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June 6, 2020


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art work for my book

TigerFriday Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2020
Hello, i've been writing my story i will soon publish. I'm looking to see if there are some people who would draw chracter portriats of my characters. It can be realistic, it can be in anime form or both. I can negogiate price. Also, for the person interested in commission for artwork of my story, i would have you know that it's dark and it does involve gay male characters. I figure i would let you know in case you do read my story and aren't disturbed by two men in love or truamatic events involving the characters.

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RAMILs Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Pink Flower More Info

Pink Flower Contact

  Kind of Black Panther by RAMILs   Commission by RAMILs  
henrypardo Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hello TigerFriday
check my website and let me know what you think please…
Tiruru Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
.:.Gems of Love.:. by Tiruru .:.Chibi Ruler.:. by Tiruru .:. Seraph's Wings.:. by Tiruru .:.G: Cassandra.:. by Tiruru .:.Merry Christmas 2018.:. by Tiruru
Here are my prices:
.:.OPEN Commissions.:. by Tiruru
I am also accepting character designs. ^^
shad112 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hi!! Take a look my Instagram, I hope you like my art for the job!!…
lestkarrlacuswelt Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2020   Digital Artist
i think i can help!^^ Canvas (7) by lestkarrlacuswelt   2020 07 11 Kleki (3) by lestkarrlacuswelt   Canvas (8) by lestkarrlacuswelt   Canvas (14) by lestkarrlacuswelt   Canvas (9) by lestkarrlacuswelt   2020 07 16 Kleki (6) by lestkarrlacuswelt   2020 07 15 Kleki by lestkarrlacuswelt   Canvas (15) by lestkarrlacuswelt  
Pharigan-Zero Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2020
Hi my name is Alexander and I'm interested doing your job!

Dr. Craveler - Original Character by Pharigan-Zero   John Mcclane - Die Hard by Pharigan-Zero   Link by Pharigan-Zero   Joker's evil by Pharigan-Zero   All Might by Pharigan-Zero  
HoneyLemonshan Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello, I'm Honie and I'm a hobbyist artist. I just got back in deviantart, my works in this account are from 2017 and below. My new works/new artstyle is in my instagram (where I'm mostly active), you can check it out if you want! / my portfolio

I'm open for portrait commissions right now! 
simple color = 30 usd
full color/rendered = 40 usd 

Though, prices may change depending on the complexity of the design.

Contact me:

Asss by HoneyLemonshan   vrnxG0b  (1) by HoneyLemonshan   Drowning by HoneyLemonshan   Jolyyyyy by HoneyLemonshan  
emubi Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hello my name is emubi and I'm interested doing your job!

please contact me via:
email    :
Discord : emubi #9329 (fast responds)
or notes is fine too!

here's my initial prices:
COMMISSION PRICELIST 2020Types of art that I will do:As long as not too hardcore or extreme, I'm pretty much accept any kind of job (even non-illustration like motion graphic/vector/3D)Character design from scratch will have price adjustment, contact me for details Terms and conditions :Payment full upfront via PAYPAL (choose "send money to friends and family", so I won't get cut)Max.2 revisions. If its my fault (bad anatomy or not following the brief etc.) will not be counted as revision.More than that it will get additional cost My workflow would be : "sketch  > outline and base color > finishing" each of that step will have a client's confirmation before moving on Worktime depends of the client itself, even without deadline I'll try to finish it ASAP anyway, just discuss it with me The artwork that I made will basically non-exclusive, and will upload it for portfolio purpose. If you want to be exclusive/commercial it will have additional price, contact me for details NO REFUND!, unless I can't finish it, I'm gonna refund it 100% Please prepare your reference (cloth, pose, etc) for minimizing miscomm, if you need help in this department, I would gladly help. For more information, contact me via :email      : mouritz.bethelio@gmail.comdiscord   : emubi#9329...

