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HuniePop 2 is holding an open casting call, and since I didn't have a voice reel demo to send in for the auditions, so I made this as fast as I possibly could since I think the auditions close tomorrow. I'm really excited to see what happens next after this! Even if I don't get a spot in the game, hopefully this voice demo will be the first of several and earn me other voice acting opportunities I can't even think of right now. :D
Name: Marilyn "Mary-Jane" "MJ" Jansing

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Monster Race: Humanoid (Marijuana) Plant Monster

Personality: Lazy, devious, easygoing, sarcastic, loyal, patient, loving, generous, friendly, manipulative, lustful, content.

Appearance: While her lithe yet curvy body is mostly humanoid, her smooth skin and long, curly hair are varying shades of green, covered in vines, flowers, and whatever kinds of plants she decides to grow at any given time. Her legs, from the knees downward, are a darker green than the rest of her body, and when she's barefoot and standing still in the dirt for more than fifteen minutes, her legs unfurl into roots and start trying to bury themselves in the ground. She can easily uproot herself just by moving, though, and when she does, her legs return to normal.

Love Interest: Polly Geist, Damion LaVey, or Amira Red

Friends: Amira Red, Vicky Blue, Oz Yellow, Polly Geist, Damion LaVey, Scott Howl

Enemies: Liam De Lioncourt, Vera Oberlin, Miranda Vanderbilt

Likes: Doing nothing, getting people high enough to take their stuff from them without much effort, getting high herself, people that keep her from being bored, sleeping, partying, brownies, baking, cloud watching, sunbathing, rainy days, making people do things for her that she's too lazy to do herself.

Dislikes: Being bored, boring people, having to put in too much effort, most forms of exercise ("Can I just fuck somebody during gym class? Sex burns a lot of calories, you know?"), being woken up, being sober for more than a few days, being kept from/teased for dancing in the rain, feeling pressured, overly pushy/demanding people, people who won't do what she wants them to do, getting too much/little water or sunlight at a time, being alone too long.

-Smarts: 4
-Boldness: 5
-Creativity: 7
-Charm: 8
-Fun: 5

-Grows and sells weed plants for drug dealers
-Often goes to bake sales and replaces any regular brownies she finds with her weed brownies
-Loves the chaotic atmosphere constantly surrounding her friends, but refuses to join their shenanigans if it means doing too much work or sacrificing a nap
-Turns the flowers on her hair into huge, sentient, omnivorous venus fly traps when she gets the munchies and/or wants to scare people
-Has the most energy during rain and thunderstorms; can usually be found outside dancing in the rain during these times
-Generally uses vines or her venus fly traps to grab and hold things for her when she doesn't want to do it herself


Name: Bubble Blitz

Nicknames: Bubbles, Blitzy, Curly Q, Sprinkles (Vanilla Frost only), Bubble Butt (Nova Spark only)

Age: 20

Gender: Female

DoB: February 27th

Height: 5’4”

Species: Unicorn

Status: Single

Sexuality: Bi-curious

Relatives: Lucky Break (biological father); Plot Twist (biological mother); Vanilla Frost (adoptive mother)

Special Talent: Making magical bubbles

Occupation: Party decorator/entertainer for both children’s parties and adult parties

Likes: Blowing bubbles, sweets, pastries, tea, baking, parties, dancing, children, seashells, beaches, the smell of the ocean, lavender and vanilla scents.

Dislikes: Thieves, the topic of divorce, sour things, feeling forced or trapped, disappointing friends/family/audiences, overly flirtatious people.

Personality: Her warm, inviting disposition and positive, happy-go-lucky approach to life make Bubble Blitz inherently magnetic to those around her. While her cheerful, friendly disposition is why people come to her, though, they generally stay because of her fiercely intense loyalty and insistence on giving 150% of herself to make everyone as happy as she can. She does, however, have one particularly strict aspect of her moral code that she’s held onto for years. Never, under any circumstances, does she mix business with pleasure. She particularly means this in the sense that she doesn’t allow herself to even playfully flirt (let alone get deeply romantically involved) with anyone she’s sharing a workspace with. Be it a fellow entertainer for a party or someone advertising her services, she refuses to let romance even be hinted at between her and a co-worker, and if she happens to develop those feelings for someone she’s working with, she refuses to act on them until whatever job she’s doing is over and done with. There’s a chance of this changing, but it’s a one in a million chance as far as she’s concerned. Beyond this, though, Bubble Blitz is very easygoing and insists on bending over backwards to make everyone else around her happy. This is often to the detriment of her own physical and sometimes mental wellbeing, but she considers it to be worth it at the end of the day if she got even one person to smile.

Backstory: Even though she was only five when her family finally fell apart, Bubble Blitz very vividly remembers how her parents constantly fought each other, watching how things progressed to her parents sleeping in separate homes and eventually living in separate houses despite still being married. The good news, though, is that these circumstances helped her earn her cutie mark rather early. Finding herself lonely, upset and scared most days, she took to making up various imaginary friends and blowing bubbles as a way to cheer herself up. One day, she found a way to use her magic to combine the two, developing a spell that allowed her to make bubbles in the shape of her imaginary friends and bring them to life. She’d perfect and discover various ways to apply her new spell over time, but it was her accidental discovery of being able to do this that would earn her the cutie mark she now has. She was with her mother at the time, and naturally, Plot Twist was incredibly proud and happy for her daughter, but this day was the last moment the mother and daughter would have together for a long time.

When Plot Twist and her best friend, Vanilla Frost, came to Lucky Break’s house one day to pick up Blitz, everything immediately went south. This was the day the estranged married couple fought so badly that household objects were thrown, and in her attempts to stand between them and stop the fighting, Bubble Blitz accidentally got hit in the head with a picture frame, the impact creating a scar on her forehead. It was only after this that Vanilla Frost managed to get the five-year-old filly out of the house and ran to her own home, which also doubled as the local cafe/bakery and Bubble Blitz’s favorite place in the world. To cheer the little one up, Frost spent the afternoon and evening baking and playing with Blitz, and at Plot Twist’s request, the little filly stayed with Frost for a few more days. When Plot Twist was ready to take her daughter back home, however, the little filly remembered the trauma she’d suffered only three or four days ago and ran into the nearest closet, refusing to leave until the source of her terror was gone. That was when it was decided that Vanilla Frost would adopt Bubble Blitz as her own daughter.

In Vanilla Frost’s home, her little sprinkle Bubble Blitz was able to finally know what a joyous, peaceful home felt like, and she spent the rest of her childhood and adolescent years reveling in that feeling while occasionally serving cafe customers and assisting with baking. It was during her teen years that she was told that the fact that Lucky Break worked at the publishing company Plot Twist so desperately dreamed of writing for, and the reason their relationship was so strained was because they were constantly arguing about the direction her writing career, and his publishing career by extension, were going to go. It was this revelation that made Bubble Blitz swear to herself that she’d never get romantically involved with someone she was doing business with/for. Coincidentally, this was also around the time that she discovered new applications for her bubble spell, particularly using her semi-sentient bubbles to serve customers while she was in the kitchen or entertain the children at the parties Vanilla would cater for, and these discoveries would lead to her creating something of a business for herself. Because she found a particular joy in using her bubbles at parties, Blitz started entertaining at children’s parties as a means of earning some spending money for herself. Gradually, this led to her providing her services at more grown-up parties, and that led to her becoming something of a local celebrity. Her first and most important loyalty was to Vanilla Frost, though, and that knowledge slowly made her adoptive mother feel like she was holding her back from greater things. As much as both she and her little sprinkle would have been happy to spend the rest of their lives running the bakery together, the guilt ate away at Frost way too much, and she knew she had to do something about it.

