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READ BEFORE POSTING - Complaints Forum Rules Moonbeam13
Jul 20, 2021
0 N/A
I hate my phone Shadowmallow
9h 25m ago
15 Chomolongma-8848
11m 18s ago
the AI thread planetmusic
2d 6h ago
21 HeartburnDragon
33m 28s ago
giving users the ability to self lock forms was a mistake tigerchomped
10h 53s ago
6 Pinky0885
1h 27m ago
Why Does Deviant Art Want Us to Leave? keiku
2d 20h ago
36 StardiotRS
1h 40m ago
What is your opinion on monetizing AI art? digitalnitemare
1d 22h ago
67 Mirria1
2h 56s ago
The surge of spammers for the last several days on this website is insane! Username-91
1w 2d ago
10 Username-91
3h 48m ago
Is it me or the DA images not loading AffinityDinaur
1d 6h ago
17 AffinityDinaur
4h 3m ago
The website and the home page have gotten progressively worse for the last two and a half years. Username-91
3w 4d ago
65 Redfoxbennington
10h 9m ago
Why the fuck is Japan still so goddamn gung ho about COVID?! mashedburgerpatties
22h 4m ago
31 shirokabocha56
10h 50m ago
DeviantArt owes artist for stolen content for AI DarkRubyMoon
15h 57m ago
12 Shadowmallow
10h 55m ago
The Filthy Monster called JYNX KabelPodtehPony
4d 16h ago
14 AProperCat
14h 25m ago
I am judgemental for not watching something where the plot doesn't interest me. Wonderful-Unknown
14h 28m ago
1 Wonderful-Unknown
14h 28m ago
I'm so fucking sick of Florida... WLHcomics
4d 12h ago
37 WLHcomics
14h 43m ago
"wIitE pEoPle aRe tHe leaST rAcist grOup Out thERe" LillieBlushing
2d 19h ago
13 FleetLeaderDanny
15h 46m ago
This whole website is folding in on itself and it probably already has Cyborg-Samurai
2w 2d ago
88 electricjonny
18h 1m ago
My art is being wrongly tagged as mature phenomenom9
1w 2d ago
29 Kinola14
19h 4m ago
They're Their and There TheRealInsignation
1w 18h ago
47 Cerberus-Chaos
19h 57m ago
Tired of defective DVDs sold by movie and tv business. StephenL
1d 12h ago
6 EmperorSeverne
19h 57m ago
Photo realistic art no thanks ktrimm
1d 20h ago
15 CapnDeek373
20h 17m ago
Please be carful of AI artists. Lewdicous
Oct 13, 2022
131 he4rt-br34k
21h 57m ago
This century’s “Woke” craze started in 2005, still feels like 2005 planxtafroggie
4d 21h ago
4 planxtafroggie
22h 40m ago
mature content CapnDeek373
1w 6d ago
70 Username-91
23h 19m ago
Ryan Kaji might end up as the next Christopher Robin Milne. NinGemTitan
1d 7h ago
3 NinGemTitan
1d 26m ago
Don't take this offense and parden my language but... FleetLeaderDanny
1d 18h ago
11 Cerberus-Chaos
1d 45m ago
Topic with high budget commission... DIXI-DA
1d 12h ago
4 kokamugithu
1d 10h ago
DreamUp is godawful CHWArt
1w 4d ago
87 electricjonny
1d 12h ago
fuck y'all tigerchomped
4d 13h ago
33 Ludw11ng
1d 12h ago
Creative Commons license not recognized by search engines micmul23
1d 19h ago
1 micmul23
1d 19h ago
I blame Zack Snyder for the DCU dialogue we have today planxtafroggie
1w 21h ago
20 Judge-Jeege
1d 23h ago
Paper ballots suck imo princesweetheart
2d 18h ago
9 Cerberus-Chaos
2d 53m ago
Lord Frieza deactivated DumbledoreAskedCalm
3d 21h ago
22 LillieBlushing
2d 2h ago
Want to report this upload bug. Please fix. JMVergara
2d 5h ago
1 JMVergara
2d 5h ago
Now I truly do hate Elon Musk like I hate a Certain Troll! AProperCat
1w 4d ago
43 Scorbuniis
2d 11h ago
The state of the deviantArt mobile app on Android is terrible. Symbolosis
6d 16h ago
9 GothicSimmer
2d 17h ago
Saying all white people are racist is far from the best way to stop systemic racism. LillieBlushing
1w 3d ago
31 kokamugithu
2d 21h ago
Uploads are randomly marked as "Mature Content" deltahike
3d 22h ago
7 Shiariakyia
3d 4h ago
Comment bugs(again)(again) Barricade379
3d 16h ago
4 electricjonny
3d 14h ago
I’m becoming more skeptical Gscribbles
5d 5h ago
32 BeautifulRainofAutum
3d 22h ago
Not Tagging AI Art SirMykahel
4d 41m ago
3 YeaBB
3d 23h ago