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May 9, 2019


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DragonBall Super: Broly – anime review

TheDevilsTrick Featured By Owner May 9, 2019  Hobbyist Writer

                (So, this is me taking a shot at one of the better received anime films to come out in a while, as well as a series I do keep close to my heart, this is a review of DragonBall Super: Broly)

Summary: So, a long time ago on planet Vegeta there was this Saiyan named Broly, and he was so powerful, even as an infant, that it gave the king of this planet an inferiority complex and he had the little runt shipped off to a desolate planet to die. It didn’t work and he’s been living on said desolate world all these years being trained by his father to be a killing machine. As you can probably imagine, when the Freiza Force finally comes across and liberates him, all Hell breaks loose.

The Good: This is Broly’s story, through and through and, frankly, it works. For all that I did come here for a DragonBall movie and that does itself, generally entail, Goku, Vegeta and the rest, taking our time to actually develop a villain for once, rather than just having somebody show up with a few flunkies and essentially scream ‘hey, look at my cool new transformation’, is a very welcome change of pace. It also takes a few minutes to do some ‘revisionist history’ for the series and, I think that does help to smooth things out a bit. Admittedly this might be a tipping point for fans, but, what’s more believable, that Bardock suddenly gained psychic powers from one of his victims, or that he just had a bad feeling about a proven evil monster and chucked his son to Earth for safe keeping?

The Bad: They hit the ‘Goku is a moron’ button hard in just the first few minutes of screen time, and I mean HARD. There are no words just… He released Frieza, one of the worst villains in DB History, and didn’t give it a second thought, it… I mean… is it possible to slap a cartoon? Also, while I understand that Saiyans do essentially have dick measuring built into their DNA, after seeing Vegeta get pummeled by this guy in God Mode, why would Goku ever try to attack Broly in his base form?

Final Thoughts: While I do have a few nitpicks (like what the Hell was Bulma still doing in that lava field, why not take Broly to the planet to the Kais, why didn’t Goku go Ultra Instinct, and  why the Fuck do you keep saving Frieza), once the fighting starts, I really got no complaints. It’s a fun movie and I enjoyed it. You know, over the years it’s been kinda strange seeing the hills and valleys of this series, because, for as legendary as DragonBall has become, it aint perfect, and there’s a big heaping bowl of salt you gotta take with some of its flaws. That said, if this movie is an illustration of what this series can accomplish going forward, then I’m in, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.


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Devious Comments

izavier55 Featured By Owner May 22, 2019
They killed the manga ... Dialogues even more idiots than in the old version, reinvention of the story with Broly, scenes of sloppy fights and chaining ultra-fast scenes ... And the drawings ... My god !! ! A HORROR !!!

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Koshej Featured By Owner May 10, 2019
The one major thing I REALLY liked in this remake, is that the "waifu trope" hit the nail again, mwahahaha.
And to add a LOT of PUN to the already existing FUN - this "waifu" is none other than... no, seriously... it's... HINATA, of all waifus.
Proof: Cheelai & Hinata.
niotabunny Featured By Owner May 9, 2019
thanks to being around Son Gohan (the grandfather) for too long it made Goku more kindhearted than he should be for well anyone.  but it makes for a good story I suppose.  I was impressed how they decided to run with Broly this go around, they omitted a few things from the first, and bypassed the other two (let's face it what the heck, Bio Broly, seriously?).  at least there was a tiny bit more of Bardock and family.  also, with Frieza, it's fun to mess with him, after all look what they did to him for revenge, poof! in the DB universe you're reformed in hell or driven mad by the cute and fluffy stuff.  appears Frieza went mad based upon what he was wanting to wish for.  it's a shame about Bulma's subbed voice, RIP. overall, they did a great job with this one and I hope they make another movie.  there's an unofficial drop of another series, but nothing official yet.  it would be nice for them to break the 4th wall with Gogeta again, or maybe more fun with Goku learning Ultra... currently enjoying the Bandai move of DB Heroes however, nice change of a story with all of the DB Universes and time lines.  (it's based on the game/card franchise)
AleVesper Featured By Owner May 9, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Goku's the worst kind of moron in Super, but to be fair on the Freeza thing his hands were tied. Buu fell asleep at the worst time and they had literally NO time left to think of another member for the Tournament of Power.

So it was either that, or risk having their universe erased even further.
TheDevilsTrick Featured By Owner May 9, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
True enough, but, what about Pikon or Debora? those guys not only had a vested interest in keeping their universe alive but should have scaled to somewhere near Cell's level, or at the very least the Androids. Plus, you know, they weren't psychotic monsters.

Of course though, that's just the nitpick in me.
AleVesper Featured By Owner May 10, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Pikkon is non-canon and Dabura's "reformed" in heaven.

Plus you do know that Freeza is pretty much God tier level now like Goku and Vegeta are, right? :noes:
TheDevilsTrick Featured By Owner May 10, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
Neither was Broly, and Frieza was dead.

Plus, Dabura's ability to turn people to stone would be OP in a tournament battle.
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