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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Please Read: Covid-19 Moonbeam13
Mar 30, 2020
0 N/A
READ BEFORE POSTING - Politics Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jul 1, 2018
0 N/A
Sanctuary for the Unborn LoloAlien
2d 16h ago
339 Meliran
1m 13s ago
Herd Immunity DoctorV23
2d 6h ago
115 Meliran
1m 54s ago
Guilty! Guilty, guilty guilty! AbCat
2w 3d ago
1,257 human72
2m 47s ago
An "unbiased" search engine Meliran
32m 20s ago
2 ThatWasLeftHanded
8m 5s ago
And we wonder why young boys and men turn out so screwed up.... RawAnxiety
13h 46m ago
30 DefineM3
1h 1m ago
Its a matter of fairness. pixelated2
3d 18h ago
380 ReptillianSP2011
1h 57m ago
Racial simplification and its disturbing implications blackbook668
1w 5d ago
182 blackbook668
2h 12m ago
Black History month is a sham. It takes place during February GameTrek
3d 11h ago
43 ClownHole
5h 25m ago
Sabre rattling in the English Channel and frogs cutting Jersey electricity. DumbledoreAskedCalm
1d 6h ago
19 EyeballEarth
5h 31m ago
Remote learning and charter schools have something in common. Failure. GameTrek
1d 18h ago
13 Meliran
7h 35m ago
Something's coming JJWsmith
2w 15h ago
116 Shadow-Dimension
7h 52m ago
Why is it so hard to use someone's pronouns ? 0iorn0
Apr 3, 2021
197 Shadow-Dimension
7h 53m ago
Nuclear energy - solution or another problem chtonich-quark
4d 19m ago
66 Shadow-Dimension
7h 53m ago
Well Caitlyn Jenner is running for California Governor Shadowstalker55
2d 9h ago
16 Jasesaster
11h 11m ago
Not a penny in Taxes for those making under $400,000 LoloAlien
3d 18h ago
57 crazygardener
13h 35m ago
Oklahoma legalizes murder if you use a car for it believeinya
3w 1d ago
940 wolfworths15menkey
17h 55m ago
It you think derek chauvin was innocent are you a racist? evilwraith666
2w 2d ago
241 LizzyChrome
18h 38m ago
I finally got the biggest racist on the forums to admit he is a racist... ClownHole
1w 5d ago
109 Dyscalculie
1d 3h ago
Media and the People Jinksa
3w 2d ago
324 DumbledoreAskedCalm
1d 6h ago
How do you feel about torture? 0iorn0
2w 5d ago
103 DumbledoreAskedCalm
1d 6h ago
You don't need to prove you're a good person to people who don't care. BeautifulRainofAutum
Mar 20, 2021
112 DumbledoreAskedCalm
1d 6h ago
Pornography in the U.S: Should we criminalize it? Redgra
Feb 24, 2021
434 DumbledoreAskedCalm
1d 7h ago
Cancel Culture dopename
Mar 26, 2021
438 BigK64
1d 7h ago
Just to show how Anti-Smeites eat each other? DGCinfoKitty
6d 23h ago
20 wolfworths15menkey
1d 10h ago
Olympic News Japan The-Venturers
3d 2h ago
61 The-Venturers
1d 18h ago
What do you need guns for? vonRibbeck
2w 6h ago
361 LoloAlien
1d 21h ago
there is saying make america great again, but was it great during in the time of red indians ? davae45
2d 7h ago
14 davae45
2d 6h ago
Republicans putting their hoods back on. ReptillianSP2011
1w 29m ago
431 Jinksa
2d 10h ago
Asian is not the same as Pacific Islander. They worked very hard to make that difference clear GameTrek
3d 17h ago
20 GameTrek
2d 14h ago
If you didn't belong to whatever party you belong to right now, which one would you say you would be Triagonal
6d 25m ago
26 EyeballEarth
2d 20h ago
I'll Say It Again "Drug Abuse is Leading to the Destruction of the U.S.A. StephenL
1w 1d ago
59 BaronFangerus
3d 4h ago
BLM support simple-nick
1w 57m ago
96 simple-nick
3d 12h ago
To the people defending BLM simple-nick
3d 16h ago
31 simple-nick
3d 12h ago
India clashes with China GameTrek
3d 17h ago
0 N/A
Democrats putting their hoods back on. pixelated2
1w 2d ago
170 Jasesaster
3d 18h ago
Matt Gaetz under investigation for sex trafficking Ragerancher
Apr 1, 2021
435 AgoraphobicHobo
3d 20h ago
BLM is a colossal fraud! simple-nick
3d 23h ago
99 simple-nick
3d 20h ago
The King is Dead, Hail to the King Jinksa
2w 1d ago
218 nervene
4d 12h ago