Looking for Voice Actors [Male/Female to take part in Upcoming Romance Visual Novel

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Hello Everyone!

I am looking for Male/Female Voice Actors who'd be willing to Voice Act in my Upcoming Romance Visual Novel :D

The position for the Lead Male is already filled by a Previous Volunteer VA I worked with but I do need other Voice Actors to Voice the Side Characters in The Game (who have little dialogue, which is one of the reasons why I'm asking for free help.)

If you're interested, you can reach me @

Email: littlemissyotome@gmail.com

Discord: LittleMissyOtome#5903
Make sure to send me a link to your portfolio as well via Email/Discord


If you're just starting out and don't have a portfolio yet but are still interested in participating, I will send you a sample of the script as part of the audition to see whether your voice fits the role :D

Just make sure to clarify whether you're Male/Female so I can send the appropriate script :)

Thank you :D

-Little Missy Otome
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Don't really have much VA experience, but I'd love to give it a go. I'm a stage actor and a singer, if that helps. Send me a sample script please :D
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Sure ^_^

I just need to know a few things first, if you don't mind :D

1. Do you have a Discord account? (This is important because my team currently convenes on Discord and that is where I'm hosting the auditions and where I send scripts. If you don't have one, I highly suggest creating one!)

2. What's your gender? (So I can send you the appropriate script)

3. Are you able to do an American/Canadian Accent?

4. Do you currently own a mic and if so what kind? (Condenser, XLR etc)

5. Are you able to do a teenage/young adult voice?

You can answer these questions by sending me a note :D

Also an update for anyone reviewing this page.

Auditions are still open!

There are 4 spots left for Voice Acting in my game!

3 Teenage/Young adult Males and 1 Young adult Female.

As soon as the entire cast is complete, I will be closing this thread!

Thank you :)
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Sent you a request on Discord :D
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I have a cousin who does voice acting maybe you should check here out? 
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Hmm...it seems that I need to login in order to view her demo reel...

If you could tell her to send me an audio file of her demo reel to my email, I'd be more than happy to give her an audition :)

Here's my email again: littlemissyotome@gmail.com
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you guys in contact now?
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Yes, I messaged her and she's actually voicing one of my characters :D I owe a great deal of gratitude to you for referring me to 'Casting Call' I was able to find other Voice Actors for my game there, so thank you so much :)
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:grin: Great to hear that!
Also your welcome!
Glad i could help :)
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Update for anyone viewing this page


For those who inquired about auditioning, PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL/DISCORD MESSAGES!

Thank you :D
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Hello! I am interested about this. :aww:
I have a female voice, but can also do a male voice as well. I don't have any experience in any projects involving voice acting, so (hopefully) this will be my first.
If you want to hear me, please do note me and I'll send you my Discord there.

Thank you very much for your consideration. :D
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Note received! :D
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Sent a friend request on Discord :D
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Received and accepted!
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I have a female voice, and though I’m a bit new to VA stuff, I have done theater and live role playing games, and would love to start trying out more projects!

I have a handful of podfic on my AO3 if it helps, but I’d be glad to try out the script as well. archiveofourown.org/users/Book…
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Hey, thank you so much for considering to take part in my project :)

I do apologise, I was unsure how to access your audio example but I'd be more than happy to send you a sample of my script for your audition :D

Do you have Discord?

If not, could you possibly provide your email address?

Thank you :)
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Ah, yeah, they take a little clicking through... Sorry 'bout that! I do have Discord, I'll go ahead and note you my username.
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All good :D I've sent you a friend request on Discord :)
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I can do s female voice, I can sing and voice act. I haven't got to participate in a project yet so this would be my first, if u wanna hear me note me and I'll send u my discord