Shirt Design Contest for re-opening


We are holding a Shirt Design Contest in honor of the re-opening of our website,

We will be posting a link for submissions, within a day or so, on the websites main page. This is a precursor to the grand re-opening of the entire site, which is nearing completion. We are looking for 3 designs to print on shirts to add to the store. The focus of the store is to choose 3 designers every month to allow them to sell a design they wish they could have printed, while showcasing their art, along with contact information. All costs are paid for, from printing to shipping, the artists will earn per sale, but will only have THREE months to do so, after which the design will be retired.

Here are the specs of the art work:

-No Gradients
-18"x18" at the largest
-4 color printing,
1 screen black for outline and detail, choose 3 basic colors to work with
-Original work only
-No company or website logos
-Must include information; Full Name, State(no address), Website Link and Inspiration.
-No more than 5 submissions per person
-Serious entries only

All artwork submitted is property of that artist, and only that artist. USELESSmayhem will print the design, only with the artists approval and the artist has the right to revoke his/her artwork at any time.

Feel free to join our Facebook by visiting the website now. Good Luck and we hope to see your entries. Check back with the site for the entry link, we will accept only the first 50 designs and will choose from those.

Thank You.
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The website had a date posted since the website has been up stating that the start date for entries was 09.01.09, today is 09.01.09.

You can now go tot he website and enter your artwork. There are some specific rules you need to go over before entering. 4 colors on white shirts, 3 colors on black shirts. Check it out and good luck! I have had an astounding amount of entries since 10am this morning.
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Can you stop bumping your thread please?
wtf? mookes asked me a question
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then learn how to use the reply button. That person most probably have no idea you even answered them.
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Im excited to enter!! but when i go onto that website, it wont let me click submit? Is there anywhere else i can send it?

We will be adding a submission form before the date posted on the site, along with filling out the fields you will be able to attach the file.

Absolutely anything can be submitted, that is practical for standard screen printing. And no gradients just yet. The art section of USELESSmayhem will be intended to try and help artists get design gigs. Showcasing portfolios for artists along with contact info.

The website in whole will be a linking of fan blogs, along with screen printing, for artists and bands, to add a bit more depth to the merchandise. It's a bit tired just seeing designs on a shirt for $20+shipping. We want to see full recognition for the designer, and a way to try and help them out with jobs, not to mention a cheaper shirt. Deviantart is a meca for artists, and I appreciate the freedom to post something like this here, at least somewhere on the website.

This contest will take place every month, but designs will be retired after 3 months of them being in the store. The more shirts that are sold in that time, the more money the designer will get, in a money order every month, for the 3 months it is sold. Pretty simple we think.

If anyone see's any faults with this system, feel free to post. We want this to be a simple, clean process.

Stay posted, updates are made frequently. We have a facebook feed that we update, search

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So the design could be anything? Awesome! Where do I send it!