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READ BEFORE POSTING - Complaints Forum Rules moonbeam13
Jul 20, 2021
0 N/A
Refused service at subway! WTF?! MysteryPotatoCat
11h 2m ago
13 Crocula
9m 50s ago
Library computers are way too bright! DaBair
25m 47s ago
0 N/A
Hollywood's blacklist at it again TheCunningCondor
2h 20m ago
5 TheCunningCondor
1h 5m ago
Pearl clutching hypocrites. Shadowmallow
3d 12h ago
39 LeapingLela
1h 43m ago
noah schnapp is right, zionism is sexy Prodigiouscheese
1d 21h ago
14 Cerberus-Chaos
1h 58m ago
Someone fappping to all of this death and destruction LizzyChrome
1w 11h ago
44 AmanhaTalvez
3h 50m ago
PeaTos and Pumpernickel Shadowmallow
3d 16h ago
34 Cerberus-Chaos
5h 12m ago
AI Activity Control TheArtmancer
1d 16h ago
10 EyeballEarth
6h 42m ago
Erratic tagging ruins search p3rsh1ng
5d 5h ago
6 EyeballEarth
6h 44m ago
Which is better PC's or Consoles.. BouncAI
2w 8h ago
68 EyeballEarth
6h 47m ago
White girls latest obsession BattyBrainz
5d 10h ago
26 EyeballEarth
6h 52m ago
Periods LizzyChrome
1w 2d ago
40 maison983
7h 22m ago
Weak People Meliran
3d 15h ago
50 maison983
7h 26m ago
Rock spiders offended by characters in disney movies. Shadowmallow
13h 19m ago
4 zpnn
8h 10m ago
Christmas decorations being whipped out early talentlessfiend
2d 10h ago
14 MelianMarionette
12h 42m ago
Blocking Woke Inquisitors is not snowlfakey, hypocritical or anti-free speech MelianMarionette
2d 2h ago
27 MelianMarionette
13h 2m ago
Recent banning of longtime artist without notice addfavsearch
Sep 26, 2023
81 addfavsearch
15h 27m ago
I need affirmation too! It's either affirmation or it's bigotry! Gimbletrix
19h 36m ago
15 Hexofthelivingdead
15h 36m ago
Been on YouTube for 12 years with no problem but banned twice in last month. FairyOfRainbows
3d 16h ago
31 Antonella-N-Art
15h 40m ago
i just paid off that fucking car fanged--prince
2d 16h ago
20 fanged--prince
16h 12s ago
Can we ban people for hate and discrimination? BeautifulRainofAutum
3w 2d ago
148 Hexofthelivingdead
16h 57m ago
The Truth about Racism Kahrahk
2w 4d ago
39 ShinigamiOokamiRyuu
23h 46m ago
The algorithm has become self aware planxtafroggie
1d 16h ago
4 aqdrobert
1d 9m ago
Mosquitoes and flies should be banned Shadowmallow
6d 13h ago
37 ShinigamiOokamiRyuu
1d 36m ago
Two-Factor authentication behind a subscription Alilexx
4d 6h ago
6 ShinigamiOokamiRyuu
1d 40m ago
Turkey Day WeSwersOnThePreshis
1w 2d ago
17 The-Warlock-King
1d 44m ago
Pan au chocalat is soo tasty. BouncAI
1w 3d ago
18 Wonderful-Unknown
1d 1h ago
Who else loves PeeS. BouncAI
3d 6h ago
13 BouncAI
1d 8h ago
What did they do to front page browsing? CrookiNari
3w 2d ago
35 CrookiNari
1d 12h ago
Skibidi toilet lagoon-car
3d 1h ago
15 MisterPSYCHOPATH3001
1d 13h ago
The Seventh Layer of Hell LizzyChrome
6d 14h ago
14 MisterPSYCHOPATH3001
1d 14h ago
Names are hard. Shadowmallow
5d 12h ago
20 Scorbuniis
1d 14h ago
Smug elitist liberan wokey wokawokewokes are BouncAI
3d 5h ago
16 Shadowmallow
1d 15h ago
Yes I will be triggered BattyBrainz
2d 14h ago
2 SpaniardWithKnives
1d 15h ago
Oh look. The Chief minister of the woke police is upset. BouncAI
2d 1h ago
7 Shadowmallow
1d 15h ago
Putrid Stain on Autopy's BouncAI
5d 18h ago
13 Cerberus-Chaos
1d 20h ago
Ads, on PAID, PREMIUM subscriptions. EmperorSeverne
Sep 2, 2023
55 MelianMarionette
2d 3h ago
When Racists don't even get a taste of their own medicine... BouncAI
3w 1d ago
97 Kahrahk
2d 4h ago
Found an Article About Teaching Nowadays; What Are Your Thoughts? Kinola14
2w 1d ago
9 WeSwersOnThePreshis
2d 14h ago