After researching various places across the world, Vanilla Frost came to Bubble Blitz and asked if she’d like to spend a couple of weeks on a vacation with her in Capricorn Reef, as they’d both been busy and needed some time to relax. Ordinarily, Blitz would offer to watch over the bakery in her place, but she’d managed to tire herself out by working back to back parties for about two weeks, so she was much more eager to take a rest this time than any other. Within the first few days alone, Bubble Blitz had fallen in love with Capricorn Reef, particularly fond of spending time either napping or swimming at the beach whenever possible. She did apparently have fans in Capricorn Reef, though, so not all of her time was spent relaxing, but she loved every moment of it regardless, giving as much time and attention to everyone who wanted it from her. And in spite of this being a vacation, Blitz did end up volunteering to entertain at a party or two while she was there. By the end of the first week, the bubble mage had decided she adored Capricorn Reef and hoped she wouldn’t have to leave, and this is when Vanilla Frost admitted this was all a part of her plan and that she’d been looking for apartments and small houses for her adoptive daughter to live in since they arrived.

Vanilla explained that she didn’t want Bubble Blitz stuck at home with her when she could use her talent to bring delight and happiness to ponies in many more places, and as such, she’d planned on vacationing in various places with her in hopes that at least one location would speak to her. Blitz was conflicted at first, wondering if she’d done something to make her adoptive mother not want to be around her anymore, but after cooling down, she understood her real intentions and admitted she’d had more fun in Capricorn Reef than she did at home. There was only one incident where she didn’t enjoy herself, and that was when a certain dragon pony came onto her, but she was pretty sure he didn’t live on the isle and wouldn’t be around often enough for this to bother her. With that all figured out, the two looked around at homes for Blitz to live in, and after their vacation was over, she went home and packed whatever belongings she had at Frost’s bakery. Now that she’s arrived in Capricorn Reef again and is there to stay, she can’t wait to see what adventures she ends up going on, even if all they amount to is getting a certain golden eyed hippodrake off her tail.

For the past few months, PrimevalBrony and I have been having a lot of stress both in and outside of our relationship. All of it came to a head over the past couple of days, and as such, he and I decided we needed to split up. I felt like all of you deserved to know as soon as possible, so that's what this journal is for. He and I are both fine at this point and have decided to remain good friends. We also decided shipping our OCs together is still fine as long as our actual human selves aren't involved in it at all. I won't go into any further detail publically because we agreed not to out of mutual respect, and we'd appreciate it if you don't ask. We'll probably make exceptions for close friends, but that's about it.

Thank you for your time and understanding, and I'll see you all again in a future journal. Much love to you all. :)
I...wasn't originally going to do this. Mostly for the fact that I've been worrying about upsetting someone I dearly love for no reason. I thought "They already hate him enough, and he's gone now. If I say something now, it'll just anger them for nothing." This has been eating at me too much, though, and if I keep going like this, I know the guilt is gonna tear me apart eventually.'s a confession to you all, and to my loved one who I hope to God won't view me as a traitor for this. If you're reading, just know I love and trust you with my very life. I've only been so afraid to come forward because I saw no need to tell you information about this that would make you unnecessarily angry long after the matter was over. It's not fair to you to keep silent anymore, though. You deserve the truth as much as anyone else.

If anyone's wondering what I'm on about, recently, Zak Kayes/ToonKriticY2K, a very recognizable face in the brony fandom, has been revealed to be a sexual predator, even going so far as to get intimate via private Skype conversations with an, at the time it started, 14-year-old girl for about a year. That particular bit of news was what kicked all of this off, but we know now that the young girl wasn't the only victim. Since this knowledge was leaked, more and more victims of Zak's have come forward, and while I've had my own experiences with him, I never felt like I had the right to call myself a victim in any of this. I realized, though, that all of the interactions with him I've been hearing about sound dangerously similar to my own. I'll recount everything I remember, and you guys can decide whether or not I have any right to call myself a victim in any of this. To this day, it still doesn't fully feel like it, but I could easily be wrong.

In the summer of 2016, I was still living in Philadelphia, PA, and it was the first year that my hometown was going to have their own pony convention, FillyCon. My mom and I went to volunteer there, and as we were hanging out in the registry line, I find not only ToonKriticY2K himself, but also MangaKamen, Voice of Reason, and Sega Sister. I'd been a fan of at least Toon and Voice for a long time, and meeting them in person for the first time, completely unprepared to see them until the next day, made me almost faint right then and there. From that moment, I took any opportunity to spend time with them that I could. I was even in Toon's FillyCon vlog during the second day of the convention. I felt so much more confident those two days than I'd felt in the past 22 years I'd had until then, and I still consider it to be one of the best experiences I've ever had. That Saturday night, though, after I was already home from the con, I get a Twitter message from Toon. He called me "cutie" in the first message, proceeded to ask me if I was staying at the same hotel he was, and asked if I was interested in him. At the time, I had something of a crush on him, but I told him I knew he had a boyfriend and was going to respect that. His next question, though, was if I'd be willing to come to the hotel early to see him. I didn't catch on at the time to what he really wanted, but either way, I was unable to when he was asking for me. Once the con was over, I tried to establish semi-regular contact with him, but he didn't respond much and, eventually, kinda stopped altogether. I had an emotional breakdown over that, and originally, I expected that to be the end of it with us. I was wrong, though, and now, with everything else that's come to light, I really wish I hadn't been so happy to be wrong.

For a long time, he and I only spoke to each other rarely. He'd have me on for streams at times and even invited me to be on the Roundtable is Magic podcast, but usually, I'd send him greetings in PMs, only to get either short responses or none at all. Eventually, though, that changed. He came to me and told me that he'd been "talking" to my boyfriend more often, and because he'd been attracted to me since meeting me at 2016 FillyCon, he wanted to "talk" with me more often, too. My boyfriend and I have always been (more or less) polyamorous, so none of this bothered me at the time. I thought "I already ERP pretty often. This won't be any different." It never felt quite right when it was with Toon, though. I was always mildly uncomfortable, but I couldn't think of a valid reason as to why. I kept letting the weird feelings run their course and write them off as me being paranoid, especially when I realized how close I was to getting added to the Domain. That's not for the reasons you might think, though. See, by this time, my boyfriend was already a member of the group, and for at least a couple of weeks, I hardly got to talk to him because he spent all of his time in calls there. In the end, it was that knowledge that made me continue roleplaying with Zak. I wanted my boyfriend back, and clearly, I was willing to do what I thought I had to so I could be with him again.

I don't think I can continue without mentioning my nightmare, as I had it right before being invited to the Domain. It was only one, but it carried a powerful message I should have paid closer attention to. In my dream, me, my boyfriend, and many people in the bronalysis community (the ones I remember most clearly being members of the Domain) were in a school together, and hiding somewhere in the building, commanding us all over loudspeakers to do whatever it was he wanted, was Toon himself. Despite my usually timid nature, in this dream, I was apparently very rebellious, and as I walked through the halls of this school by myself, I spoke to him in a way I knew would piss him off, and he'd respond to me through the loudspeakers in a dismissive yet playful tone, as if my anger over how he treated us all wasn't serious at all. And by the time I got to class, on the chalkboard was an announcement that a "special girl" needed to stay after school and see him, and that people who wanted to spend time with said girl had to spend upwards of $20,000 just to see her. I knew with absolute certainty that these messages were about me, and the idea of him assuming ownership of me made my skin crawl. Regardless, I didn't heed the warning of even my own nightmares. I wanted to believe it was just my mind being paranoid, that someone who had instilled such confidence in me would never do something so heinous and disgusting to another human being. I spent my whole time with him wanting to give him the benefit of the doubt and believe he was a good person. Sadly, up until now, I was actually starting to believe it.

