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I'm a hardcore AppleDash shipper. Ever since the first time I saw Fall Weather Friends, I fell in absolute love with this pairing. That being said, a lot of fanfics for this pairing don't stick in my mind that much; there's a small handful of AppleDash fics that I still read all the time even if they're finished and I know exactly how it's going to play out already, but the rest don't hold my attention enough for me to constantly recommend them to others or want to read them over and over again. This one would be an example of the former.

New Girl is amazing to me on so many different levels, so much so that I tend to reread all of the past chapters up to the latest one as I'm waiting for the next chapter to be completed. As far as fanfics as a whole and especially in the case of AppleDash fics, I usually don't get so into the story that I read it over and over again and don't get sick of it too soon; let's face it, AppleDash fics tend to be pretty much the same, and while there are plenty of gems amongst fanfics in this and other fandoms, there are just as many that aren't even worth a second read through. I'm glad to say that, in this story, I've found one that doesn't necessarily fall under either of those categories. My only reason for not giving five stars for originality is the rivalry-turned-romance aspect of the story; this is seen in a lot of fics for this pairing, but I'm not bothered by it because that's essentially their relationship as it's presented in the show. That and the whole Gilda as Dashie's ex-girlfriend thing were the only things I considered reasons for knocking off points for originality, but other than that, there are more unexpected plot twists in this story than I can even count, which is great for me because I love a story that keeps me guessing. Long story short, this is by far my favorite AppleDash fanfic, and, as always, I can't wait to see how the next chapter turns out and how everything for Applejack and Rainbow Dash finally comes together.
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Rayna-Crazy Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014
Thank you so much for your critique! I am so glad that you've enjoyed New Girl, really it means a lot to me that my story stuck with someone! :D I hope I can do the ending justice and you like the completed fic just as much as you have so far.
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