here's my artwork samples :
Fu Hua - Night Squire by emubi Fu hua - Shadow Knight by emubi Fu Hua Azure Empyrea by emubi Exalted - Gentle Snow by emubi Exalted - Steel Heart by emubi Exalted - Joyous Onyx by emubi Arianne - Rapier Mode by emubi Arianne - Staff Mode by emubi Knight Ellinor by emubi Akame Kunoichi by emubi Zaku II S and Char Aznable by emubi Pathfinder OC Arisu by emubi Clide Lodwick V Bahamut Prime by emubi Atelier Shallie - What's the Ingredient? by emubi Fu Hua the 4 Battlesuits by emubi
esar2016 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2020  Professional General Artist
Hello, I leave you a link to the work I do, for any questions or queries do not hesitate to contact me ....… I have Facebook: / Esarilustraciones / I have instagram:…
caturchandra Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
hello, .....
I'm very interested in this job
these are my works:

Conqueror by caturchandra Admiral by caturchandra COMMISSION: SABLE LYNX by caturchandra COMMISSION: ELECTRA by caturchandra COMMISSION: COMMANDER by caturchandra COMMISSION: DEER CENTAUR by caturchandra COMMISSION: MANTRA by caturchandra COMMISSION: GAYLEN(OC) by caturchandra COMMISSION: WHITE WIDOW by caturchandra COMMISSION: VAMPIRE MERMAID by caturchandra COMMISSION: LADY SCI FI by caturchandra My Queen by caturchandra The Crow by caturchandra Spell by caturchandra

if you are interested in working with me
send me note or email me at
thank you and have a nice day
Mokafi Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist

I'm opening for freelance long-term contracts and projects, freelance non-commercial commissions and commercial commissions If you are interested, send me a note or contact me following the email:

Commission info sheet: [Paypal] Digital Commission [OPEN]
  • Headshot : 50$ (+ 40$/ additional character)
  • Half-body: 70$ (+ 50$/additional character)
  • Full-body: 90$ (+ 70$/additional character)
  The prices were included simple background (Flat color/gradient/patterned/brushes background)
  + extra fees for very complicated details)
  + 20-40$ for complicated background)

Samples of my artstyle
   Bloom by Mokafi   Commission: Lavare by Mokafi   Modern AU (IDV) by Mokafi   Tamamo no Mae (Personal PJ) by Mokafi
Victor Grantz (Identity V) by Mokafi    Joseph Desaulnier (Identity V) by Mokafi    Eli Clark (Identity V) by Mokafi    Yuki Douji (Onmyoji) by Mokafi
Kuro and Shiro (Onmyoji) by Mokafi    Ibaraki Douji (Onmyouji) by Mokafi    Shuten Douji (Onmyouji) by Mokafi

Thank you!
daveyboygales Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hello there, I am interested in your project and have linked you my portfolio and samples for consideration…

Slayer (final) by daveyboygales   Rachael by daveyboygales   The Young Witch Portrait by daveyboygales   Knight Of Old by daveyboygales  

Mature Content

The Demon Inside by daveyboygales
  Dancing Elf by daveyboygales   The High Priestess by daveyboygales   Cat Woman by daveyboygales   Mystery by daveyboygales   
xkalipso Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Examples of my work :

  Zelda and Samus by xkalipso     Jeannie by xkalipso  Ameter by xkalipso  AI-Leah Cyberpunk by xkalipso 
Hyrule Warriors - Cia,Veran and Midna by xkalipso  Rachel by xkalipso 
PhantomJohara Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
daveyboygales Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hi there, attached some samples of my work for your consideration along with my portfolio…

Rachael by daveyboygales   The Owl by daveyboygales   The Abyss Watcher (final) by daveyboygales   The Fallen by daveyboygales   The lost knight (final) by daveyboygales   Knight Of Old by daveyboygales   Nakoma by daveyboygales   Dark Souls Knight by daveyboygales   Fantasy princess by daveyboygales   Medusa by daveyboygales   Female Warrior by daveyboygales   Cat Woman by daveyboygales  
Theecllg Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Asuka and Leo - Commission Finished by Theecllg   Leo and Asuka - Commission finished by Theecllg   Cave Story Premium Commission by Theecllg   Doom Vs Metroid by Theecllg  
I hope you like it
TheKikkaKibaz Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello! I'm interested !! I like to draw the characters of the story I'm writing too :) I'm also ok with the theme !

