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READ BEFORE POSTING - Philosophy and Religion Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jul 1, 2018
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delicate subject; christian sexual activity before marriage aniue-lekhert
4d 14h ago
28 EnryoAlpha
1h 49m ago
Questions to the Atheist - faith in humanity? flipthemaster
3d 12h ago
68 extraterrestrialarts
3h 17m ago
should religion be based on FEAR ?????? KaizenKitty
1w 13h ago
23 flipthemaster
5h 42m ago
This World is a Utopia! CarpeSpirito
5d 22h ago
13 extraterrestrialarts
6h 40m ago
Is there any position other than ignosticism which can't be categorized as atheism to theism subset? ReptillianSP2011
12h 26m ago
6 saintartaud
7h 1m ago
Made in Godís image. Yuk. Not me thanks. Greatest-I-am
Jul 22, 2020
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10h 3m ago
Is America moving away from all religion or just Christianity? Capt-Snowflake
4d 12h ago
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15h 57m ago
Is God "lying" to scientists - or are scientists actually lying to everyone else instead? Koshej
3w 5d ago
197 Koshej
19h 14m ago
Witchcraft, Art whores, and house wives GameTrek
3w 6d ago
39 extraterrestrialarts
1d 1h ago
is it blasphemy to assume god's gender? aniue-lekhert
4d 13h ago
22 Koshej
1d 16h ago
What is God's purpose? Ambersbroer
2w 3d ago
38 dqube
2d 5h ago
Help! I feel like becoming a pastafarian but I don't want to! Jasesaster
1w 4d ago
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3d 1h ago
What I've come to realize about God JJWsmith
4d 14h ago
17 JessHavok
3d 6h ago
Define religion MaskedDeviantReturns
3w 2d ago
68 Koshej
3d 10h ago
How is eternal damnation justifiable JJWsmith
Nov 11, 2020
235 evilwraith666
3d 22h ago
1 Samuel 15:3 - What do Christians think? ChyouXian
Nov 11, 2020
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4d 15m ago
If we try to discover what "magic" is. It won't be magic, it'll just be named something else. Jasesaster
5d 6h ago
9 Jasesaster
4d 12h ago
The religion of a "theory". Koshej
3w 2d ago
39 PinkAndScary
5d 5h ago
Okay, could we have a talk about why Homosexuality is not actually wrong. DGCinfoKitty
2w 3d ago
132 JolyLad
5d 6h ago
What evidence is there for Young Earth Creationism? MaskedDeviantReturns
Dec 7, 2020
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5d 23h ago
Question for people who arenít Christians... TheUnstoppableTaco
Dec 13, 2020
363 Koshej
6d 20h ago