Am I the only one who don't like pasta X'D ??

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I know it's a strange & stupid question but it's important for me!
Since I'm child everyone say that I'm strange and not ''normal'' because I don't like pasta. My family, friends and even my boyfriend tell me that I'm the only one in France and even worldwide so I need to find the truth!
(Don't judge me QwQ)
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I don't really like it that much I only eat it if there is nothing else available ..... I like noodles but never pasta or spaghetti :/
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I love pasta, but if you don’t then that’s just your personal preference. Many people like pasta, so maybe that’s why they react the way they do. But you like what you like and that’s fine!
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Is it just a preference thing, or do you have a particular reason for not liking it? For example, you eat it and you have to be alone in a sound-insulated bathroom for a while afterward.
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I don't really know why I don't like it, it was always like that and I can not stand it,
you almost saw right, I isolate myself in a dark cellar to forget pasta after eating them ...
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There's 7billion people on the world... I highly doubt anybody is the "only" anything worldwide. 

That being said... I don't like pasta. It's definitely my least favourite way to eat carbs. 
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If it's any consolation I hate pasta, the texture makes me gag, the taste less so but it's... not my cup of tea to say the least.
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I love pasta.  Did someone beat you with a handful of dry spaghetti or something?
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I like pasta, but sometimes, I like eating bolognese without any pasta involvement.
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*all of Italy gasps*
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Not weird at all, I didn't eat anything like that(lasagna, gnocchi or even pizza) when I was a kid and that didn't changed much over the years.
I used to eat pasta, but I after my mom died I spent nearly two years eating only either that or noodles, so it's definitely something I avoid eating these days.
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Well I love pasta but hey if you dont thats fine eat what ya like 
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You are not alone. :no:

:paranoid: Though that may not necessarily be a good thing.
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Personally, I love pasta... But I do know several people who can't stand it. 
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I don't judge you, my dad and one of my friends don't like pasta, and I really love pasta!
don't worry for that :)
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Thanks! Nice to hear that and have the evidence that I'm not the only one whot don't like that >w<
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You're welcome, and don't let society judge you just because you don't like something, if you're happy like this, live like this