My info and examples:
Commissions [Open] ~I'm sharing this info in a journal too so it's easier to share the info with more examples ^^What I can draw:Humans/HumanoidsFanart/OCCrossover Ships / Couples / Groups of PeopleLGBTI+ "Soft" NSFW / GoreWhat I can't draw:Furries / Anthro / MLPFetishesHomophobia / Racist / Pedophilia / Incest themesRules- To request a commission, you may contact me by replying to this journal or by sending me a note (which I rather prefer so I can keep tracking easily the commissions)- I've got more interest in Paypal, but you can pay with Points as well- The payment is done half before I start and half after I finish or the total in the beginning BUT only after I validated your request- I have the right to refuse a commission if I don't feel comfortable about it.- I have the right to post the commission on my page, although I will tag you. If you don't wish to be tagged/identified, let me know in advance- After validating your request, I'll send you a first rough sketch. You may ask for some changes and after that I'll send you again the sketch with the corrected changes. After that you can only ask for small changes - so we won't be on a forever loop between exchanges and corrections. When the sketch is accepted, I will work on it and published it on my page. After published the finished, no changes may be requested- You MAY share the drawing but remember, always give creditSemirealistic PortraitsGraphite: 12$/960 pointsCharcoal: 15$/1200 pointsGouaches: 17$/1360 pointsDigital: 20$/1600 pointsOther examples of my digital portraitsAnime-ish Style~SketchBustshot: 2$/160 pointsHalfbody: 5$/400 pointsFullbody: 8$/640 points~Mixed MediaBustshot: 3$/240 pointsHalfbody: 6$/480 pointsFullbody: 9$/720 points~Watercolor/GouachesBustshot: 4$/320 pointsHalfbody: 7$/560 pointsFullbody: 10$/800 points~Digital ShadedBustshot: 8$/640 pointsHalfbody: 13$/1040 pointsFullbody: 20$/1600 points~Reference Sheets 10$/800 pointsNOTESFor complexed designs I may charge a bit more; the same goes if you want me to design a character out of scratch (e.g.: if you only have a visual idea of how your character would look like)Extra character = + 50% / price (e.g. a digital bustshot with a character is 8$/640 points, plus extra characters = 12$/960 points total)Complex Backgrounds = + 30% / priceSimple Animation = +20% /price Feel free to ask any other question!Commission FormName: (your username)Type of commission: (e.g. traditional - sketch - fullbody)Payment: (e.g. Points)Reference(s): (link to character)Additional info: (e.g. background, pose reference, expression..)  Ezekiel Evander (Eler) by TheKikkaKibaz   Eler (RS) by TheKikkaKibaz  
happyfoxx98 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Paladin Png by happyfoxx98   Voidelf 1 by happyfoxx98   Img 20200510 030756 195 by happyfoxx98   World Of Warcraft By Happyfoxx98 Ddvhuaw-fullview by happyfoxx98   Tauren Druid By Happyfoxx98 Ddrks2q-fullview by happyfoxx98   Warcraft Blood Elf Priest Commission By Happyfoxx9 by happyfoxx98  hey^^ I open for commissions, i am interested
kaupaint Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Professional Traditional Artist
Hey there Demons, it's me, ya boi, Crowley by kaupaint   David Tennant as Richard II - Study by kaupaint   Greensleeves or A Modern Portrait of Anne Boleyn by kaupaint   A Portrait by kaupaint   Self Portrait from Stream by kaupaint   Noel Fielding Portrait by kaupaint   Data by kaupaint   Josephine Baker by kaupaint    Noble Lady by kaupaint    Dorian by kaupaint   Sam - Life Sketch by kaupaint   Look Not At Her by kaupaint   
cyberaeon Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020   Digital Artist
Hey! I don't have anything against drawing men in love, but I don't do explicit work. Would I be required to draw these traumatic events? What kind of story is it?
Fardiel by cyberaeon   Junior by cyberaeon   Mathei by cyberaeon   Maik by cyberaeon   Kaline by cyberaeon   Craek by cyberaeon   
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ShyguyzArt Featured By Owner Edited Jul 17, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Dark Sun Gwyndolin by ShyguyzArt Cloud vs Sephiroth by ShyguyzArt New Post by ShyguyzArt In Love by ShyguyzArt