Now, one might think maybe I'd be able to stop once I was added in. I'd gotten what I wanted, after all. I was in the Domain, and I was with my love again. Zak still came onto me, though, wanting to ERP with me and, eventually, asking for a topless picture of me as well as a video of me in my bikini playing with my breasts. Alarms blared in my head not to go along with it anymore, but I still did, almost like my body was acting on its own accord. I didn't think too hard about why I kept giving him what he'd ask for despite feeling mildly grossed out every time and him just barely paying attention when I had things to say that didn't directly involve him. But now, I'm realizing it comes right back to my boyfriend again. He'd tell me all the time how much happier he'd been since being added to the Domain. He had a group of people that actually seemed to respect him and listen to what he had to say. Before this, I was the only one who really listened to him, and I wanted him to keep his new friends no matter the cost. My love's happiness has always come first for me, so naturally, it wasn't a question of if I was going to do what I thought was necessary for him to be happy. He had a home in the Domain, somewhere that he felt more comfortable and respected than he ever did anywhere else, even in his own home. If I had to sacrifice my dignity so I didn't run the risk of keeping myself and him in the place where he'd finally started to feel happy again, I was more than willing to do just that. I shouldn't have been, but I was.

And now, I'm here seeing all of these people come forward about their own experiences, including his underage victim. I feel for every single one of them, but even now, I question whether or not I qualify as a victim. I didn't argue when he'd ask me for something, I chose to give him the benefit of the doubt despite how many of my friends didn't like him, and even when my own nightmares painted him as a dictator of this fandom and wanting to claim ownership of me, I wrote it off as "just a dream" and wanted to believe it meant nothing. I should have known better, though. When my dreams do have messages, they never tell me lies. I didn't use the word "prophetic" as part of my name for nothing. I just hope to God I never come across a situation like this and ignore my intuition ever again. And to any of his victims that took the time to read all of this... I'm so sorry for any pain you've suffered. No one deserves to be hurt and manipulated like this. And despite myself, there's a place in my heart holding onto the desire that Zak will get help. He's proven to all of us that he very clearly needs it.

Also, if the person I addressed in the beginning of this journal is might see why and how I thought of myself as a traitor for all of this. I'd been in regular contact with Zak well before you and I started to get close to each other, but it continued up until the day before he disappeared from Skype. I was too scared and embarrassed with myself to mention it to anyone except my boyfriend who already knew about it (he sent pictures of me to Zak and is the reason he started talking to me more in the first place), and once his downfall started, I wanted to bring it up, but when you told me you'd kill him if he ever tried with me, I got worried. I couldn't be too sure if you had legitimate intent to harm him, and even if you didn't, making you angry over this when he's already gone off the face of the earth seem pointless. The guilt was starting to mess with me really bad, though, as you might have noticed from how depressed I've been getting every so often. I knew it wasn't going to be long before I had to let it out. I just hope that you can forgive me for not saying something sooner.

Name: Nova Spark/Keahi Kolohe

Nicknames: Nova, Sparky, Spark Plug, The Mischievous Flame, Devil Dragon

Age: 23

Gender: Male

DoB: June 8th

Height: 6’0”

Species: Hippodrake (Dragon Pony)

Status: Single

Sexuality: Pansexual

Relatives: Unknown birth parents; Light Heart (adoptive mother); Cool Dream (adoptive father); Dusty Trail (adoptive Uncle)

Special Talent: N/A (tells people it's “setting hearts on fire the world over”)

Occupation: Street performer/pickpocket; former circus performer

Likes: Seafood, spicy food, partying, traveling, performing, being the center of attention, trying new things, occasional pranks, flirting with attractive (usually shy) people.

Dislikes: Boredom, being bossed around, cages/restraints being used on him, discrimination of any sort, feeling abandoned or alone.

Personality: Nova Spark is one of those people that naturally has all eyes on him wherever he goes. Be it due to his outlandish appearance or attention commanding personality, people seem to be drawn to him automatically, and he likes to keep it that way. His favorite ways of drawing even more attention to himself are flirting with as many girls and guys as he can at once, putting on a jaw-dropping performance, or causing a bit of trouble with the occasional prank. With or without the extra attention, though, doing these things keeps things interesting to him. He's quick to get bored and distracted, so he's always looking for new people, places, and experiences to keep his passion for life as strong as possible. He doesn't really know what he wants to do besides traveling, but on the rare occasion that he does know what he wants, he doesn't give up until he has it. It's rare that he'll spend a long time planning and waiting for something, but he will do so if something is really important to him. One thing he does know, however, is that he hates being told what to do by anyone. This is why he generally works freelance and is always the dominant party in romantic relationships. If someone makes him feel like he's trapped or being controlled, he'll severely lash out and likely stop talking to them.

Backstory: After being found inside a volcano as an egg and hatching in the arms of the pony who found him, the little half-dragon was brought to a small town in Haywaii to by his would-be uncle, Dusty Trail. The explorer pony gave the baby dragon pony to his younger sister, Light Heart, so she and her husband, Cool Dream, could finally have a child. As the colt grew up, however, he became so infamous across the Haywaiian islands for getting in and out of trouble that he was called Keahi Kolohe, "the mischievous flame" everywhere he went. His escapades inevitably caught the attention of Grandstand who, at the time, convinced the family that he was headmaster of a reform school for young colts. Arrangements were made for Keahi to leave with him, but as soon as they were far enough away, Grandstand used his magic to put him to sleep. When the half-dragon woke up, he found out he wasn't a new student at a reform school, but a new addition to the freak show at Grandstand's circus.

Despite reveling in the attention he got at the shows, Keahi didn't take well to being caged, chained up, and harshly punished for pretty much everything he did, so he came up with a plan to escape, which involved having a role in the circus with a bit more freedom. He eventually convinced Grandstand that his talents were being wasted and got his own hybrid acrobatics and fire-breathing act, complete with a new stage name, Nova Spark, which he still uses to this day. His plan inevitably worked because, as he'd hoped, one of his new fiercely devoted fans happened to be an undercover cop, and they disguised themselves as a clown just to rescue him. Nowadays, Grandstand's circus is fully shut down, the ringmaster himself is behind bars, and Nova Spark travels all over the world, dazzling audiences, causing trouble, and setting the hearts of beautiful ladies (and the occasional handsome gentleman) on fire wherever he goes. The closest thing the half-dragon has to a home base is Las Pegasus, but he's always looking for new places to either wind down or shake things up. One of these reasons is why he has his eyes on Capricorn Reef, but he's so unpredictable that even he isn't sure which of the two he's gonna do more of when he gets there.
I'm planning a new series, and I need a certain style of poses for it. Basically, if you remember the style Twilight was drawn in when she put herself in Moon Dancer's book in the "Amending Fences" episode, I need poses like that. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, here are some examples:
Twilight Sparkle Book Cartoon by cejs94

Vector 025: Book Twilight by MPnoir

Twilight Sparkle Amending Fences Book Form by PixelArtLiz
So yes, if you or anyone you happen to know is able to do poses like these, please let me know. I'll be extremely grateful. I love you all, and thanks for taking the time to even read this. :)
[ ] You have blue/green eyes 
[ ] You have freckles
[x] You blush a lot
[x] You giggle
[x] You're quiet 
[x] You say random things 
[ ] You have a baby face
[x] You wear more "down-to-earth" kind of clothing
[ ] You don't wear halter tops or anything too showy
[ ] You're under 5 feet 6 inches 


[x] You're a virgin 
[ ] Just thinking of sexual things make you blush
[x] Your idea of a date is really romantic
[ ]  You sleep with a stuffed animal 
[x] You like to cuddle 
[x] You never played the nervous game
[x] You don't even know what the nervous game is 
[ ] You cry easily 


[x]You like the color pink 
[ ] You tend to wear bright girly colors 
[x] You CAN be ignorant 
[x] You consider yourself shy 
[x] You like happy, upbeat music 
[x] You like "cutesy'' music 
[x] You like small animals 
[x] You like babies a lot
[x]Mini versions of things make you go nuts. 

Now take your number and multiply by 5.

