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February 4, 2008


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Zelda Chainloader Logo Candidates

justborn Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2008
The WiiBrew Wii homebrew community is looking for logo candidates for the soon-to-be-released Zelda Chainloader (the first tool to make actual homebrew possible). The logo will be seen by thousands. The author must release ther work under an acceptable free license.

The basic rules are:
1. No copyrighted images
2. Must include a reference to Zelda: Twilight Princess in some way

More details and the list of the current candidates are here: [link]

If you post to the wiki, make sure you leave behind a name, link, or email that you can be contacted at (a link to your devart profile works just fine).

If you are unable to figure out how to post to the wiki but want to participate, post it here or pm me and I will post it for you.

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