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Dynamite with a laser beam.
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If you are interesting in commissions, you can note me here on deviantART, or contact me by email:

Hi, welcome to my page! My name is Sarah and I've been doing art professionally for the previous seven years. I'm self-taught, and I'm always up for learning more. I was originally inspired by pin-up artwork, and that tends to be my focus on whatever art I produce, whether it's fan art or original art. On top of creating my own artwork, I'm also a painter/colorist. I use the term, "colorist" lightly as when I actually color a piece, my work becomes an entirely new piece. That occurs because I do semi-realism painting that highlights both my own skills and the lines of the original artwork itself. I've done book covers, illustrations for books and novels, featured in gaming books. I'm always ready for a new challenge! I'm extremely grateful and fortunate to be able to produce artwork and collaborate with fellow artists. I hope to keep pursuing art and I'd love to do it as a full time career opportunity. If you stop by here, thank you and feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Favourite Visual Artist
Stjepan Sejic, Adam Hughes, Andy Park, Joelle Jones, Michael Turner, Emmanuela Luppachino, Marc Silvestri, Kenneth Rocafort, David Finch, Alex Sinclair, Peter Steigerwald, Joe Jusko


I am currently taking commissions at this time. Please either note me here on deviantART, or e-mail me at:

For pricing info, please refer to my commission pricing list.

Also, pricing does vary depending on what is specifically desired for the said piece.

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Wow, just stumbled on your page. Great stuff. And I love seeing the evolution of your work. It's great to see the work of someone doing what they're clearly meant to be doing.

Thank you so much for the support, I really appreciate it. This is why I do art, so people can enjoy my work and maybe it will help inspire people to keep working on their own art and not giving up. Thank you again! :heart:

I love your artwork. It looks so amazing.

"Dynamite with a laser beam?" Probably couldn't describe you any better myself. :)

Aw, thank you, that's sweet. In reality, I'm just a giant Queen fan and I think I've had that tag for about the entire time I've been on dA. :dummy:

Alright, cool. So, have you made digital arts your life career?