90%... Hmm, not bad.
My baby :iconprimevalbrony: tagged me, so I've gotta answer his ten questions, come up with ten of my own, and then tag ten people. (Spoiler alert: I either won't think of ten people or will tag people that have already done this.)

   1. Best MCU film?
   I haven't seen a lot of them, but I like the first Avengers movie, so I'll go with that.

   2. Should prehistory be taught more?
   I feel obligated to say yes because the (self-proclaimed) King of Prehistory is my boyfriend, but either way, it's probably a good        idea.

   3. Greatest villain song?
   My default answer is usually "Poor Unfortunate Souls," but I'm getting obsessed with all of the songs in the musical version of          "Heathers" lately. I think any song sung by either JD or the Heathers themselves counts as a villain song, right?

   4. Have you ever been indecisive with how you want to spend your money?
   I'm indecisive about every single aspect of my life, so yes.

   5. If you could build a Robot Wars style robot what weapon would you give it?
   Spinning blade, probably. Or spinning bar. Or spinning flywheel. Anything that spins. XD

   6. Favourite style of humour? (ie, slapstick, fourth-wall, vulgar, etc)
   I mostly like sexual humor. :P

   7. Any ship you ship that nobody else does?
   Not really. I could say Harley Quinn and Deadpool since they're not even from the same universe, but I've seen plenty of people      be supportive of that ship, so I don't know.

   8. Any celebrity encounters?
   Not yet.

   9. Do you like adverts on TV?
   Unless it involves food or something I actually need, no.

   10. If you could own one item from any sci-fi movie what would it be and why?
   The ZF-1 pod weapon from "The Fifth Element" is pretty cool. It shoots rockets, nets, poison-tipped arrows, and even acts as a        flamethrower or a freeze ray. I really don't think I need much more justification beyond that, but it does help that it's a long(ish)      range weapon and I prefer attacking from long range if I can help it.

And that's my answers done! So now I'm gonna tag :iconsegasister:, :icona-bright-idea:, :iconnikita-nichita:, :iconaeonofdreams:, :iconpastelprose:, :iconeliyora:, :icontakarapov:, :iconsedrice:, :icontheeditormlp:, and :iconcrimsonglow: and ask you guys (and anybody who sees this and is interested) to answer these questions:

   1. Is there anywhere outside of your own country you really want to travel to?
   2. Do you believe in the concepts of true love and/or soulmates?
   3. Do you like books? If so, what's your favorite book and/or genre of books?
   4. Is there anyone that you regret either separating from or never getting to speak to at all?
   5. Have you ever had any interest in writing your own book? Have you actively attempted to do so?
   6. What is your favorite form of art and why? (Visual, literary, musical, culinary, fashion, etc.)
   7. In no particular order, name your biggest inspirations among your family, celebrities, your IRL friends, and this fandom.
   8. Do you still have any toys, plushies or dolls from your childhood that you refuse to part with?
   9. Skype or Discord? (Or both? Or neither?)
   10. What/who is the main thing/person that motivates you to keep going every day?
Helping :iconrosewhiptail: design Crystal Fire gave me an idea for something I might open commissions for. I'm really good at creating character bios and I'm mildly decent at actually designing what they look like, so I'm thinking I'd let people commission me to create character bios and at least rough designs for their OCs. I'd probably start exclusively with pony OCs, but I'd start branching out once I got comfortable with other forms. The complexity of the character would play a big role in things, too, mostly in that I'd be flat out unable to do visual designs for characters that require a huge amount of detail since my art skills are mediocre at best. If you have any thoughts on this, you can either comment them to me down below or vote in the poll I've posted on Twitter:…
So, completely at random, I felt like singing "Life is a Runway" instead of the other Rarity related song I was supposed to be doing. I'm going to get that song out as soon as I can, but I was getting frustrated when I tried to record it last night, so I stumbled onto this song and figured it might help to work on something else. Now, I have this video out which technically was never supposed to exist. I'm glad it does, though. I had a good time making it, and it'll make me feel even better if you guys enjoy it, too. :)

I decided to give Rarity a try. I'm supposed to sing a song in her voice soon, so I figured speaking as her would be good practice. Turns out my voice isn't exactly suited to Rarity after all. I'm still doing that song, but I'm probably not going to tackle Rarity again after that.

Well...this is it, fillies and gentlecolts. I promised I was gonna start "Between the Lines" this week, and I don't want to make a liar out of myself, we are.

I may as well start by introducing myself. I'm Prophetic Prose, and I've been a fan of the MLP reviewing and analysis community (mostly the YouTube community) for a long time now. I promised myself I'd at least try my hand at it and see if it's something I really want to do, but I'm still trying to figure out the video editing software I have and put together enough vectors (or what's going to have to pass as vectors) so I can make decent videos, so I'm going to start with written reviews and analysis until I can get all of that worked out. I hope you're willing to take this little journey with me and stick around while I figure out where this is going to go. Any and all support you're willing to lend is greatly appreciated.

That being said, Let's get to the actual topic I want to discuss today, shall we?

Flurry Heart by ForTheLuvOfApplejack

... And that would be the distinct sound of the fandom imploding on itself...again...

Now, this probably isn't the can of worms I want to start my analysis career on, but it's a topic that's been on my mind since FillyCon a few months ago. While I was a little surprised by there even being a natural born alicorn at first, I got over it quickly and haven't had any inherent issues with Flurry Heart since then. If the Quibble's Corner panel at FillyCon taught me anything, though, it's that I'm one of the few who feels that way.

And frankly, I think that's ridiculous.

I'll spell out my exact issue with people's complaints about Flurry Heart soon enough, but the plan here is to illustrate why I feel this way by looking at some of the main complaints about her brought up at FillyCon. The fandom itself has brought up more "problems" than these, but the points I'm going to talk about are what I'd consider more thought out than most of the complaints I hear. Basically, for the purposes of what I'm trying to do here, I'm avoiding as many bandwagon issues with Flurry Heart as I can and sticking mostly to things brought up during Quibble's Corner. Anything that may be a bandwagon complaint that I discuss here is probably only going to be brought up under a bigger topic overall. That being said, let's get started with one of the Flurry Heart centric topics that stuck out to me most at the panel.

1.) Oversized Wings and Overpowered Magic (Genetics)
Alicorn Baby Flurry Heart by PonyHD

Ok, so these weren't really complaints so much as observations, and at the Quibble's Corner panel, these things were really only made fun of a few times if anything. Still, Flurry Heart's massive wings and inherently powerful magic (which is now nerfed as of the end of the season six premiere, but still) were at least mentioned, and it's something that's been tossing and turning in my head for a while. I was originally just as surprised as anyone else that Flurry Heart was born an alicorn, but again, I got over it relatively quickly. I also wasn't bothered by the level of power she had since, as an alicorn, I automatically figured she was going to have powerful magic regardless of anything else. And if Pumpkin Cake was anything to go off of, I knew her magical surges were going to be insanely difficult to control, alicorn or not. I still think the size of her wings is kind of odd and wonder if she's going to essentially be Dumbo for the rest of her life, but I also consider that kind of inconsequential at the moment. In fact, despite acknowledging all of these things, I think everything I brought up is inconsequential right now.

Simply put, nothing I brought up has any real bearing on Flurry Heart herself right now. It's not like she asked to be the way she is. How would she even be able to? And until we get episodes or even comics where, for example, she grows up and develops an inferiority complex because she can't control her immensely powerful magic or still has wings that are too big for her body, none of the things I just brought up are going to have any impact on Flurry Heart as a character. Not that this is really possible since she's a baby and inherently has little to no character because of that, but that's exactly my point. Judging any character on things she can't help being born with, especially when she's far too young to have a personality that can be impacted by any of it, doesn't make any logical sense. At least that's how I look at it.