I have done a lot of character design/visualizing for games and books.

Please feel free to check out my portfolio


Nameless-shade Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020   Digital Artist
Hi! Here are some examples of my work.
If it matches with what you have in mind feel free to contact me here in the notes or via email at

Paimon by Nameless-shade    Eileen by Nameless-shade   

Mature Content

Ashes by Nameless-shade
   Elf sketch by Nameless-shade    Whatever by Nameless-shade
JoseMan881 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hi I'm open for commission! Just send me a message if you're interested, my price starts at $20.
here are my samples. Ezekiel Smirk by JoseMan881   Ellie and the gang by JoseMan881   Ezekiel with the rune from Altar of Kai'yu by JoseMan881   Neocolamus Character Sheet by JoseMan881   Kaja a servant of an unknown Old god by JoseMan881   Art Collection day 20 by JoseMan881   Art Collection day 15 by JoseMan881   Art Collection 16 by JoseMan881   Art Collection day 7 by JoseMan881  
AlvinGasga Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hi! I think i can help you with that.

My stylized cartoon full-portfolio:…
send me an email:

sample works:
Dreille (Fan Art) by AlvinGasga  Kimiko The Empress (Fan Art) by AlvinGasga  Alvoja by AlvinGasga  Lanlan And Shadow by AlvinGasga  burger Puggy by AlvinGasga
Zippdown Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2020
hello i'm interested, I hope we can work together

Kokushibou by Zippdown   Magwawalis Meh Meh by Zippdown   Artstyle Pre by Zippdown   Jinx by Zippdown   Katipunan by Zippdown   Ne by Zippdown   Trunks by Zippdown   
monoaxe Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hello!! i am interested in working on what you're looking for! here are some of my art examples. if you're interested, you should contact me monoaxe on instagram or @monoaxxe on twt!! 

0fe4d145-11ba-40fc-b086-3f33e4742489 by monoaxe   A86cf047-fa5e-46b6-9f1f-edd3cb047794 by monoaxe   EbyQr QXkAEhd8k by monoaxe   EXG5LQ7WkAI0w6t by monoaxe   EPyuaGVX0AA9Uqy by monoaxe   EYv08wmXYAAA D5 by monoaxe   EZOvsF1WkAEpt0Z by monoaxe  
Solar-Symphony Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello! I am interested in your commission! I do SFW art. Here's some examples. I hope you find what you're looking for! 
Commission Information by Solar-Symphony  All of me... by Solar-Symphony  For all of the world to see... by Solar-Symphony  Boba by Solar-Symphony  When Dreams become Nightmares by Solar-Symphony
yueokinawa174 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello :icontigerfriday: 

I'm Yue - 2D artist drawing anime/manga style. I don't know if you still need an artist to work on your story or not. But I'm interested to work in long-term and I hope you don't mind to share your story that you are working on. 

