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Sleep Slave Doctor (story in description)



Dr. Gurley: Good morning mam. What seems to be the problem? I heard you were causing quite a scene in the lobby, proclaiming that you were…*checks notes* a “sleep slave to Lord Somno?” Do I have that right?
Patient: Yes… I serve Lord Somno…
Dr. Gurley: Okaaayy…I’m gonna go ahead and get psych down here. So what exactly is it you do for this “Lord Somno?”
Patient: I recruit more slaves for Lord Somno.
Dr. Gurley: Righttt…well, I just have to fill out some paperwork real quick and then I’ll make that call to Psychology. So how did you come to be a “slave to Lord Somno.”
Patient: I was approached by a recruit of Lord Somno. She placed me into a sleepy trance. She told me to focus her eyes and listen. Soon, I joined the ranks of the Slaves of Lord Somno.
Dr. Gurley: *looks down at her paperwork* Mam, do you have any family history of mental illness?
Patient: *turns to Dr. Gurley and stares directly into her eyes* “Focus on my eyes and listen. You feel unsatisfied with your life, welcome sleep and know that it will bring you pleasure to serve Lord Somno.”
Dr. Gurley: *looking back at the patient* Mam, I really hate to disappoint you, but I’m not exactly the slave type.
Patient: *continues to stare at the doctor* The thought of blissful sleep invades your thoughts and your desire to serve grows.
Dr. Gurley: *staring back at the patient* Mam, that’s enough.
Patient: Yes, enough resisting. Feel your eyes grow tired. They grow tired as you stare deeper.
Dr. Gurley: *continuing to stare, as her eyes flutter* Mam, you can stop now.
Patient: You yearn to sleep and join the ranks.
Dr. Gurley: Stop. *the doctor’s every ounce of willpower being used to keep her eyes open*
Patient: As I count down, you begin to drop. 10…9…8…feeling so sleepy *the doctor’s eyes losing the battle to stay open* …7…6…5…yearning for sleep…4…3….2…the sleep is overpowering you…1…sleeeeepppp *the doctor’s eyes close*. Now, repeat. Sleep is bliss.
Dr. Gurley: Sleeeppp…is….bliss.
Patient: Lord Somno will let you enjoy this blissful sleep. All you must do is pledge your service.
Dr. Gurley: Feels so good…blissful sleep…
Patient: Do you wish to be a sleep slave?
Dr. Gurley: Oh yes…
Patient: Pledge yourself to him.
Dr. Gurley: I am a sleep slave to Lord Somno.
Patient: Now, I will help change your attire so you are more presentable for Lord Somno. *the patient strips away the doctors shirt and pants, and places the lab coat back.* Lord Somno wishes you to recruit for him. Help your beautiful friends to join in blissful sleep as Slaves to Lord Somno.
Dr. Gurley: Yes… I wish to please Lord Somno…
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Perfect! Great job!