2.) Unfortunate Name

I'll admit it. When I first heard the name Flurry Heart leave Cadence's lips, I fell in love with it on the spot. Phonetically, it's a beautiful name, and honestly, I was just happy they didn't name her Skyla. I admit I thought it was odd that she went that long without an actual name, but beyond that, I was pretty happy.

But then, I remembered what Shining Armor said and started scratching my head a little bit.

Like I said, I adored Flurry Heart's name at first, and I still think it's beautiful...out of context.

But then, every so often, I'm forced to remember the context--that being that her name is based on the second most tragic event to ever happen in the Crystal Empire.

Storm clouds surrounding the Crystal Empire S6E2 by ForTheLuvOfApplejack

I'll admit this is a decision that makes less and less sense the more I think about it. I still like the way the name Flurry Heart sounds, but it bothers me that someone would name their child after a snowstorm that nearly froze their entire kingdom solid. The one thing that might have been worse is if they had a son and named him Sombra.

But even if this was a stupid decision, it doesn't influence my view of Flurry Heart in the slightest.

"That which we call a rose, by any other name, would smell as sweet." Cheesy as this line is nowadays, it's incredibly relevant to my point. Flurry Heart would be equally as adorable and happy right now if she'd been named anything else. Her name, again, has no impact on who she least for now. I can see her, later down the road, feeling some type of way after finding out she was named after the near destruction of her home that she inadvertently caused as a foal, but again, she's too young to know any of this, so it's really a moot point at the moment.

So, long story short, Flurry Heart's name was entirely out of her control, and I can't judge her for it in the slightest. Even the fact that she shattered the Crystal Heart and technically caused the storm in the first place is something I can't fault her for since she didn't intend for it to happen. Again, she's just a baby. She couldn't have possibly known any better or controlled her magic enough to prevent this from happening.

I will say, though, that the poor name choice does change my view on someone, but it's specifically the ponies who decided to give her that name in the first place:

Royal Parents by ForTheLuvOfApplejack

I refuse to say I dislike Cadence or Shining Armor after any of this, because...well, I just can't. Cadence is like the really cool big sister I wish I had and Shining Armor is a funny, lovable dork. Those things just outweigh any negative feelings I have about them far too much for me to say I dislike either of them.

That being said, in my eyes, they're now either significantly less smart or benevolent than I ever used to think they were. Let's face it, if you genuinely think naming your child after a natural disaster that almost destroyed your home is a good idea, you're either sadistic or a raging imbecile. I don't want to think that about either Cadence or Shining Armor, but that's the standard I'd hold just about anyone to, and I'm not going to make a special exception for much as I kind of want to.

(Also, insert obvious Hurricane Katrina joke here.)

Speaking of the royal couple, though, there's one last thing I'm going to address.

3.) "Saving" Cadence and Shining Armors Relationship
Princess Cadance and Shining Armour by 90Sigma

This point can be looked at from two different angles. Either Cadence and Shining Armor themselves thought having a baby would save their relationship, or Hasbro and/or DHX thought turning the royal couple into a royal family would make us more invested in them. Both are bad schools of thought in their own ways, but I can also see how both of these conclusions could be made.

From a writing perspective, DHX could have seen how little of this relationship we actually have gotten to see and decided to give us something new about them to keep our interest, which came in the form of a baby. Why they'd think to do this instead of giving us episodes in the Crystal Empire following the royal couple or even an episode full of flashbacks about how they fell for each other in the first place, I have no idea, but that's where it seems like their minds were. Unless they just wrote this is as a direct order from Hasbro, who... Well, let's face it. We all know where Hasbro's mind was with this idea.

Baby Flurry Heart And Crystal Empire Toy Set by ForTheLuvOfApplejack

The more concerning implication, though, is that Cadence and Shining Armor themselves attempted to save their relationship by having a child. I don't want to think that's the case, but there's little evidence to prove that, before the season six premiere, they were as invested in their relationship as people may have assumed they were. In fact, we get evidence potentially proving the opposite when Cadence herself even says that her life in the Crystal Empire has gotten predictable. I think this pretty heavily implies that whatever spark there was between her and Shining Armor was dying at this time. She may not have mentioned her husband by name, but I chalk that up to her not knowing if she wants to end the relationship and not wanting to scare an anxiety prone pony like Twilight if she doesn't have to. If we go off of this train of thought, the idea of Shining Armor and Cadence later attempting to save their relationship by either actively trying to have a child or just being...ahem, 'intimate' more often than they used to isn't much of a stretch at all.

Cadance 'become a little... predictable' S4E11 by ForTheLuvOfApplejack

So, long story short, the idea of either the show staff or the royal couple themselves trying to save a dying or uninteresting relationship by throwing a child into the mix isn't much of a stretch at all, and if either scenario is true, that's a really horrible way of thinking. But do you know how much impact any of this has on the baby herself at this point?

Zero by ForTheLuvOfApplejack

Flurry Heart may be the byproduct of someone's really bad way of thinking, but being upset with her because of these things is basically the same as being angry at any other child just for existing. This won't psychologically damage her unless it's her own family who suddenly wishes she didn't exist, but still, it's illogical to direct anger towards her. The faulty thinking of either the show staff or her parents (or both) is what people's real problem seems to be in this case (at least the way I see it), so isn't the real issue more with either Cadence and Shining Armor or DHX than the baby herself?

At this point, I think you've all noticed that there's a common theme among all of the issues I've brought up here. If not, then that's perfectly fine, because I'm going to tell you what that is right now.

Long story short, these complaints and most other complaints I've heard that relate to Flurry Heart somehow only do just that. They relate to her in some way, but the real root of them isn't actually about her as a character at all.

In this case, it's either about the concept of alicorns themselves, dumb parenting decisions in terms of her name, and more dumb decisions on the part of either the parents or the show staff. But as I've said several times, none of these things directly impact Flurry Heart's character in the slightest. At least, not at this moment in her life.

Did she ask to be an alicorn with outrageously powerful magic and oversized wings? No.

Did she ask to be named after the second greatest tragedy the Crystal Empire has ever seen? No.

Did she ask to be born into a (potentially) loveless marriage and become the sole reason that anyone cares about the relationship that brought her into the world--even the parents themselves? No.

I can't get on board with most complaints about Flurry Heart because none of them have anything to do with her as a character, and this won't even be able to change until she's older. It's too early to properly judge the character on her own, and that's not going to stop bothering me until I see someone say something that's directly about her. I'm convinced that there's not going to be anything like that until she's at least the same age as the Cutie Mark Crusaders are now, and until that day comes, I'm only going to be able to view Flurry Heart related complaints as thinly veiled or blatantly obvious means to complain about either the concept of alicorns as a whole, Cadence and Shining Armor's stupid or sadistic name choice, or the fact that the royal couple's relationship is possibly on life support at this very moment.

Basically, all I'm saying is we shouldn't judge Flurry Heart on circumstances that are entirely out of her control. I wouldn't think 
most of us would do that to anyone else, so I'd like to see her treated the same way. It's legitimately impossible to accurately judge her as a character right now, and that's because it's far too early on in her life. There's plenty of other things to think, discuss and complain about until she's old enough for us to actually look at her as her own character., and if we're lucky, that won't take long too long at all.

Princess+cadance Shining+armor Hug The+crystalling by ForTheLuvOfApplejack

And hey, if you want someone with little to no character development whatsoever to complain about, let's not forget the gold mine we have with this guy. Let's face it, there's always going to be someone that will have something else to complain about when it comes to him.

Flash Sentry and Flash Sentry by Vector-Brony

So, anyway, that's all I have for now. This turned out significantly longer than I expected, but I'm just glad I could get all of this out of my head. I want to continue doing this, but I'll have to think of more stuff to talk about. I'm sure I'll be able to do that just fine, but I'm always open to suggestions if anyone happens to have any.

Until then, though, my name is Prophetic Prose, and I'll see you all later. Ciao, lovelies!
I saw this in at least five other journals today (including :iconeliyora:, :icontoonkriticy2k: and :iconjasperpie:), and I wasn't gonna do it, but I'm very bored and I can't sleep, so...

