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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Please Read: Covid-19 Moonbeam13
Mar 30, 2020
0 N/A
READ BEFORE POSTING - Help with Life Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jul 1, 2018
0 N/A
I got a very terrible dream that I committed suicide, what does it mean? 😥🐗 BigBoarPH
1d 17s ago
11 Hackanvas
38m 47s ago
Everything I sketch looks so stiff and lifeless, can't complete any projects for some reason uwotm8777
4d 58m ago
19 uwotm8777
1h 23m ago
Time to say goodbye...cant handle the loss. demianlight3
3h 48m ago
1 Mike-the-dabbler
2h 28m ago
Portion control eating SkullsandBeauty
3d 4h ago
3 Djahuti
2h 38m ago
How do you deal with negative emotions? HappyMapHunter
1w 2d ago
17 Djahuti
2h 43m ago
Video Game Addiction LarkspurBetula
2d 13h ago
11 bschu
3h 12m ago
Am I a disgrace to myself and my family? Enlightened-Titan
1d 21h ago
7 anonymousyoshi
10h 35m ago
Hearing loss Olivia444
5d 12h ago
4 StephenL
13h 42m ago
I cant tell if they like me or not demianlight3
2d 5h ago
11 ShuQxx
1d 2h ago
Been in a terrible slump lately Kumikotchi
1d 12h ago
0 N/A
Drawing app for Android Tablet KatrinLouiseo24
4d 21h ago
11 MoeAngxish
1d 19h ago
How can I draw while focusing on positivity Jammabomb1992
1w 1d ago
4 Kumikotchi
2d 8h ago
Social media addiction. Redfoxbennington
1w 5d ago
13 y87glitch-896
2d 9h ago
I am trying to make friends and be more sociable but my crippling anxiety is holding me back Sylveron
3d 17h ago
2 YankeeCheesebox
2d 19h ago
I want to commit suicide, but I dont want to hurt my parents by killing myself demianlight3
3d 4h ago
5 phoenixleo
3d 57m ago
A gift for my wife MaxBME
1w 1d ago
10 Cothoga
3d 5h ago
Something like chess but more artistic afy355
3d 7h ago
0 N/A
Loneliness Katmis
Dec 13, 2020
73 Ofquillandcolor4488
3d 16h ago
Bitter and salty SkullsandBeauty
4d 4h ago
0 N/A
Disconnected KhameleonX87
6d 5h ago
9 Simon-Michael
4d 5h ago
I'm mortified from being mentally ill and losing relationships with people Jammabomb1992
1w 3d ago
11 DoctorV23
4d 8h ago
I can focus more on MF DOOM CBD Tawinkosha
4d 16h ago
-1 N/A
Which styluses do you use for painting? RoyceEstrada
5d 22h ago
2 RoyceEstrada
5d 1h ago
Anime Convention ~ Popular Anime and Video Games Throwaway4411
5d 6h ago
0 N/A
Suffering from 'mini-traumas' LarkspurBetula
2w 2d ago
6 Ouroboros-BySam
5d 10h ago
I think I broke my personality NightMongoose
2w 1h ago
5 halfredowl
6d 7h ago