Price for SFW art with color: $25/character 
Price for NSFW art with color: $40/character  

* I have 2 accounts, this account is for SFW arts, another account => :iconyueokinawa: <= is for NSFW arts. Please do not click if you're not okay with NSFW or fetish arts * 
* I'm okay to work on your story so don't worry about it * 

Art style (Sketch)  
Inosuke fanart by yueokinawa   Hatsune Miku (Sand planet ver) by yueokinawa   Everlynn Blood moon skin fanart by yueokinawa  

Sample art: Male with full color (Dakimakura commission - Price $60 for 2 sides like this) 
Commission: Simon Blackquill by yueokinawa    
ArteNazrd Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2020   Digital Artist
Eliza In Forest by ArteNazrd   2 Druid by ArteNazrd   Pumpkinhead by ArteNazrd   Joker by ArteNazrd hello , i am interested in this here are some of my arts
RafalLegatus Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hi, my regular rate if you are interested in getting my service per 1 comic page , cover or 1 page artwork is $5 - Black and white or line art only / $10 - with colors

Here are some samples:

Let's Go! by RafalLegatus 6 Panel Fanart Artstation by RafalLegatus Shred: Viel by RafalLegatus KAWAII PHOTOGRAPGER:PROCESS by RafalLegatus
luksarts Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2020
DiegoOruga Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2020  Professional Traditional Artist
I'm intrested in working with  you!
here are samples of my work:

Soma Cruz Watercolor by DiegoOruga Zato-1 GGstrive Ink Wash by DiegoOruga Yusuke Urameshi Watercolor by DiegoOruga SOL gon give it to YA! by DiegoOruga Fight like a TIGER by DiegoOruga Inktober19 Day 05 ZUKO'S JOURNEY by DiegoOruga Ready for Action - With Style by DiegoOruga New Profile Pic by DiegoOruga Sanji 02 by DiegoOruga
Paulusartiss Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2020  Professional…
Add me on discord
shad112 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
I'm interested, take a look of my Instagram!…
GParada Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2020  Professional Traditional Artist
I'm interested !

Here you can find examples of my work!
I can do whatever you want!


Desenho Findal Final by GParada   San Giovanni Deviantart by GParada   Thais by GParada   Menina dos olhos by GParada   SKULL - Self-luminescent by GParada   O Olho by GParada   Devaneios na janela by GParada   O grego by GParada   Male abdomen by GParada   Subaru 22b STI by GParada   RINGship by GParada   The Black Cat by GParada   Lost Dragon by GParada


Curupira, O Chamado de Caapora by GParada   Contemplating by GParada   Troll1 by GParada   
sanah20 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2020
I’m quite interested 
(we’ll discuss prices later) 
308f9a97-7fe7-42a1-acdb-cc57780b7deb by sanah20   3ea75174-4051-4f90-b1a8-33e06e9149a4 by sanah20   Caf5cb9e-7fd8-4da0-a0de-9b82c0ed7294 by sanah20   A8210dd9-e470-4b80-a250-55e1358c767b by sanah20   E7b0635f-d78d-447f-99ee-a1f3e0cf183b by sanah20   0d220929-9fa1-4ae3-8d80-c88e0246ab74 by sanah20   7a2fa4c5-5607-404f-a05d-a9e069827c49 by sanah20  
Dalirya Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2020  Student Digital Artist
Hi! Im interested ! 

1 by Dalirya   Dnd Portrait Sketches Low by Dalirya   13 by Dalirya   9 by Dalirya   DnD Commission by Dalirya   Tera2 by Dalirya  
Tachibana-Mizuko Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2020
Hello~ I'd be interested in taking on your request!
Commission Information
Some examples:
Okamimimi Kyou - 130419 by Tachibana-Mizuko  Fancy Iwami  - 020819 by Tachibana-Mizuko  [Contest] Tsuki again... - 240819 by Tachibana-Mizuko
Shouta and Tsuki IDOLS!!! - 260919 by Tachibana-Mizuko  Shouto painting - 091219 by Tachibana-Mizuko   Red and Blue Honeymoon -241119 by Tachibana-Mizuko
erwinwin Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Hi  i really like your project! I'm a graphic designer and illustrator and i'm interested in the advertisement. I'm sending you my links and samples :)…

2019 Khaz AFK arena by erwinwin   2019 Jinxf by erwinwin   2019 Trollhunters c by erwinwin   2019 ST3f by erwinwin