Character: Prophetic Prose

1. [ ] They are possessed by an angel. 
2. [ ] They are possessed by a demon.
3. [ ] They are a werewolf/vampire/faerie.
4. [ ] They are physically strong. (Not much more than the average pony.)
5. [ ] They have a rare hair/fur/skin color.
6. [ ] Their eyes are an unusual color. (Purple isn't an unusual eye color in Equestria, right?)
7. [ ] This eye color happens to be red. 
8. [ ] Their eyes change color
9. [X] They have wings (Kind of a requirement as a pegasus...)
10.[ ] They can grow extra body parts/shapeshift.
11.[ ] They are immortal.
12.[ ] [If female.] They have large boobs.
13.[ ] [If male.] They are very muscular.
14.[ ] They are very attractive to the opposite gender. (That's subjective, but she at least likes to think she's not ugly.)
15.[ ] They are pyrokinetic/etc.
16.[X] They have sixth sense/can mind-read/etc. (She can see flashes of the future, sense the emotions of others and commune with the dead.)
17.[ ] They have an object of some sort that gives them powers.
18.[ ] They have a special ability/power, but they don't know about it yet.
19.[/] They were bestowed/cursed with these powers. (She was experimented on by her psychotic father. I think that counts, but I'm not sure, so I'll just go with half a point here.)
20.[ ] They are a healer. 
21.[ ] They are from a very rich/royal family.
22.[ ] They don't know that they are from a very rich/royal background.
23.[/] They have lost one/both of their parents. (She was made to believe she lost her mother and killed her father, but her mom is technically still alive, so she's traveling Equestria in search of her now.)
24.[X] They ran away from home. (After finding out her dad was using her and only really saw her as a test subject, she left Fillydelphia and has been traveling around Equestria by herself ever since.)
25.[ ] Their parents are cruel, uncaring, abusive etc.
26.[/] They witnessed one/both of their parent's death. (She killed her dad. Does that count?)
27.[ ] They are part angel/demon/faerie/some other mythical creature.
29.[ ] They were abused/spoiled as a child.
30.[ ] They are very attractive to the same gender. (Again, subjective.)
31.[X] They have lots of friends/no friends.
32.[ ] They are emo.
33.[ ] They look much younger/older than they really are.
35.[ ] They have lots of morals and declare them a fair bit. 
36.[ ] They have a mental disorder.
37.[ ] They have an emotional disorder. 
38.[ ] They struggle to stay sane. 
39.[ ] They are a psycho. 
40.[ ] They have multiple personalities. 
41.[X] They are very intelligent. (She's the daughter of a mad scientist, so yeah...)
42.[ ] They have hallucinations.
43.[ ] They can summon spirits/demons/angels etc. 
44.[ ] They have an unusual/unrealistic pet.
45.[ ] They have a guardian spirit.
46.[ ] They have a 'special type' of soul.
47.[ ] Their soul is not the same as them.
48.[X] They can talk to spirits/ghosts. 
49.[ ] Some part of their body glows.
50.[ ] They have a rare/unusual name.
51.[ ] They were born on an important date, such as New Year's Eve, etc.
52.[ ] They have a twin/sibling(s) that they were separated from at birth/a young age.
53.[ ] They are connected with a certain element.
54.[ ] They are connected with a certain animal. 
55.[ ] They always dress like a certain 'label'. 
56.[ ] They look quite a bit like a character from a popular anime/manga.
65.[ ] They are very mysterious/dark.
66.[/] They are very lively/happy. (Depends on the day.)
67.[ ] Their mood changes a lot/very quickly.
68.[X] They are very patient. (She prides herself on her patience and levelheadedness.)
69.[ ] They are from a long line of assassins.
70.[ ] They have a piece of jewelry/clothing that they always wear.
71.[ ] They have amnesia. 
72.[ ] The have some sort of harmful curse upon them. 
73.[ ] They are involved in some sort of prophecy. 
74.[ ] They are 'the chosen one'. 
75.[ ] They have insomnia.
Take points off your OC's overall score if they fit any of the following statements- 

9 points

1. [ ] They smoke. 
2. [ ] They are an alcoholic. 
3. [ ] They are overweight. 
4. [ ] They are addicted to drugs. 
5. [ ] They have a short temper.
6. [ ] They enjoy bullying others. 
7. [ ] They do not care much about others. 
8. [ ] They are relatively emotionless. 
9. [ ] They have some sort of permanent medical condition.

-0 points

Total 9 points

Your point score:
5: Anti-Sue. Your character may be a bit on the boring side. Of course, this does depend, but generally if they score that low, it wouldn't hurt to 'spice them up' a bit. 

6-15: Balanced Character. If your OC scored around here, then they are probably quite a well-balanced and interesting character. Those scoring in the higher end of this category may be a bit too much though. 

16-25: Borderline Mary-Sue. We have a problem. You need to tone your character down. They are most likely a bit annoying to others, too.

26: Mary-Sue. Please revise your character... NOW.

On the lower half of the Balanced Character spectrum. Good. I was worried the magic she has would put her overboard. XP Plus nine is my favorite number, so that's awesome. :D
I've been wanting to do more with my YouTube channel for some time now, and it's thanks to one Colt of Personality that I've decided to genuinely get serious about that recently. I'm planning to possibly review and/or analyze MLP episodes in the future, but for now, I decided to start with showing off my vocal talents. The first "official" video of my channel is a cover of "Stronger Than You", and the second is my audition to voice Maud Pie in a future A Moment With Doctor Wolf video. Feel free to watch them both whenever you like, and I'll probably update my journal with more of my videos as they come out. Any and all advice/support you guys can lend to me will be greatly appreciated. Thank you and have a beautiful day. :)

After watching :icontoonkriticy2k:'s update video and hearing about the categories he's chosen for his #Toonfic fanfiction contest, I couldn't get this out of my mind. I'm entering the contest myself and I'm gonna finish my entry as soon as I can, but I needed to make this before I'd be able to focus. Also, the full details about the contest can be found in Toon's journal entry right here. If you're interested in checking it out, I'd go there and brush up on the guidelines he's set up for this contest. Good luck!

(I've been obsessed with the whole CarToonZ Saga going on with ToonKriticY2K's channel lately, and that got me wondering if Prophetic Prose would even have an evil half. She's sarcastic and untrusting already, and she can be incredibly mean as it is, so I thought the answer would be no. But then I figured, since she's based on me, Prose would probably take herself very seriously a lot of the time and hold herself back from having as much fun and being as daring as she could be. Being able to see possible outcomes of the future makes her step back and think too much, mostly out of fear of triggering something terrible. If she had a dark opposite to herself, she'd be fearless, self indulgent, sadistic and/or masochistic, and just generally insane, doing whatever she wants with little to no remorse. So, going off of that, I present to you Risky Sketch. (Picture coming later.))

Name: Risky Sketch

Nicknames: Sketch, Sketchy, Risky, Risk, Psycho

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown (appears to be roughly 20)

Species: Pegasus

Hometown: Fillydelphia

Current Residence: ???

Occupation: N/A

Allegiance: Luna or Discord (depends on the day)

Height: Average height

Weight: Somewhat overweight

Mane Color/Style/Length: Long, curly mane; black with yellow streaks.

Coat Description: Light palomino coat that fades to black around her muzzle and hooves.

Eye Shape/Color: Dark golden eyes shaped similarly to Twilight's.

Cutie Mark: A paintbrush with a handle shaped like a lightning bolt with a drop of paint coming off it that looks like one die.

Accessories: A black choker and a cream colored satchel with art supplies.

