What do You think about lastest super hero games?

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Hi there people!

A lot of people love super heroes. We have a lot of games with them last time. So why don't We talk about them?

I'm more interested about them since the Batman's Arkham series. 

I love the idea about creating some kind of ( lets call it ) simmulator of super heroes.

Batman is not the only example. Look at Spider-Man for example.

It is also worth to see the videos of Kamen Rider Memory of Heroez.

So. How do You see this kind of games? And what is Your favs?
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I mostly have been playing fanmade beat em ups made by ZVitor as I kind of think that is the best genre that can capture that theme.

Same for real time strategy games like Freedom Force which has a pretty good Marvel mod.
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Freedom Force? You know? I saw this game once and I love this silver age feeling.

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I think superhero games aren't really bringing in what we want. We want to feel... Super. Batman arkham is a great game, I love the series. But, batman is pretty much 007 if he knew kung-fu and was a better detective. It's superhuman like. But not superhero feeling. We did get the best spider-man game in history, with spider-man PS4. So much so that some of the OG spider-man developers admitted it. But, it's spider-man, it's not hard to make a good spider-man game. Plus, it's the 12th one in the past 20 years. it's not like we are at a shortage of web slinger games.

What we really need is a hulk game that makes you feel like a raging monster. Like The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction.

Or, an Iron-man/Superman like game that feels like Anthem. Where you can freely fly around and feel like your as powerful as an army of tanks.

We need a Thor game, where it plays like God of War, legend of Zelda, or Darksiders. That takes you through the nine realms. On an epic action adventure that takes from the forgotten yet epic lore of marvel’s god of thunder.

We need a Ghost rider game that plays like DMC. That takes you between the mortal realm and hell.

In short: We need a game of a superhero that’s done well, and isn’t just Spider-man, or Batman. The last one that made me feel super that wasn’t either of those two was infamous second Son. It makes you feel like your 4 different superheroes at once, while not making you feel overpowered, and it challenged you to master all your powers. It was pretty much the best X-men game ever. And it wasn’t even a Marvel game. But, sadly, that game came out 6 years ago. Making us painfully overdue for another game like it.


But, that’s just what I think.

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Your point is pretty interesting.

But if You would make a super hero game, how it would look like? I'm just curious.

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I think I would do more of a animated cartoony human like design. We're it's kind of realistic, but, it's still animated looking. Like Inhyuklee’s art, or kpetchock’s, or PatrickBrown, or even LucianoVecchio’s artwork. To give it more of a comic book look and feel to it.

Something on the lines of these:

SHAZAM! 2019
Invincible JAM
Fantastic Four
Ratchet and Aero Designs - Firefall

And, add some cel-shading and try to make it look more like the illustrations.

Mostly becuase I feel way too many comic book games try to go the ultra realistic route.Plus, it will make the game age way less if it does. Making it even more timeless.

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You're right. Cartoony style is ideal for this kind of games.

What about gameplay?

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I don't think about them at all. 

Hell, the only good one I can even remember playing is a freeware beat em up of Marvel: Infinity War. It uses 16 bit graphics and is repetitive at times (it's a side scrolling brawler after all), but was done with loads more love and care than AAA supers games and damn near every Marvel hero and villain you can think of is in there somewhere, most of them playable. 

Here's a link if you're curious. www.zvitor.com/projeto/mfa3.ht…
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Don’t forget the DC equivalent with Justice League United (which is made by the same guy)
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Yea, I've seen ZVitor's DC work, but I'm not near as much a Justice League fan.

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I saw a lot of classic super hero games and yeah, they rock.

Geez, this discussion seems to be more interesting than I expected.

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Avengers is the new Anthem, proving that games as a service is just bad business.
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My extent with super hero games was X-Men Legends on PS2 and Batman Arkham on Xbox 360. That's about it.
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I saw the videos and yes. It is a cool game.

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Yes. I also watched a review of this video game. What resource did you view the review on? For example, I did it here gammicks.com/. I constantly monitor reviews of the most popular games for the current year. Now I'm thinking about playing something new. I want it. Is there anything you can recommend for me?
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Yeah, true.

But there are cool super hero games We won't play. Like Project X for example. This game is cancelled and You can to find only 6 seconds long video material in web.

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Wow they really make you think you're like Batman!
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Batman tend to be a bit more dark, at least some of them.  the Arkham Knight arc was a bit darker than usual in my opinion, but also fun to play.  never was a Spiderman video game fan, but I do have to say the newest one coming out the graphics are outstanding, so was the previous.

I play games for free these days, rarely do I buy them (PlayStation Plus) and when I venture to PS5 I might even get the digital on demand since it appears there might not be a CD slot... but when I did play, I got a hand me down PS2 that had some Spiderman, Venom I think, and it was fun to play.  after learning and mastering FPS that's what I drift to more these days.
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Good point.

Anyway, I'm wonder what woud We get if there be more games in style of last Spidey.

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I can't speak for all of them, as the most recent superhero game I played was Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 on the Switch, but I'll still give my two cents.
With superhero movies becoming a major asset of the film industry, it makes sense that the video game industry would also try to capitalize on it. And personally, I'm all for it. After seeing a hero using incredible powers to fight bad guys on the big screen, it sounds great to play games where you get to control those same heroes (and even villains, in certain cases). In that scenario, you have control over the powers and, in a sense, control over the progression of events. Sure, there are certain plot points that are outside of your control, but you still get to decide how a majority of events play out. It's like getting to direct your own mini-movie. :D

Like I said, the latest one I've played is MUA3, and I enjoy getting to play as a large cast of Marvel characters. I also have few Spider-Man games for my old computer that I like, namely Spider-Man 2000.
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Yeah, that is a good point.

When I saw Marvel's Spider-Man for PS4 for the first time I feld that movie like power. Anyway, even Japanese seems to feel that.... I mean when I saw Kamen Rider Memory of Heroez I tough they want to make a real modern super hero game. Not another puzzle game like in Doubutsu Sentai Zyuogher cause,

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The Arkham trilogy is badass.

Spider-Man was a blast.

Didn’t play Avengers.
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I heard Avengers is not a game We would like to play.