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READ BEFORE POSTING - Movies and TV Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jul 1, 2018
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What Was the Core Relationship of Little Witch Academia? Zistheone
1d 52m ago
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Special Snowflake Mary Sue Heroine aspieprincess99
3d 12h ago
8 Citrus-Chickadee
2h 48m ago
Superheroes that don't have "the parent problem" Jimma1300
2w 16h ago
23 E-Ocasio
3h 18m ago
Which Studio and or Director do you think would make a great Star Wars movie/series? Shadow-Dimension
1w 3d ago
10 Akumaru13
5h 34m ago
Do you think Disney should make more shows based on their animated films? Cave-Cat-87
1d 11h ago
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10h 31m ago
Disney needs to give Gargoyles a chance already! Shadowstalker55
3w 5d ago
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10h 57m ago
Winx Club aspieprincess99
1w 4d ago
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11h 8m ago
My God..this movie JJWsmith
1d 9h ago
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11h 10m ago
Reediming Complete Monsters aspieprincess99
4d 9h ago
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11h 20m ago
Reaction to an opinion aspieprincess99
1d 18h ago
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11h 56m ago
Question about the entertainment industry JJWsmith
1w 4d ago
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12h 45m ago
A bad written redemption aspieprincess99
2d 11h ago
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1d 18h ago
Is this new movie ripping off Five Night’s At Freddy’s? Shadowstalker55
2d 19h ago
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2d 1h ago
Bad movies the internet needs to stop talking about JJWsmith
1w 2d ago
41 JJWsmith
2d 9h ago
Whats your favorite anime right now? firefledge
1m 4h ago
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2d 15h ago
Caillou has been given the axe! DaBair
1w 6d ago
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2d 18h ago
Weirdest movie you've ever seen JJWsmith
Nov 30, 2020
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2d 19h ago
Why We Can’t Get a Good Version of Dark Phoenix TheDevilsTrick
3d 13h ago
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3d 4h ago
Fictional characters that represent your life JJWsmith
5d 4h ago
7 Daladadahui
3d 10h ago
List Movie titles that has a person's name *Challenge* StarsandSpiesProject
2w 1d ago
10 Smithnikovat
3d 12h ago
Overrated and Underrated Cartoons 28118
1w 4d ago
66 BigK64
3d 12h ago
What series have you recently binged? MadrePappagallo
3w 3d ago
37 RobStrand
3d 15h ago
I have two questions for everyone here: DivineEqualizer
Sep 6, 2018
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3d 22h ago
Seen any of those Grubhub animated commercials? Enlightened-Titan
1w 4d ago
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4d 10h ago
Your first movie for 2021 TFSyndicate
2w 3d ago
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4d 21h ago
What movie were you obsessed with as a kid? Twisight
Nov 30, 2020
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5d 4h ago
What kind of movie makes you cry? Twisight
Dec 10, 2020
17 hbaf187
5d 14h ago
Is Japan REALLY superior when it comes to animation? HCShannon
2w 1d ago
34 hbaf187
6d 46m ago
Movie Title Awsomejet3D
1w 7h ago
4 BlauesSternWolf
6d 1h ago
Teenage stereotypes aspieprincess99
2w 2d ago
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6d 14h ago
Helluva Boss: Loona is more of a Husky-Wolf hybrid ShardSharp2000
1w 20h ago
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6d 18h ago
Tobey and Andrew in Spider-Man 3? GameBoyDM05
1w 1d ago
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6d 21h ago