Family: "Mother", Mystic Vision (unknown); "Father", Risky Rivet (deceased)

Friends: N/A

S.O.: N/A

Basic Pegasus Powers:
• Intrinsic Pegasus ability to fly
• Intrinsic Pegasus ability to walk on clouds

Experiment Given Powers:
• Empathy
• Probability Manipulation
• Electrokinesis

Digging Deeper
Sexuality: Pansexual

Personality: Fearless, wild, flirtatious, vengeful, easily distracted, hyperactive, curious, gets bored quickly, determined, creative, fun-loving, perverted, insane (and proud of it), affectionate, silly, lazy, hedonistic, manipulative, loyal only to a point, will try literally anything at least once.

Flaws: Doesn't think before she acts, incredibly stubborn, would rather manipulate luck or other ponies to do things for her than do things herself, gets distracted easily, will ditch someone in an instant if she thinks it will benefit her, can't resist a chance to prank someone, never turns down a challenge even if it's logically impossible for her to do, rarely feels remorse for most things she does, has very little control over her emotions, usually not patient enough to carry out long-term plans.

Special Talent: Art and "luck"

History: Mystic Vision, after successfully regenerating herself with her spell, searched all over for her ex-husband and their daughter. By the time she'd found where they were, Prose had already killed her father and left their house behind. Mystic did, however, stumble upon a secret that even Prophet didn't know about. Apparently, in the event that their daughter got uncooperative in his experiments, Risky Rivet was going to kill her and continue his work using a clone he'd created. The clone had yet to be woken up from the cryogenic sleep she was in, though, and now that it seemed like all of Rivet's technology was malfunctioning, Mystic wasn't sure if it would ever happen. However, finding out that she wasn't stored in this lab and, instead, was hidden in the mountains by Hallow Shades, she figured there might be some hope. With that, Mystic set off for the mountains to find this clone of her daughter. Part of it was logical because she could use a piece of Prose's DNA to track her down, and if the clone turned out to be dangerous, she could just kill her or put her back to sleep. Mostly, though, this was the closest Mystic Vision was going to get to seeing her daughter for now, so she was going to take it.

When Mystic found the hidden lab in the mountains, it wasn't difficult to find Prose's clone. The issue was that that she couldn't actually release her, as there was a passcode that only Risky Rivet knew about. Mystic tore the lab apart in an effort to find a hint to the passcode, but she never found it. Enraged, Mystic Vision accidentally cast a lightning spell in the lab, directly at the clone's cryogenic chamber. At first, she thought she'd killed the clone, but when the dust cleared, she saw a breathing pony laying there. But she no longer looked like her daughter. In fact, with the almost cream color of her coat and the curliness of her black and yellow mane, she looked more similar to her ex-husband. So it came to be that, when the clone woke up, the first thing she was called was "Risky..."

The pegasus woke up to see a stunned Mystic Vision standing there, and she ended up giggling as she asked who "Risky" was and if that was her name. Even before she got an answer, the idea of that name seemed to stick in her mind. Her question was eventually answered, though it was by a folder with Risky Rivet's name on it that she accidentally stepped on, the folder once holding all of the information about her development inside it. Mystic reluctantly explained that Risky Rivet was the one that created her and that she herself was the reason she was awake, and that made the pegasus come to the conclusion that Rivet and Mystic were her parents. She immediately decided she loved Mystic Vision, but the unicorn, still in shock, backed away and said that she only had one daughter. She even went on to explain that to the pegasus that she was her daughter's clone. Being denied by the person she saw as her mother hurt the pegasus a lot, but that didn't stop her from being curious about her creation and the original Prophetic Prose. That was when she and Mystic ended up looking through all of the files Rivet left behind, both wanting to understand the circumstances better.

The more the two read, the more Mystic Vision grew to miss her true daughter and the palomino pegasus felt insignificant. Knowing that she was intended to be an exact copy of Rivet's true daughter and seeing that she'd essentially become the opposite made her depressed. She'd taken up drawing to get her mind off of it, which lead to Mystic starting to call her "Sketch" as a joke, and the more that persisted, the more the pegasus started thinking of herself as Risky Sketch. In the end, though, her utter failure to even look like what she was supposed to look like made her feel guilty, so she felt the need to apologize to both Mystic Vision and Risky Rivet. Mystic accepted the apology, but she refused to tell Sketch where Rivet was for a long time. One day, Risky Sketch decided to just leave the mountain on her own to look for Rivet, but Mystic stopped her, knowing she'd never make it down the mountain by herself. That lead Mystic to reluctantly teleport them back to Rivet's home in Fillydelphia...and directly to the room where his dead body was.

Risky Sketch was stunned to see both Rivet's body and Mystic's former body hung up together, and Mystic had to explain that she'd regenerated herself to keep herself from being killed. She didn't get the chance to explain what really happened before Risky Sketch found some of Prose's fur on Rivet's face, stuck in the imprints of her hooves from when she'd crushed his skull. Finding this evidence made Sketch immediately come to the conclusion that Prose killed both Rivet and the original Mystic, and that was the moment where she snapped. Risky Sketch laughed until she could barely breathe, then declared that she was going to avenge Mystic and "Papa" by finding Prose and ending her life. She also asked for Mystic's help, but the unicorn refused without hesitation. This made Risky Sketch angry enough to release an overwhelming amount of electricity from her body--the first indication that she had electric powers. The discharge left the pegasus feeling weak instantly, though, and that was the opening Mystic needed to bash her in the back of the head until she was bloody and unconscious. Mystic considered killing Risky Sketch herself, but she didn't really have it in her, so she tied her up and left her in the room of frozen bodies,hoping either the cold or the blood loss would kill the pegasus. Neither of the above happened.

When she woke up, Risky Sketch had suffered some brain damage from Mystic's attack, which made her even more depraved than she was the moment she snapped. Laughing the whole way, her body was suddenly radiating with electricity, and with no warning, she charged at the door to the room she'd been locked away in. This created a blast that not only opened the door, but destroyed the room itself and all of the bodies inside. This didn't concern Risky Sketch as she left the building, though. Now, her only desire was to find Prophetic Prose and end her, leaving Mystic Vision with only one pony to claim as her daughter. And if Mystic was going to stand in her way, she decided she had no choice but to do the same to her.

Current Circumstances: Just after leaving, Rivet's house collapsed in on itself. Risky Sketch thought this was a coincidence at first, but over time, she discovered that she had the ability to manipulate probability in her favor on top of her destructive electrical powers. With the knowledge that Prophetic Prose had powers of her own, she got to work in training herself to work with these abilities the best she could. While training with her powers and having as much fun as she could along the way, she got more and more into her art, which resulted in the cutie mark she eventually received. The mark itself bugged her as yet another reminder of being the opposite of what she was made to be, but she did her best not to think about it and lived life the way that made her happiest. She's still traveling Equestria in search of both Prose and Mystic Vision, but she doesn't let that stop her from basically doing whatever she wants. As long as it's not boring to her in that moment, she can be seen trying just about anything.
(I decided to create a backstory for my pony self, Prophetic Prose. The initial image I have for her is here if you'd like to see it, but the mane style isn't quite right and her cutie mark needs to be changed. Either way, though, I'm happy I got this done. I may write a story version of Prose's past later. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this.)

Name: Prophetic Prose

Nicknames: Prose, Prophet

Gender: Female

Age: Early 20s

Species: Pegasus

Hometown: Fillydelphia

Current Residence: ???

Occupation: Freelance writer

Allegiance: Both Celestia and Luna (mostly Luna)

Height: Average height

Weight: Somewhat overweight

Mane Color/Style/Length: Black and purple dreadlocks in a side longish ponytail.

Coat Description: Deep violet coat that fades to a lilac shade around her muzzle.

Eye Shape/Color: Lavender eyes shaped similarly to Twilight's.

Cutie Mark: A black rose in place of a quill writing on a lavender colored piece of parchment that's rolled up at the ends.

