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September 3, 2019


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Dear System Admins, Please Permaban Zachosau

kohsayo Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2019
While I am 95% sure that this problem I am writing about will not actually be dealt with, I felt that I should at least write about this and voice a complaint I've had for a while.

A DA User by the name of "Zachosau" has committed art theft AND has admitted to being a pedophile.

Zachosau has committed art theft on 3 separate occasions, the first time I brought this to the admin's attention; they took down the work he stole. However, the admin's have not responded to the second or third accounts of his art theft; I have notified the original owners of the artwork in question but have yet to hear back from either of them.

The stolen artworks:

Now onto the second subject which I'm sure everyone reading has likely considered more important. Zachosau has made a comment supporting pedophilia as seen in this link:…

So, let's review that comment thread. Zachosau, a public individual has publicly made multiple statements where he supports pedophilia, they are appalling, and he stands by those statements.

So, naturally the question is "Why don't the system admins just permanently ban him?". It would make sense to do so, and naturally be the right thing to do. Pedophiles are naturally bad for a business, and since Zachosau doesn't have a Core Membership, DA literally wouldn't lose a penny throwing him out. Keeping him on this site will only have negative effects for DeviantArt as a business.

So, if any DA Admins are reading this; based on the evidence that I have presented, I ask that you please strongly consider permanently banning Zachosau from DeviantArt.


Devious Comments

Pakaku Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2019
Hi kohsayo

We appreciate your participation in our forums, but there are certain discussions which we feel are not appropriate for our public forums and threads which consist mainly of complaints or gossip involving other people are one of those subjects, and your thread here qualifies as such.

We’ll be closing your thread and we hope you understand the reasoning. In the future if you feel the need to discuss matters involving other individuals I’d suggest that you keep our site etiquette policy in mind and make use of your personal journal rather than our forums.
HeiYuBai Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dissonant-Wasteland Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2019  Hobbyist Artist
File a report yourself, and shut this thread down; callouts are against the rules.
Lilyunad Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2019  Student Digital Artist
Polar--Tang Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You should contact the helpdesk about this issue. The complaints forum isn't for reporting problems, it's just for venting. DA staff don't read the posts made here.
RachBurns Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This isn't where you get in touch with the admins, I'm afraid. They've just made it harder and harder to get in touch with them...someone'll have a link with more direct access, I'm sure. (Sorry that I don't have it!)
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