Penciller/inker for Dark Fantasy Manga/Comic ($100/page)

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I am looking for a penciller/inker with storyboard experience who can work in a similar style to Tsutomu Nihei (Biomega) in the USA. I want to match his dark mood and background structures.


I will provide a script and produce the first ~22 pages. The series is a dark fantasy based in a city similar to London in the early 1800s. We will submit as a team, so I am looking for someone who will finish the ~120 page project should we be chosen. (Possibly even if we are not.)

I am paying $100/page for pencils and inks with a work-for-hire contract. Payment will be made via PayPal within 7 days of each page being approved and submitted to me.

Completed pages will be agreed upon in writing and a high quality TIFF for PSD file will be delivered via email/file share of completed pencils/inks.

I have been writing scripts for several years (eight under belt), but this is my first submission. By day, I write code for a software company.

If interested, please email sample art to with the title of “halfwing”. Please also include references and expect a voice chat if you are a final candidate.

Finally, I won’t be able to respond to everyone, so I will post here again when the job is closed.

Thank you, artists!
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I have hired the artist. Thanks for all the great submissions! There are so many talented artists on here I can't believe it! :)
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I am interested in the opportunity, I have a website: A facebook page:  And a Deviantart page:
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Hi, I'm interested. Please check out my gallery to see comic pages and more:

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Here's my portfolio:…

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Hello :D I'd like to show you some of my work! As you'll see I'm pretty diverse when it comes to styles and I can work in several different mediums, so I'll be able to adapt to whatever tone or mood you're going for. Send me an email if your interested at 
thanks :) PROLOGUE(PAGE 1) by yellowkillsc Yoshi Commission by yellowkillsc Afterlife by yellowkillsc Owl Witch by yellowkillsc P.S. I have a comic I'm hosting on tapastic that you can check out here:
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Hello! We are community of professional artists and illustrators who are specializated in drawing portraits, characters and other types of commissions. We work very fast - you can be sured that you`ll get your personal commission artwork in less than several days or even in several hours. You can choose between different styles which include cartoonish, semi realistic and realistic. You can find here an artist and style which you prefer most of all. We are also very interested in your project and ready to help for you with it. Please check our gallery for more deviations.

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Sapfire - 22 by DrawCommissions
Sapfire - 19 by DrawCommissionsSapfire - 18 by DrawCommissionsAlex - 12 by DrawCommissions Alex - 11 by DrawCommissions Alex - 10 by DrawCommissions Bella - 34 by DrawCommissions Bella - 33 by DrawCommissions Bella - 32 by DrawCommissions

Mature Content

Sapfire - 2 by DrawCommissions
Sapfire - 16 by DrawCommissions

Mature Content

Sapfire - 13 by DrawCommissions
Sapfire - 10 by DrawCommissions Sapfire - 8 by DrawCommissions Sapfire - 5 by DrawCommissions Sapfire - 1 by DrawCommissions
Puma - 3 by DrawCommissionsAlex - 9 by DrawCommissions Alex - 7 by DrawCommissions Alex - 6 by DrawCommissions Alex - 5 by DrawCommissions Alex - 4 by DrawCommissionsBella - 31 by DrawCommissions Bella - 28 commissios final fantasy tutorial by DrawCommissions Bella - 23 by DrawCommissions Bella - 19 by DrawCommissions Bella - 17 by DrawCommissions Bella - 30 by DrawCommissions Bella - 11 by DrawCommissionsRemi - 12 by DrawCommissions Remi - 10 by DrawCommissions Remi - 5 by DrawCommissions Remi - 4 by DrawCommissions Remi - 2 by DrawCommissions Remi - 11 by DrawCommissions AlaVal - 8 by DrawCommissions AlaVal - 7 by DrawCommissions AlaVal - 6 by DrawCommissions AlaVal by DrawCommissions AlaVal - 2 by DrawCommissions AlaVal - 5 by DrawCommissions
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Hi!!!!!, I am interested! , please check my portfolio!:
My Contact:
Link Commission by LEGGiordano Illustration for Trading Card Game by LEGGiordano He-Man - Battle cat by LEGGiordanoCaptain by LEGGiordano Commission by LEGGiordano  
Illustration for Trading Card Game by LEGGiordano Illustration for TCG by LEGGiordano Basilik by LEGGiordano Heroes of Storm Contest by LEGGiordano vampires by LEGGiordano Druid by LEGGiordano Demon Beast by LEGGiordano Illustration for TCG by LEGGiordano SupermanFanart by LEGGiordano Oleg the Pirate by LEGGiordano Kev-ra by LEGGiordano Ningen by LEGGiordano Ganondorf Commission by LEGGiordano  Ghaneos by LEGGiordano Cybor wise by LEGGiordanoVidiria by LEGGiordanoIllustration for Trading Card Game by LEGGiordano
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Sending email of my portfolio.
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Hi, i'm interested in your offer
contact me if you interested too

Either drop me a note or email me at


    Wolverine smoking by ZodayAquaman by ZodayBatman V Superman by ZodayBlack Panther vs Winter Soldier by Zoday Daredevil vs Punisher by Zoday  For The Sake of Prosperity by ZodayWonder woman  rebirth sketch by Zoday


    Superman (Ink) by ZodayBlack Panther vs Winter Soldier by ZodayLocal Hero, ink by Zoday

Wonder Woman rebirth (ink) by Zoday    Batman V Superman (Ink) by ZodayThe Punisher by ZodayRobot Vs Beast by Zoday


Sunset Battle by ZodayLocal Hero by ZodaySuperman by ZodayWonder Woman Rebirth by Zoday


Batman Vs Joker by Zoday

Mature Content

Sample page,Jon Cool vs Karate woman by Zoday

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niickfurry @
skype - zubnaiea_feia1
ready! )))
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You can post here too if you are uncomfortable sending an email.