wacom bamboo pen nibs

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To all Bamboo users out there (specifically Fun), Is it just me or does it seem like the pen nibs wear out too fast?
Is it the fault of the pen nibs? Or the paper-like surface of the tablet?
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any tips on how NOT to press hard then? ^^;
I filed mine when it got too sharp, and I think it worked. ^_^
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I like how there's no way to buy replacement nibs in Australia, so we have to pay 26bazillion dollars shipping from America land. Thanks Wacom!!!!
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Wacom nibs wear out too fast, I've been using Bamboo since a week, and the half of the first nib usuable part is almost gone.

What surprised me is only the top 7mm part of the nib is usable, even though the nib is very long actually. (Or am I wrong?)

So, yea, order some new nibs, like 12 or more :)

They will last forever.
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i've had mine for about 2 years now and the nib finally wore out and i lost my other nibs to replace it. Do u know were i can get more?
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i've had my bamboo for just a few hours, and i can already see the nib wearing like a pencil would :(

surely there's a third party company somewhere out there that can produce better and cheaper nibs than wacom?!
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Seriously >< ive only drawn like two pics n color them n ive noticed the nib is already worn down... it's not like im even pressing it that hard
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you get replacement nibs in the box. (I got three with my Bamboo Pen)

Just yank it out with the little tweezers they give you and insert a new one.

You'll more than likely be able to buy new nibs from wacom. Search the site or send them an email. :)

On a side note, yes I have noticed that the nibs were down incredibly quickly. I haven't had this bamboo for long and the nib was worn dead in a few months, compared with my old trust tablet which didn't need a replacement nib until one and a half years later.
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I have a Wacom Bamboo Touch and my pen wore out like 3 months later. It turned out that I threw away the replacement nibs because I had no clue what they were for TTATT Now, I have no idea where to buy new ones...
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I found that buying nubs really ticked me off. My pen I just used the eraser side of it. cause that doesn't wear out. Just set the secondary color to the color you want to use ^__^
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OMG, I only just noticed otnight that my pen nib was startign to wear away... I got it at christmas, and its waearing LAREADY!
Less than a month... ridiculous. and the pebs cost about £30? crazy!
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my pen nibs wear out extremely fast. i've only had my tablet for like 2 weeks and i'm on my 2nd nib.

its definitley not me pressing too hard because i press EXTREMELY light, really.


btw its a bamboo fun pen & touch
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i have a bamboo fun, and my pen nib wore down in like a week =/ are the ones you buy from the store online any tougher than the ones that come in the box? im worried that im gonna have to constantly buy more nibs!
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I got Bamboo Fun Small as a Christmas present :D I was really suprised and pleased. I've been using it (quite a lot) about 4 days now and over half of the nib is already worn out :noes: ... I'm obviously pressing way too hard or something, so I took it out in fear that I couldn't get it out if it got any shorter (There really should be some kind of button so that you could get it out and not worry if it's too short or if you can still get it out or not).

I knew there were 3 extra nibs in the packet, so I took them out and to my greatest suprise they were the exact same size as the used nib that I took out of the pen...:o I mean wth!

Should I just put the used one back in, put a new one or just buy more...??? I'm a little confused here... I think I'm just gonna put a new one in and be very, very careful with it.

Sorry about that ranting :/
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Does anyone know the dimensions or sizes for the wacom pen nibs?
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wish I could find my spare nibs,just had to order more and that cost 16 euros -w-
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I got small bamboo fun about 6 or 7 months ago and the nib has just worn out. I lost the replacement nibs so need to buy new ones. The only place I can find that sells them is the Wacom site which only deals in Euros (I'm from the uk and I work in Pounds). Worked out the prices... it works out to about £2-£3 pound on the US section of the site and £8-£9 on the European Section for the exact same thing (5 replacement nibs)... How exactly does that work?
And on top of that I'd be charged by my bank for over seas transaction. Is it so hard to charge in pounds as well as Euros?
Because frankly over £10 for 5 little bits of plastic is a little stupid.
mine came with 4 spare nibs.
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I've had my tablet for about 6 months now, and my pen nib is really worn down. I have used it quite alot but now i need to find replacement nibs, only I cannot find any places that deliever to England... Does anyone know where i can get some? (my tablet is a wacom bamboo)
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anyone have a problem with the cursor jittering onscreen?
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Late reply but
If you're using a laptop computer, then you're gonna need to unplug the power source--having the laptop hooked up can cause the power going to the tablet to be irregular and jitter.
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Unhook the USB cable, then hook it up again. Seems to fix it. Not sure what it is, but.. Hey, it works.
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mine came with what appeared to be replacement nibs, does anyone know how to swap nibs out for new ones?
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Yeh its definatly worn down on mine quickly. i had a different wacom before and never replaced the nib the whole time i had it i used to edit photos with it for a job. used it alot. yet ive probably drawn about 15 pictures with this wacom had it bout 4-5 months and its worn down much quicker!