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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Please Read: Covid-19 Moonbeam13
Mar 30, 2020
0 N/A
READ BEFORE POSTING - Politics Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jul 1, 2018
0 N/A
"Remember kids...." Pencilartguy
1w 3d ago
155 Draggah-N
1m 43s ago
Megathread: President Trump Pressures Georgia Secretary of State to Recalculate the Vote in His Favo ReptillianSP2011
2w 5d ago
532 Saffireprowler
4m 7s ago
Is this real? Is Mitch McConnell supporting the impeachment of Trump? Capt-Snowflake
1w 3d ago
113 Saffireprowler
4m 22s ago
President Joe Biden denounces white supremacy squirrels-are-evil
23h 27m ago
54 Jasesaster
4m 29s ago
Conspiracy theorists... blackbook668
1d 21h ago
103 blackbook668
5m 3s ago
Capitol Riots aspieprincess99
2w 2d ago
288 Saffireprowler
5m 7s ago
Should we 25th Trump's ass if he instigate s another cue/riot? Shadowstalker55
2w 2d ago
371 Saffireprowler
5m 41s ago
Trump impeached Meliran
1w 2d ago
341 Saffireprowler
6m 56s ago
Can we please stop comparing the BLM protests to the Capitol protest? Meliran
3d 17h ago
125 ThatWasLeftHanded
19m 20s ago
Additional $1400 in Covid 19 Economic Stimulus Relief. StephenL
12h 47m ago
14 ThatWasLeftHanded
32m 12s ago
China is ready to send peace keeping force to the US through UN in case of civil war. HeiseXitelei
1w 3d ago
37 Saeter
43m 50s ago
Twitter begins to crash!!! paramount99
1w 3d ago
209 Saffireprowler
50m 3s ago
Should we charge the rioters who were arrested with treason? 0iorn0
2w 2d ago
104 Saffireprowler
59m 34s ago
Will censorship shut people up bad-squirrell
6d 20h ago
145 Smithnikovat
1h 14m ago
So, Biden is almost in power- What's your bet? eclips1s
3d 3h ago
72 valkea
3h 50m ago
Are you happy with your country's government system? thomasVanDijk
2w 2d ago
21 InvisibleSniper
5h 43m ago
Which would you choose? Armed conflict, or letting the other side rule? ShibaLoaf
1w 4d ago
840 Meliran
6h 55m ago
Biden has been sworn in! BronzeHeart92
3d 1h ago
170 BronzeHeart92
9h 45m ago
Were The Nazis Really Left Wing? JohnandJax
2w 6d ago
275 Smithnikovat
10h 43m ago
Who will swallow the Corona virus debt? The rich or the poor? Greatest-I-am
Nov 21, 2020
125 StephenL
12h 25m ago
Russians are about to riot ClumsySquid
2d 8h ago
39 StephenL
12h 31m ago
Leftists are fascists bad-squirrell
1w 13h ago
169 bad-squirrell
16h 53m ago
Mandatory boarding schools Mike-the-dabbler
3d 7h ago
36 ThatWasLeftHanded
17h 17m ago
LA ambulance instruction not transfer low survival expectation cases to hospital brianbm100000
1w 18h ago
37 brianbm100000
21h 1m ago
24 Hours Left to the End of Trump Presidency ReptillianSP2011
4d 1h ago
195 wolfworths15menkey
1d 13m ago
The Inauguration of Joe Biden, 46th President of the United States of America blackbook668
3d 2h ago
32 squirrels-are-evil
1d 29m ago
Stupid people should not be allowed to vote. ClownHole
Dec 7, 2020
755 InvisibleSniper
1d 6h ago
Blackout bad-squirrell
1w 6d ago
144 bad-squirrell
2d 1h ago
Riotous Protesters break into Capital Building Meliran
2w 2d ago
869 Smithnikovat
2d 15h ago
Support For my fellow American Patriots neighbours. TheClyonies
3d 2h ago
5 phoenixleo
2d 15h ago
A question to Trump supporters from a non American. dqube
5d 50m ago
38 Smithnikovat
2d 19h ago
Endgame blackbook668
1w 1d ago
87 EnryoAlpha
2d 23h ago
They nabbed the Duck Dynazi LizzyChrome
1w 2d ago
28 evilwraith666
3d 12h ago
Any (Political) Questions for an Atheist? WolfusPulpus
1w 20h ago
28 evilwraith666
3d 14h ago
Why do some people hate MRAs? WolfusPulpus
1w 19h ago
28 AgoraphobicHobo
3d 15h ago
To be LGBT and an MRA WolfusPulpus
1w 20h ago
136 Smithnikovat
3d 19h ago
Love the logic of this SkullsandBeauty
6d 20h ago
37 Saeter
3d 22h ago
Indulgences DoctorV23
4d 11h ago
5 DoctorV23
4d 7h ago