If you are going to leave because of the AI stuff . . .

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. . . Just delete all the images in your gallery and upload an image saying why you left. It is going to make more of an impact that just deleting your account entirely.

Make it clear why you left instead of letting it look like you were banned.
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I thought you would have taken our side, DeviantArt. But you don't protect us, our art, art in general and you also made your personal AI generator. 
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Part of DA's service terms with its users requires DA maintain backups of server content for the sake of just basic service continuity in the event of service failures. Now, while you're free to delete the entirety of your gallery visible to other users through your profile, they will still have backups of that media on their servers for sometime thereafter.

The better strategy would be to accept that the contents of your gallery hosts what is functionally compromised media. If you're a professional, whether full-time or part-time, just get better in using your gallery as a tool to market your skills and work to potential employers, clients, and customers. Take your anger and find ways to use it productively to benefit yourself. Let it motivate yourself to generate an income with your work sufficient as to break away from free-mium websites like DA and develop your own while maintaining your connections with the other creative minds you've come to know here.
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A lot of AI ‘art’ is nightmare fuel 
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that's pretty much what i just did (and intended to do for about a week now)

at least for me, it was never really about leaving. it was moreso about just getting my art off of here. whether or not i have an account won't really change much. also i still wanna interact on forums lol

funniest part was when i moved almost everything into storage and uploaded an art to serve as "where i'm at" post, i got a badge for uploading 2 things... as if i hadn't had like 50 deviations before lol
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I hate AI art but real art will always live on, don't fear friends.
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AI Art is the worst thing ever existed.
I heard someone decided to upload deviations with unchecked "Not authorized for inclusion in third-party AI datasets" that contains MSPaint shitposts and Penises (or other things that violate the rules).Problem? 
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Sounds like they're trying to ruin the AI. Instead, they're ruining DeviantArt.
The way I see it, we have three options - fight the people who call the shots on DA, learn to live around it, or just leave.
Frankly, it's all the obscenity that's driving me away from DeviantArt faster than AI. The Nov 11th bombshell of the whole "opt out" fiasco was the nail in the coffin. At least, they "fixed" that. Now, if they'll just enforce mature filters we might be able to stanch the flow of people leaving. But if they're not going to enforce the rules, we'll probably continue to lose people. Over 9k users have joined InkBlot in the past week. They have strict rules about mature content and don't allow AI. I will probably be going there myself if DA doesn't get their act together in the coming months.
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I'd like to be okay with living around it and for the most part I am trying to learn to (you kind of have to since it doesn't look like it's going to go away). It's the theft part that bothers me. Especially the art style theft. That's what broke it for me. Now I'm at a crossroads on what I should do. This might sound silly, but I haven't drawn anything at all since this thing went down. I just feel empty.
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Doesn't sound silly at all. When I saw that "opt out" requirement, I felt like I'd been gut-punched. Suddenly, all my hard work was fodder for someone else's money-maker, and DeviantArt led the charge. I'm not exaggerating when I call it a "bombshell" because it was like the virtual equivalent of having a shell explode in your face, and from friendly fire, no less! A lot of us are in shock, some more than others. Feeling numb and empty is a very normal reaction.

I'm fortunate that I was already taking stuff offline with the intention of turning my hobby into a source of revenue. This just reinforced that decision.

If you want to talk, you can reach me through that chat button on my page. I'd be happy to give you some ideas. :hug:

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There's nothing worse than being betrayed by a so called friend. That's what it feels like, bottom line.

Thanks for the offer of chat and being so understanding, I appreciate it a lot! ☺️ It's hard not to think I'm overreacting sometimes, especially since I'm not a big artist around the internet and only do my art as a hobby at the moment. I know there's people who are worse off from this whole ordeal and I really feel bad for them.

I like to think in the end that real art and artists will prevail.

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Ironically, I think it's the hobbyists who are hurt more by this than the professionals. Professionals usually have their own website and the time and resources to have multiple avenues. Hobbyists generally don't have a whole lot of spare time. It's a hobby, something to do on the side between work and other responsibilities. Now, you suddenly have to use that time to search for another website instead of doing something you love, forcing your entire day to be taken up with work. It's exhausting! And downright soul-sucking, if you ask me.
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That's totally true. When AI art first started to rear it's deformed head, it was that that I worried about the most. I'd mustered up the courage to perhaps start trying to do some commission work with my spare time, which I saw as both a new challenge and a way to make a little extra money on the side.

Than AI started to happen and my immediate, disheartened thoughts were, "Why would anyone want me to draw something for them when they could just make something themselves with this new technology using a few minutes and a few words and not have to pay anyone?" Not that I was 100% sure I wanted to do commissions but I was willing to give it a go and the AI put a damper on that.

On the brighter note, I actually sat down and did some artwork yesterday. Something I'm pretty happy with and am going to continue working on over the course of the week. This whole ordeal made me temporarily forget what I love about just doing what I do and it felt pretty damn good to sit down and draw again after what, like coming up 3 weeks? It gives me hope that we'll get through it.

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Also, if you are planning to stay and continue uploading artwork, I think it is a good idea to disable the "share on social media" button on your deviations. It's all talk and rumors but it seems that the Pinterest gets scraped for data a lot.
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Good idea! I'll get on that. Thanks for the suggestion! :hug:
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I have wondered why as of late I notice a lot of artwork seen here no longer has a description of what type of graphic arts software was used to create the image.    Years ago the majority of images posted had a mention of what the artist used to create the finished work such as; Photoshop, Painter, Art Rage, or any other.    Is it possible that no one provides that information since they are no longer using digital painting or other graphic arts programs to describe their displayed works, instead AI?
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I stopped doing it  after websites started to ask hashtags, and if you post more than one place, the constant this and that  started to wear out. You have limited tags and no one seemed to care what software was used.  Prior, when categories were things I even said what camera I used to take photos.

Only place I see people bother with tools still is Artstation as there is  drop-down menus for it.
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back when I used to scan my drawings the Scanner Data was embedded in the image itself and DeviantArt would pick up on that data to add to the description... it would be a cool feature to have if Digital Art software such as Photoshop or Clip Studio did the same IMO

ImageDataWhenScanned by AppiusDraw  
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That would be a really good feature. It will also work to answer really frequent questions artists receive. ^^
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thanks man , i think i will be doing that too, really ugly what DA is doing 
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That's not gonna solve anything, you are letting AI win.. Ai will be on all sites in the matter of time so it's pretty much pointless to delete everything because of AI, like I understand why people hate it but leaving isn't gonna solve anything. 
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i made a separate account to enjoy ai and ran out of prompts. ai is fun 
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Guilttripping me to delete my 1800 deviations manually?! I have better things to do. It's not about ai crap. It's about the business malpractice which I am not going to approve of. If me getting deactivated upset at least 10 people out of 900 watchers I had, then I say my work here is done.
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Is there a way to permanently mass delete your gallery or do you have to go one-by-one and delete them?