Accessories: N/A

Family: Mother, Mystic Vision (missing); Father, Risky Rivet (deceased)

Friends: TBA


Basic Pegasus Powers:
• Intrinsic Pegasus ability to fly
• Intrinsic Pegasus ability to walk on clouds

Experiment Given Powers:
• Levitation
• Teleportation
• Enhanced Empathy: Immediately detects the emotions of others around her
• Psychometry: Obtains historical memories and general knowledge concerning objects she touches
• Precognition: Sees flashes of future events at random (or on command when she actually focuses on it)
• Mediumship: Speaks to spirits around her that are willing to speak to her.
• Channeling Spirits: Uses her own body to allow spirits to directly interact with the mortal world.
• Automatic Writing: Writes without conscious thought (a subability tied to channeling spirits)

Digging Deeper
Sexuality: Bisexual

Personality: Quiet, patient, intelligent, vengeful, reserved, unforgiving, sarcastic, dreamer, standoffish, curious, somewhat romantic, creative, selfless, passionate, loyal and loving to those she truly cares about.

Flaws: Suspicious of everyone by default, has a hard time getting close to others, incredibly stubborn, can be either blindly pessimistic or blindly optimistic in any given situation, hates to ask others for help, absolutely refuses to forgive those who have seriously wronged her, forgets to properly take care of herself when pursuing a goal, tends to procrastinate on just about everything, regularly abandons projects when she has a new idea, gets incredibly lazy sometimes, can and will destroy someone emotionally using only her words if she really wants to, often abandons logic in the pursuit of her goals--especially those tied to revenge.

Special Talent: Writing (mostly fiction and poetry)

History: Most of what Prophetic Prose truly remembers about her early years starts in Fillydelphia, where she lived until she was six years old alongside her mother, Mystic Vision. For years, she had no knowledge of the fact that she even had a father, but she had a good childhood there regardless, teaching herself how to fly (her mother couldn't teach her since she was a unicorn) and developing empathetic abilities well before she realized they were abnormal for a pegasus child. During this time, she even earned her cutie mark after discovering how much she loved writing stories even more than she loved reading them. Her life was perfectly happy in Fillydelphia...or, at least, that was the case until her father suddenly appeared.

A copper colored earth pony, Risky Rivet, came to Prose and Mystic's home claiming to be Prose's father. Seeming truly devastated, he explaining to his daughter that her Mystic was killed on her way home from Manehattan. Being as close to her mother as she was, Prose was destroyed by this news, and even with her father's insistence that her mother would want her to be strong, she locked herself in her room and cried over the loss of her mother for weeks. She eventually came out, but she was still heartbroken. Rivet, however, did everything in his power to cheer her up, staying in the house to watch over her. He fed her, took her to school, and did all kinds of fun things with her to take her mind off of the situation. Then, when it seemed she was mostly better, he made her an offer. As it turned out, Rivet was a scientist who had been researching possible ways to give earth ponies and pegasi magical abilities similar to and even greater than that of unicorns. He offered to give his daughter just those same powers if he came with her, and in return, he'd find her mother's murderers and make sure she could get revenge on them without getting into any trouble. Naive and vengeful as she was, she agreed with no second thoughts, which led to them packing up the house and moving to the opposite end of the city.

Risky Rivet had a house in Fillydelphia, but both he and Prophetic Prose spent most of the next several years in the lab underneath the house. This is where he performed test after test on his daughter, attempting to expand her mind more and more so it could retain the information required of a unicorn to be able to perform magic. The experiments were all painful and psychologically scarring in one way or another, but Prose was willing to continue simply because she knew it was for a good cause. Her suffering did bring her many amazing abilities, from enhancing her natural empathy ten fold to giving her the ability to channel spirits to making it possible for her to see the future. In the last years of her father's experiments, she was even developing telekinesis that wasn't unlike a unicorn's. This, however, was when she found out some dark truths about her family, and when her willingness to take part in the experiments ended.

Prose was asked to get her father's notes one day, but on the way back to the lab, she started reading them, wanting to see what other plans he had for her and if she was maybe ready to find her mother's killers yet. What she found instead was confirmation that Rivet was, in fact, the one who killed her mother. In fact, her father had killed a good number of ponies since she came to his home. His notes revealed that he'd been killing off unicorns one after another and added sections of their brains to Prose's in attempts to give her the abilities he wanted her to have. He'd stuck to strictly giving her parts of brains of unicorns that were whatever age she was at the time, but that resulted in her abilities to channel and commune with the head as opposed to the typical unicorn abilities he'd wanted for her. His notes revealed that her telekinesis was the result of giving her a section of a brain belonging to a mare that was a young adult when Prose herself was only a teenager, and now that she was almost twenty, he was planning on adding on a piece of the mind of a unicorn who was somewhere in her late 30s at the time of her death. He apparently had a variety of options, but one of them stuck out to Prose the most: her mother, Mystic Vision.

Even after finding all of this out, Prose had no choice but to continue with the tests until she could know for herself that he truly did have his mother somewhere. She was far more willing to accept the Frankenstein treatment her brain had apparently been given over the years if it meant he was doing what he promised, but if he'd lied to her and was, in fact, her mother's killer, she'd never forgive him. Using her ability to perceive the future, she found a room that she'd been forbidden access from for years, and when she made it inside, she found that the room was full of the frozen bodies of various unicorns. Young and old, big and small, dozens of female unicorn bodies were frozen inside the room. And, sure enough, Prose found that one of those unicorns was, in fact, her mother. That alone made it obvious that Prose couldn't be her father's experiment for too much longer. In fact, one way or another, she was certain she was going to end his life.

Between the final sessions with her father, Prophetic Prose read over the notes that didn't involve her, mostly looking for ways to disable her father's inventions and leave no chance of him escaping her wrath when she decided to go after him. This, however, did lead to her stumbling upon notes that certainly didn't belong to Risky Rivet. Notes in her mother's writing were found among her father's papers, and these detailed an emergency spell the unicorn developed that would revive any magic user as long as a significant amount of their DNA was away from the body before it died. The spell would even allow for the user to come back to life with the memories they had at the moment their chosen piece of DNA was removed from their body. Prose assumed at first that her father found the spell in their old house and took it to use in case he was able to give himself the ability to use magic, but this did bring up the possibility that Mystic Vision was alive somewhere. The night she discovered this was the moment she decided she couldn't wait anymore. She had to leave and see if she could find her mother.

Prose disabled every piece of equipment in the lab and in the house that she could find, making certain there was no way her father could fight her. Then, the next morning, she pretended that she was excited to show off her telekinesis to her father, using what little of this ability she could to lift Risky Rivet upside down into the air by his hooves. He congratulated her at first, but then she shifted her focus to his throat. He remained suspended in the air, this time held right side up, but the grip on his throat tightened more and more. Rivet realized what she was doing and tried to stop her, only to realize that none of the gadgets he had on hoof were working properly anymore. By the time he realized this and thought to take his daughter by force, he realized he was much weaker than he should have been. That, he discovered, was because Prose stole one of his inventions for herself--the same invention he used to syphon Mystic Vision's magic and physical energy from her. Using this, Prose weakened her father's body while he tried to find something to stop her, and by that point, he was far too weak to stop her from killing him. With a chuckle, he accepted his fate while telling his daughter she was just like him. The pegasus tossed him to the ground, replied by telling him they were nothing alike, and finished him off by grinding his head into the ground with her hooves. She, then, placed the remains of his body in the room of frozen unicorns, setting him right beside her mother's body. After that, she left the house behind, starting a search of the entirety of Equestria for any trace of her revived mother.

Current Circumstances: Prose is currently traveling across Equestria in search of her mother, only settling in this town or that city every once in a while. She writes both to keep herself sane and to support herself, so she sometimes has to stay put for a little while so she can wait on responses to be mailed to her from publishers and anthologies that she applies for. Her ability to channel spirits also helps support her sometimes, as she's sometimes paid to help spirits communicate with the living.