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August 19, 2019


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R there people from Brazil who's of Chinese and Korean descent here on DA?

Kottylingual Featured By Owner Edited Aug 19, 2019
Ola, Brazilians, um, I really want to meet Chinese Brazilians and Korean Brazilians like this guy on yutube met these 2 so I am badly and desperately wanted to meet those Brazilians of these 2 kinds of ethnic Asian ancestries, just the Korean and Chinese descent I have a thing in common to show them something special of Chinese and Korean fused in with Brazilian art, it was my goal to meet them here on this site, but the j do not ever mention it, it irritates me, but I do not hate it, but it is just not my thing, becus I like Brazilian culture, Korean culture and Chinese culture, bcus I am Korean born Ukrainian that my birth country, since as a baby my parents from Ukraine move to South Korea, before I was born and moved to the USA when I was a baby so I never get to know fluent Korean, but it's cool Ukrainian and Korean sounds so close, but realizing China is a big country like Brazil and Korea is small, but bordered by China.

So if your from Brazil and if ur Chinese or Korean descent Brazilians, I'd be happy to meet u, since I only saw on yutube, but I saw a couple users that said in Portuguese r of Chinese descent on their comments and my friend that has yutube can't contact them if they have DA, becus yutube took away the messaging ability and never found any Korean descents?

Anyways, I know how to say Chines or Chinesa and Coreano or Coreana, it's cute they both start with the letter C while Brazilian starts with a B its like A in Anjinho/ha then Brazilian Chines-Coreano, hehe, cute match order!

If your Portuguese descent, could u, please let me know people from Brazil if u have any Chinese Brazilian or Korean Brazilian friends, I'd be happy to meet them too if they have DA so I could show them my goal of my works, please help get me contacts to Chinese Brazilians or Korean Brazilians here on DA?

I tried for 2 years when asking some Brazilians if they r Chinese or Korean born in Brazil, but never had luck to find them yet, so sad!

I only want no discussions on the j, just the Chinese or Korean population of Brazil ok, please appreciated, becus I don't need to read of it, again, bcus I did know?

As I edit, I hope I'll have the luck to meet Chinese or Korean Brazilians this time.

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