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March 17, 2014


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Talented pixel-artists needed! Sprites/Vehicle/Avatars

AESTHEDDICT Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014
Hello there fellow artists!

I am searching for good pixel artists who can design me some some graphical content using pixels. First of all I would like the graphics to be designed in style of eboy and habbo. I would like the content to look detailed and crisp. I would like to request 2 sprites of characters who must be not big in size but not too small either just like the ones here:…

One character must be a male in a rosa suite, blonde long hair and with sunglasses on as well as with white gloves. The second character must be a female with black long hair and a curvy figure, she should have a pretty face and wear a black dress. Note that both characters have to kinda relate to the style of the 1980s in Miami.

Vehicle. The vehicle must be a Lamborghini Diablo Roadster with a slick violet color. It should have the same positioning perspective and style as the one displayed here…

Finally I would like to have an avatar also in pixel art. The avatar should be in appropriate size for DeviantART and should be well visible in the forums. It should contain some cush pieces scattered on a white paper. The cush pieces should look like this one…

Please make posts as recommendations showcasing some similar art and your graphical content, If I am interested I will contact you myself via DeviantART. I will pay in deviantart points.

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AESTHEDDICT Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014
Alright, thanks for the heads up.
ArtGod2015 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
i am interested in doing the artwork for you.
please check out my gallery if you are interested .
thank you.

Commission Slot Open At Starting Rate of 5USD only!!

Special Promotion Price at

- For Just FIVE DOLLAR USD you can get a portrait in full colour!!!
Check up my at…

Deviantart Promotion Price at the following ~~

1. Pencil or Sketches - 20 USD ( 1 Character only )

2. Full Body Black and White - 30 USD ( 1 Character only )

3. Full Body Colour - 50 USD ( 1 Character only )

4. Full Body Colour + Background - 80 USD ( 1 Character only )

5. Pencil or Sketches - 30 USD ( 1 Character only )

6. Full Body Black and White - 50 USD ( 1 Character only )

7. Full Body Colour - 90 USD ( 1 Character only )

8. Full Body Colour + Background - 150 USD ( 1 Character only )

Additional Character to any of above from 5 to 8 will be additional of 40 USD only!


The Pink Lady by ArtGod2015A Shock by ArtGod2015A innocent Smile by ArtGod2015Blue Flame Lady by ArtGod2015Magneto by ArtGod2015
Wolverine Claw by ArtGod2015The Stare by ArtGod2015A girl in a tank by ArtGod2015Work In Progress - The Samurai Girl by ArtGod2015Innocent Stare by ArtGod2015

Please note me or email me at (My Paypal Email too).
AESTHEDDICT Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014
While your characters artworks are very impressive it is not what I am searching for. I need PIXEL ART sprites and vehicles as well as avatars, I am not searching for portraits.
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