Please help me, I'm getting harassed by thirdwave feminists!

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So about two dozen women jumped on me because I'm pro-life and won't stop threatening me, cursing me out and spamming my page.

They have threatened to shove a cactus up my ass, cut off my dick and balls, force me to drink their period blood and much more.

On top of that, they have been accusing me of being a rapist, saying that I abuse my wife and even accused me of wanting to sexually abuse an anime girl because I uploaded a picture of her in a bikini in a parody journal.

They've also been sexually harassing me because they THINK they can get away with sexual harassment because they're female. They've been asking me for sex in a sarcastic, taunting way, they've been discussing what my penis tastes like and one even said she fapped to the idea of me getting raped by body builders.

They've been recruiting new women to harass me by the day by spamming a photoshopped comment where I say that I want rape to be legalized. They made me lose a great friend this way and made an alternate account making fun of me, as well as offensive memes with an ugly drawing of my face.

Please, I don't want rape to be legalized and I don't hate women. I'm only pro-life, is that really so bad? Do I really deserve all this abuse just because I don't support the mass slaughter of babies? People didn't treat the World War 2 vets this way after they stopped the Nazis from mass slaughtering the Jews.

These women are nothing but a bunch of disgusting sluts. You wanna know what I really said about legalized rape? I said that it should be legal to rape sluts because it's their fault rape is a problem to begin with. But I don't think that rape should be legal unless it's against your spouse or a slut.

Please, ban all these women!
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I don't doubt that some of these crazies would say those things...
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"These women are nothing but a bunch of disgusting sluts. You wanna know what I really said about legalized rape? I said that it should be legal to rape sluts because it's their fault rape is a problem to begin with. But I don't think that rape should be legal unless it's against your spouse or a slut."

- OP

but surely the women are the crazies :lol:
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I said that's something thirdwave feminists might say, I didn't say I knew the whole story behind OP's post or thought he couldn't possibly be trolling...
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so you're just a fucking idiot, okay then :la:
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Um, no, and I don't think you have a right to insult me. You don't even fucking know me. Fuck off. 
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or you just don't read before you comment. Okay.
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Can you give me links to what images in my gallery are fap material like you said they were?
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Well, she's a submarine... Submarines in Kantai Collection wear swimsuits...
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"Submarine"? Is that some kind of vore fetish?
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Submarine as in ship. Military, Navy.
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And people ride along in her tummy?
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no one rides her. Kantai Collection is just the ships and submarines of WWII as humanized girls.
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I'll repost my comment here that I wrote in reply to what you left on my wall:

Let's not consider the inherent violations of bodily integrity and ethics for now. Even looking at the practical elements of this, it's totally absurd.

Well, one, it's extremely vague. For example, what constitutes "reasonable"? Also, how would you actually account for and measure these variables? More than five men in the last year? There's no national fuck registry. Moreover, even assuming you somehow managed to establish a way to keep track, this system requires that men be complicit with your system. Lots of men want to fuck women and have women be able to openly fuck them without being subjected to the threat of rape by other men. Which means many people will not help with reporting how who they've fucked. Are you going to investigate everyone all the time? Fine men for not reporting that they've slept with a certain woman? This requires literally omniscience which is impossible. Even if it were possible, it would be a violation of 4th amendment privacy protections.

Limiting what people can wear in public is also a direct first amendment violation. Punishing an individual for exercising a constitutional right ain't gonna fly.

Point is, you and I both know this shit is absurd on its face and at its core. But even the implementation would be fucking impossible to keep track of.

Hell, even throwing out the constitution and all general regard for any sort of human rights, this plan is still dumb as fuck. Attempting to define and track all these parameters is literally impossible. The costs of maintaining records alone is absurd. What's the cost benefit analysis here? Why do you hate sluts? Because they aren't fucking you?

I promise you that there are lots of men out there who stand to gain a lot from the fact promiscuous women exist, and they are definitely NOT gonna be on board with this. I know some dudes who regularly are banging like 4-5 chicks. You know, studs who can get sex without rape. They like knowing they got it good.

How can you hate sluts, man? Because men who are getting laid a lot definitely love em too.

But yeah, although I find this thread amusing, and I can respect the troll effort, this is some dumb weakass policy. Societies have had way more efficient systems in place for essentially delegating women as chattel and ensuring that "sluts" were severely disincentivized from sleeping around. Get real man. Old fogies been at this game a long time and have had centuries long systems that accomplished your goal with way more efficiency.

I guess, have a llama for effort?
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Yeah, he sounds like teenage "edgelord" who hasn't discovered Reddit yet.
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Oh, I know. It's kind of entertaining. :P
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Was there ever any doubt? 
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yes several people tried to convince me that he was legit
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Holy cow...

Well, you *can* ban them from your page, and report them.  No, you aren't bad for that; I'm pro-life too, and I'm a woman.  :)  

Those ladies have serious issues,  x_x;;;
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are u stupid or what. he wants to legalize rape and that has nothing to do with being pro-life.