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December 2, 2020


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thiendibao Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello, my name is DiBao a digital artist and now I'm open for commissions! 

Divine by thiendibao  dragon warrior by thiendibao  Paint by thiendibao  Sesshomaru by thiendibao  Sakura by thiendibao  Character concept by thiendibao

    I draw: Portrait, Background, Chibi, Emote, Splash art, Character, Fan art, UI, Mobile game, Casual game, Character concept, Anime art

    Tini Peach PRICELIST:
      1. Headshot (full colored) - 50$
      2. Half body (flats color ) - 50$
      3. Half body (full color) - 70$
      4. Full body (full color) - 100$
      5. Chibi : 10$
      6: Fan art (no background) : 50$
      7: Background hard core : 100$
      8: Basic background : 50$
      9: 6 Emote : 50$

      Tini Peach COMMISSION FORM:

        Contact me through e-mail:

        Send me a note with this info:

        1. e-mail title [Request a commission]
        2. commission type: (headshot,, halfbody, fullbody)
        3. character refs: (reference links to characters or description)
        4. number of characters
        5. background/details

        Payment method: paypal only
        Full payment upfront
        Iíll show you the sketch first, changes can be made during this stage

        some my website:

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        phoenixleo Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2020
        Hello thiendibao ,

        I am leaving this reply to inform you that your thread will be closed today. While we greatly appreciate your use of our forums, I’m afraid that this particular thread doesn’t meet our posting guidelines so we’re going to bring the discussion to a halt.

        We’ve made a few posts such as our helpful guidelines for this forum which you might find useful for your future forum postings. Thank you for your understanding.
        Art-Plus Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2020  Student General Artist
        Quick question...
        Do you do WPAP style art?
        achipps Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist…

        This website is full of artist that are not interested in hiring other artist as much as they would like to become better at art. There might be many artist that are better and would not care about the type of art you offer. Then there are artist wanting to be good at something simpler, not as great as what you have. The most you will get is to inspire other artist.

        Anyway, the forums are more for discussions than announcements. If you want to tell everyone what you are doing, then put it in your journal.

        Not following the rules that invoke a discussion will end up with this being closed when admins sees this. 

        There is always thumbshare forums. 
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