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Rei Kurosawa

Rei Kurosawa from Fatal Frame 3: The Tormented (or Project Zero 3 if you're outside the USA)

Let me just say this...

Ok I'm better....
This would be my toughest one yet. The detail alone was painstaking. But this wasn't the original kit. It's a conversion of Rei Ayanami from Evangelion. I had to sculpt pants and change her evening gown into Rei Kurosawa's outfit. This took the longest time because I had to fix a dozen or more little details.

I added pictures into her hand (originally a wine glass). The pictures are actual ghosts from the game (broken neck woman and Yoshino's ghost) along with a picture of Yuu, Rei's dead fiancee'. The base is mirrored to look like the lens of a camera.

I also added the bruise tattoo that form's after Rei encounters the Tattoo Priestess, Reika. It appears when Rei is either attacked or in a high emotional state, which is what I tried to capture here (longing for her lost love)

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it is a success ! congratulations !
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So cool! Great job!
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Very nice!
I love Fatal Frame!!!
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omfg its sooooo cool do u think u could do mayu plz.
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Hooly muuli, did you made this? O_O
OMG THAT AMAZING LOVE IT! you did a awesome job best ever!
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Oh man. That is awesome. I'm so favouriting this. I love the small details, especially the detail on the little pictures (saw them in another picture), I showed this to my fiancee and she thought it was the most awesome thing ever XD
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YAY! I'm glad you like her. It was my wife that got me into the Fatal Frame series and I had to make this when I got into garage kits. It's been suggested to me that I make Mayu and Mio, but I was more tempted to make a diorama of Sae laughing with all the dead bodies around her. Maybe that will be in the future. :)
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Heheh, that's something we've got in common. My fiancee got me into the series too XD. I had already heard about it and wanted to play it, but when I met her she had all the games.

That'd be cool. I think I'd like to see both of those actually, heheh.

My fiancee's got these two cousins that are about 17 who are twins, and they could totally cosplay as Mio and Mayu, we've been trying to talk them into it for ages.
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My gosh it's gorgeous! Amazing work, I love the idea to have her holding photos and longing for Yuu and the detail was worth the effect.
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Really well done. Even though you may have suffered its a beautiful peice and very accurate. Well done.
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This is amazing! :D I thought about getting the kit myself and making it...
If there was any way of commissioning one from you (I would buy the model and any other items necessary, and pay work time), I would do so. My friend really wants one, and I can't paint to save my soul.
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Thank you for you comment! I'm sorry to say that I cannot replicate another as this one took several months to make. On top of that I have a 9 month old daughter who demands my attention.
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I understand. :> Thanks for taking the time to respond!
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wah~~~that's amazing a model from action figure thx I like it from fatal frame 3.
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I was about to start asking you where you had found this. You did an amazing job, you can't even tell the statue was modified.

Her shirt is beautifully painted as well!

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if you would ever sell this, i would buy it... :heart: ^____^-
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This is incredible! If these were sold I would want one. :shakefist: Wow!
Oh. My. God. Are you ever going to sell this? Or, like... do you sell any of your stuff! I went totally crazy when I saw this. You have NO IDEA how excited I was. I have been trying to get people to sculpt me a Mio and Mayu forever but it's really expensive to hire model makers (most of them charge around $300 for both o.0) but I never thought of making one out of a kit! Oh my goodness seriously! How much would you sell it for? *gapes*

I'm so glad that you made this *huggles* thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!
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Thank you! I'm very humbled that you love her so much. I don't think I could part with her, she is a gift for my wife. I just make kits as a hobby, I don't know if I could do it for a living. lol Funny you should mention Mio and Mayu, I've been considering doing them for my next conversion. I originally wanted to do Yae and Sae, but found no twin kits that would be an easy conversion. I did find one that would work for Mio and Mayu however....but we'll see. Anyway, thanks again and you are more than welcome to keep any pics you want. I'll keep you updated if I decide on Mio and Mayu.
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