Need Plush Sewing/Design Collaboration for Kickstarter Highest Tier Rewards

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So, I have a Kickstarter for a book that will launch in March 2020. I have successfully funded a book through Kickstarter before, back in 2017. My book Mark of the Conifer was launched through it. (Feel free to look through my gallery to see some of the work for it.)

What I'm looking for is someone willing to do the plush rewards for this new Kickstarter.

The plush needs to be a horsie. I will give more details once we're talking one-on-one, but I want to make it clear that it will be an equine. That might not be a subject matter people are comfortable with (and no, the pattern will not be a My Little Pony knockoff.)


* How much you would charge for each plush so I can incorporate that into the tier
* What number limit to put on the plush tiers. I'm gonna assume you're not gonna wanna make 30+ plushes when the Kickstarter funds and have a breakdown. It is possible to limit tier rewards so I want to do that up front so we don't murder each other.
* A sample of your plush work portfolio, specifically minky and faux fur. Spoonflower experience is a plus but not required
* Awareness that a deadline and signed work-for-hire contract with all this in it will be part of the deal
* A prototype plush that will be completed a little before March 2020, so I can have pictures to show on the Kickstarter. I am willing to pay for the prototype up front, of course.
* Plush measurements you are comfortable working in, large or small

So, theoretically I could go for two plush types: a floppy, kinda chibi/sock plush maybe, and/or a larger floppy or more "legit" plush. That's "pie-in-the-sky", however, and depends on if you want to do more than one plush or not and how many of either you're willing to do.
You can use your own patterns if you have them or want to try them/make them. I can also provide them if you prefer.
They will be made of printed minky fabric from Spoonflower with faux fur accents for mane/tail. I will be painting the pieces digitally myself and will send you the printed minky fabric.
Faux fur, safety eyes, etc. need to be provided by you (please take all other supplies into account when quoting the amount.)
I want this to be an opportunity for collaboration and creativity: this isn't "Do everything I say" unless you want it to be. If you want to innovate and do something neat that falls within the parameters of this, that's fine. I will happily paint your pattern to become a Spoonflower plush.
You will be paid half upon the funding of the Kickstarter and half upon completion of the plushes. Please understand that if, for some reason, the Kickstarter doesn't fund, I will try again, but that also means you don't have to do squat aside from the prototype.

This is part of a book trilogy, which theoretically means you could get more work through the other two books being on Kickstarter eventually. If you want.

If you're interested, please feel free to note me your thoughts/questions or post links to your portfolio here.
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Congratulations on your success. I dare to suggest the conditions for creating the illustration. installment payment: sketch $ 5, after the approval of the sketch you will pay another $ 25 and I will create a line drawing, drawing the same way. Examples of ponies below. I draw in many styles. cute pony fairy by ymymy   Pony Dakimakura by ymymy   DayBreaker-Nightmare by ymymy   Dark Hekaton Stream The Former Evil by ymymy  
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That's great work, but this is for making a plush.
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maybe you need sketches, character design)
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This forum is for paid job offers. 
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Uhhhhh ... it says in the post it will be paid?
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This is a paid job offer. Do read a post before jumping in.
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If the ks doesn´t get funding the artist won´t get paid, ergo is NOT a paid job offer. This forum is for upfront payment. Read the forum rules before posting
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The artist gets paid upfront for the prototype. Then if the KS is funded, the artist is paid half their fee upfront BEFORE starting work, and the rest upon completion. This is a paid job in every respect. The artist is not asked to do ANY amount of work without payment.
If you have reading difficulties, have someone explain things to you before making an idiot of yourself.
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I said I'd pay for the prototype up front, so it is paid.
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You will be paid half upon the funding of the Kickstarter and half upon completion of the plushes.

So what if the ks doesn´t get funded?
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Holy shit dude, why are you policing something you don't want to do? Are you just flexing because someone's not following your version of the rules? GO AWAY.