Stop dissing otakukin, I am one.

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This is one "prefix-kin" thread too many I'm afraid... :)
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Are the influx of these compaints due to the recent article at
Seriously though, people really shouldn't have an issue. The amazing thing about people is that we can believe whatever they want.
Some beliefs are just "weirder" in the world's perspective.
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Super saiyan insanity, Batman.
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...Lol. Sorry to hear about Osamu

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I'm Kouichi Kimura us Digimon characters need to stick together LMFAO
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aw twas all in good fun let me live a lie LOL
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......But i'm ken..........
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ooh I smell a bitch fight between you and the other Ken

I will stand here watching because I'm passive kitty boy Kouichi LOL

I'll tell you what the difference between believing in a Christian God, or hell, even believing you have the soul of an animal (though $10 says that EVERYONE who reckons they have the soul of an animal goes for something cool, it's all DRAGON!!!111 UNICORN!!!1111 WOLFSISTAH!!!111, most of them are probably just play-acting).

If you really, truly do believe that you have the soul of an animal reincarnated or whatever, fine, animals are part of the natural order, it's just an extension of the reincarnation concept to include all creatures. I'm a little freaked, because it's new to me, but not overly concerned.
Christianity, the whole God thing, does not bother me at all, because a lot of it is, so far in my experience, symbolic moral teaching, a lot of it seems to be human stuff, stuff we can relate to to an extent in some fashion.

But wtf? You believe you have the soul of an anime character. Right. Okay, I could understand if you believed that every product of the artist's imagination is incarnate in a living being. Hell, in at least one sense that is true, although whether it's the artist's actions that make the incarnation, or the incarnation that breeds the actions is arguable. It's an interesting possibility.

But Anime Characters? Just Anime Characters? What, exactly, makes Anime so special? What makes these particular characters so much better than any other character that could be incarnate in a living being.

OOOOHHHHH!!!! WAAAAIIIITTTT!!! I just looked at your gallery!

So, that's why! Your artform must be superior to others, only it is COOLAWESOMEWICKEDFUN enough to actually posess people's bodies in some way?

I mean, I'm all for open mindedness in terms of people's beliefs. But let's face the facts here, while bearing in mind that I have no religion myself. I am agnostic.

Christianity: Strong basis on human action and morality

Otherkin: Strong basis on nature, the Aboriginal Australians had similar things going on, with totems and dreamtime legends. I can understand that.

Roman Catholocism: Inherently strong basis on human morality, arguably twisted by organised power structure. The same may apply to Christianity, though it is a smaller religion.

Islam: See above.

Otakukin: Well, from what I can see, it has very little basis on morality, and every basis on illogical fanboydom.

Thankyou, and goodnight.
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Hey, you know...whatever tickles your pickle.

I'm down with whatever anybody wants to do or believe, its the ones who insult it, whatever it may be, who have issue's.
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...Honey, Sailor Moon was invented by a Japanese woman named Takeuchi Naoko. It was a cartoon, not a documentary.

And you are who you are. Not a fictional character that was made to entertain kids on Saturday mornings.
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:roll:'re -how- old ?

You're going to die a basement-bound virgin...grow up.
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You'll grow out of it, or wind up in a crazy house.
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You know, this whole ordeal wouldn't be HALF as bad if you guys (I know YOU didn't come up with the term, I mean these types in general) had come up with something less retarded to call yourselves as "otakukin." :|
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Okay, good for you. Whatever.
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I am sticking with the fact that somehow, I'm a car! I don't know why... But I am. -hit fist on desk-

Nobody respects the inanimate objects!

(I'm kidding, but if I wasn't, worry for my remaining sanity.)
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Alright, I'm willing to accept that it's possible that there could be an infinite number of universes out there, mostly because I can't prove anything one way or another. I'm even willing to accept that it's theoretically possible that a number of these universes could be identical to those in movies, cartoons, whatnot. Though honestly, I have to wonder...are the anime universes full of two-dimensional, physics-defying people with impossibly huge eyes? Are they animated? Just a thought.

Also, can you explain more about the souls-crossing-between-universes bit? Surely, if this Ken character truly exists in another universe, wouldn't his soul be there and not inside your body? And if it has crossed the boundaries of time and space to be born as you, does that mean that somewhere, in some anime dimension, there's a Ken lying around catatonic without a soul? Or alternatively, is there a Ken body with you inside? This is getting complicated.

To be honest, I really have no problem with you believing what you like. I personally believe that some people are born with a certain need for a religion/faith/belief system that makes them feel special in some way. I'm not saying that you do this consciously, but maybe that's just how your brain was wired to work. Anyway. I simply feel that if you question your thinking thoroughly, you'll find some gaps in it. Until then, I hope you're happy with this belief of yours.
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Balls, I screwed my tags again. So much for competence... :slow:
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No one cares if you think you're Pikachu or Spongebob or whatever D:< Stop making these counterthreads!
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Just.. no. Never again, okay?
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How's this: You're all fucking nuts.

Listen you stupid angsty brat. Ken Ichijouji is a character. Made up. He never existed 'in another universe'. He's just a figment of a writer's imagination. You are obsessed and very, very stupid. You need psychological help and I urge you to get some.
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*looks at your sig* I wonder what brought that about....