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Excerpt from Chapter Three of Griffins
The wind whipped at Flint’s face like a thousand tiny needles. He was slogging through snow up to his knees, his pack heavier on his shoulders with every forward movement, as if the very mountain was trying to keep him out, pushing him back a step for every two he gained. This was the third such peak he had climbed in as many weeks, searching for the rocky eyrie of the half-gyrfalcon, half-snowleopard griffin. He knew the chicks would be older now, this late in the year, but they also matured much more slowly than hawks and remained in their parents’ territories.
The soldiers the Duke had managed to spare were back at the camp, huddling around a warm fire and probably digging into his food rations. Flint grumbled to himself, but couldn’t blame them. They had no personal investment in this venture, and had not been shy about expressing their opinion about his sanity. Flint gave a silent laugh; he wasn’t quite sure about it himself, and he was becoming less sure w
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On the Subject of Vampires
In the beginning, scientists say that there were two branches of humanity; the Neanderthal and the Cro-Magnon. What the scientists of today don’t know is that there was a third branch of this homo genus; highly-adaptable and climatically susceptible creatures that, should they have been known and documented, would have been called something along the lines of Homo accomodus—the adaptable human.
Hello. My name is Sahn, and I am what humans would call a vampire. But my “subspecies” of that ancient branch of humanity is one that resided in the wettest climates—such as the swamps and marshes near New Orleans, and by natural selection, we adapted. This change was much more drastic than those undergone by many species, and in a much shorter time period. My “subspecies” developed into something like a snake in a human skin; I have very little actual bone in my body, because most of it is flexible cartilage specially adapted for navigating throu
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by Skrayle

I adore this! I certainly don't think the lines take away from the piece at all--if anything, with the vertical lines in the background...


Hello everyone,
Here I am, still alive, though not much drawing as of late. I hope to change that very soon. Been doing quite a bit of writing, though I hesitate to put it on a public forum like this where it can be stolen. Unlike art, which is a hobby for me, I hope to turn writing into a profession. 
I'm planning on scrubbing this profile very soon, and most of my old work, exempting a couple of favorites, will be moving into the scrapbook. I'm hoping to upload more new stuff and, if I still have any followers out there, I hope the little tidbit I just put up there will tide you over. 
Miss you all :)



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Ally Cowan
Artist | Hobbyist
United States
Hello there!
I have never been one of those people that has "one love"--the one hobby or sport or passion that consumes my entire being. I like to have my fingers in a little bit of everything, and I feel that that is reflected in my gallery: a little bit of traditional art, a little digital, a little poetry, a little prose, and even sometimes a little (terrible) photography.

Outside of the artistic world, I am a dog trainer by trade and a falconer outside of work. I love the natural world and the creatures in it, and I live in one of the best places on earth--Montana--and pull inspiration for my art and my writing from my experiences and the places I have visited. Please feel free to drop a note, leave a comment, ask for trades. I always look forward to hearing from people who love the same things I do!


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I don't do much art anymore :( But I still stalk!
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