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General Art Forum Rules Moonbeam13
Sep 22, 2020
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'Official' Pricing Your Commissions or Artwork Thread phoenixleo
Jan 8, 2014
704 DancesJT
Oct 31, 2016
'Official' Artist's Block Thread phoenixleo
Oct 8, 2012
436 RoseFromSin
Oct 27, 2016
How should I respond to the artist I can't commission? Zeta-Gundam-Z
8h 48s ago
7 Zeta-Gundam-Z
51m 40s ago
Backgrounds and shading? nervoushorse
1d 2h ago
6 Wonderful-Unknown
1h 22m ago
Is it wrong to draw other people's characters without asking them? bunbuttwithbuttsauce
2w 1d ago
31 Karren-san
2h 3m ago
What art things do you hate? JulianIvoRobotnik
Dec 14, 2020
122 Karren-san
2h 4m ago
My very first Satire art. TheClyonies
2h 10m ago
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Do you only draw from imagination or look at references when necessary? beebrushes
3d 15h ago
43 ThePurpleShogun
2h 21m ago
how did you chose you online username? ArcantBleizez
1w 4d ago
99 Karren-san
2h 24m ago
What do you guys think is easier/harder to draw Men or Women? Shadow-Dimension
1w 3d ago
22 YoureAllreadyDead
3h 18m ago
Need recommendation for product that can seal watercolours on fore-edge painting Kale-Night
11h 17m ago
1 waitthk
4h 15m ago
Your opinion on dollmakers/base art? DaBair
1w 5d ago
12 JolyLad
4h 26m ago
Mixed media - what art mediums do you like to mix? Mrs-Durden
8h 59m ago
4 Robo10ND2
4h 46m ago
Alternatives to toyhouse? PlantFeathers
4d 12h ago
7 RatchetJak
7h 14m ago
Any one have any art goals for 2021? Lissie023
2w 4d ago
76 AndreNitro
7h 17m ago
Ways to take commissions as a minor? octofi
12h 25m ago
1 octofi
11h 18m ago
Does anyone know a good animation program i can download? Miss-Ayyy
3d 11h ago
2 LoserLemur
11h 21m ago
Is it my fault this DA group leader WENT OFF on me? ximenapaints
11h 49m ago
1 ximenapaints
11h 22m ago
did DA change the way it counts/displays views? mel4nk0i
Dec 3, 2020
159 mel4nk0i
11h 42m ago rovakrivrnvia
15h 35m ago
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1d 17h ago
12 strazi
16h 55m ago ElizabethLacros
18h 39m ago
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Commission, adoptable and other opportunities? waitthk
22h 45m ago
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Offer@>> salmankbneha
1d 8m ago
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Just by curiousity, do you prefer comments or likes? ArcantBleizez
2w 9h ago
128 Sceptersage
1d 4h ago
Studying composition - artists / technique recommendations DCircles
4d 8h ago
10 RobotElixa
1d 6h ago
Losing hope in my art... LarkspurBetula
5d 9h ago
18 DCircles
1d 8h ago
What are some good groups here on DA to share NSFW art? meruudraws
1d 10h ago
1 meruudraws
1d 9h ago
Ipad pro for drawing (please help) Agywolf
4d 6h ago
2 BreenStudios
1d 9h ago
The Best E-Commerce Site? 2q3q2q7
1d 14h ago
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Atmospheric Perspective in Caves? MiguelLavariel
5d 14h ago
11 MiguelLavariel
1d 13h ago
What am i supposed to write in services so that anyone wants to even check it or is it dead? dqube
1d 19h ago
3 dqube
1d 16h ago
any ideas for gain more wathcer ? Mauludeanx
3d 22h ago
11 MiguelLavariel
1d 18h ago DavideRucker
1d 19h ago
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Are certain Arts being viewbombed? Aurora-Silver
1w 5d ago
15 RobotElixa
1d 20h ago
I just started my own Etsy store. Let's talk about the business side of art. The-McArtist
3d 28m ago
3 RobotElixa
1d 20h ago
How do you guys do 3d looking poses i'm having a difficulty rotating things. XD dqube
3d 11h ago
11 RobotElixa
1d 22h ago
What do you like to use for your brand image and why? CYSYS8993
4d 2h ago
4 PaulaEdith
1d 23h ago
Any advice in how to make people see my art? IliDrawsStuff
2d 5h ago
13 BlackInfinity666
1d 23h ago