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I really, really didn't expect to do another piece this fast but what can I say? I need to get back into the practice of my artwork. That 'break' really messed me up. I want to get back into the swing of things as quickly as possible. Anyways, this linear was done by the oh-so-talented, Leorodriguesart. I saw his Zatanna rough pencils and fell in love. I absolutely love the look Zatanna received in the New 52 and after taking a good look at the piece, I really felt as if I should try out a 'magic' piece again. Its been a long time since I last painted magical effects, but it was definitely worth it. I really hope you all enjoy the piece and feedback and comments are always welcome! :heart:

Utensil(s) Used: Corel Painter

© Painting and colors by me, Forty-Fathoms.
© Pencil sketch by Leorodriguesart

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© 2015 - 2021 Forty-Fathoms
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So beautiful. She is my fav DC girl!

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Thank you, Zatanna is one of my favorites for sure. I have many more Zatanna pieces in my gallery too if you want to check them out: :heart:

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I love that look! It looks like she has a tux on; yet you can tell she obviously isn’t wearing one.....
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Zatanna's new look is really good, top pic!
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Woooooow I had not seen this character , I'm sorry if you comment now . I love the color and details are great ( the fishnets of Zatanna are fabulous ) Compliments Sarah Christina 👍☺
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Thank you very much! Glad to see you like it! :heart:
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A very impressive picture. Captivating Cape. Well done.
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Wow, this is just SO pretty!!
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Thank you for your kind words. :thanks:
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Love this version. Recommended for the :icontrdl-r3-weeklyjam: jam
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Looks great! Among your best work if you ask me. Your hands make me jealous always struggled with drawing hands in those angles ^^.
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Thank you for your kind words, but I only painted the piece. (Check the description! ;))
I really enjoyed your work !!!
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Thank you so much, Leo! I'm very pleased you liked it, and your lines were absolutely wonderful to work with! Thank you for providing awesome artwork! :heart:
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