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July 1, 2018


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READ BEFORE POSTING - Complaints Forum Rules

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Bullet; Red Before posting in the forums, please read FAQ #801: Are there any rules for the Forums?. If you require assistance with the rules, please contact the help desk.

Bullet; Red If you require help with DeviantArt, please do not post a thread in the forums. Threads asking for help will be closed and you will be re-directed to Need HELP with DeviantArt? Read this!

Bullet; Red Wondering why your thread has been closed? Please read FAQ #51: Why do my threads keep getting closed? Or please contact the Support Team.

Star! The Complaints Forum is the place to vent frustration in a manner that allows for discussion. As the forum description says, don't expect things to change!

Bullet; Red Please provide appropriate information within your complaint in order to promote discussion.

Bullet; Red We reserve the right to close threads with large amounts of trolling/flaming.

Bullet; Red If you are looking for friendly advice and support, please post in the Help With Life Forum.

Flame If you are new to this forum, we strongly advise you to lurk before posting until you are familiar with the customs and behaviour of this forum.


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