bikini by Kamehlia  
DarklyWhite Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020
Prices are negotiable~.

You can follow one of the preset prices below or pay by the hour, my current hourly rate is at $22-$26.50 an hour(Scheduled streaming optional with full price). 

There's very little I won't do, you can contact me to discuss anything that isn't included.

Illustration Info
Some general info.
- OCs, fanart
- SFW and NSFW, nudity, pin up, porn etc. 
- different body shapes and extra anatomical features. 
- simple or complicated/extravagant backgrounds, poses, clothes, angles, perspectives. 
- furry.
- animals.
- mecha, robots. 
Prices are negotiable.
Any of the following price breakdowns are negotiable.
Clean Sketch 25% price.
Lineart 40% price.
Flat Colored 55% price.
Cell Colored 70% price. 
Cell Shaded Color 85% price.
Fully Rendered Color 100% price.
Black and White is 75% of final cost.

Portrait - $35

Aquamarine by DarklyWhite  Cahsaan'kuatharyyithan the Grinning Fire by DarklyWhite 

Mature Content

Shadow by DarklyWhite

Mature Content

Robot by DarklyWhite

My bro:
Now offering $25 one-hour(or more, $25 per extra hour) commissions~.
I do nudity, and some explicit content. 
My preferred subjects are women and fantasy.
All prices are flexible and I'll work with you
to match your budget!
Hourly Rate:
Flat Rates:
Line Sketch
1 character
Simple background
$120 usd.
1 character
Complex background
$220 usd.
Greyscale Drawing
1 character
Simple background
$220 usd.
1 character
Complex background
$320 usd.
Color Portrait
1 character
Simple background
$160 usd.
Snow White by Warmics Rapunzel by Warmics Ariel by Warmics
Half Body
1 character

Mature Content

Vampire Girl by Warmics

Mature Content

Quickie - Egyptian Neko by Warmics
  Alice by Warmics  
archellpelago Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020   General Artist
Hello there ! I saw your ad and would like to give you some examples of my work for your consideration ( ; NSFW warning on some ). My rates are within the range of 10$ - 35$ , but sketches are usually 5$ - 10$ only ( I’m also flexible with budgets ). I can also be contacted on email or discord and will ALWAYS send updates regarding the project. All drawings will then eventually be the commissioner’s property.