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Maezine Le Roux: The Living Voodoo Doll
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Published: April 28, 2018
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Some people just want to live in relaxation, peace, and above all else, normalcy. This was Maezine at one point, and she went so far as to ignore the clairvoyant abilities she inherited from her parents in pursuit of a normal life. This, however, was before she became the youngest best selling author in her little corner of the Forgotten Realms, before she attracted the attention of a highly envious rival author, and before said author had the Le Roux house set ablaze with the family of three still inside. It was the fire and Maezine's sacrifice to get her mother out of the house safely that cost her most of her human body, but what was left of it was infused with voodoo magic so she could be brought back to like in a life-size rag doll body. The whole ordeal messed with Maezine's sanity and changed her outlook on things greatly--so much so that she's now embracing the magic that's always been in her and training to be a witch doctor while also hunting down the people who ended her last life.

Maezine is the result of my twisted brain knowing I'd be joining one of the weirdest D&D campaigns I've ever heard of and wanting to come up with the most outlandish character idea I could for said campaign. This was while I was looking up doll related Halloween costumes (I was bored), and somehow, that triggered the memory of a homebrew Witch Doctor class I'd always wanted to use. That gave me the idea of a character who could use their own body as a voodoo doll in combat, and from that concept alone, my lovely little Maezine was born. I'm personally really proud of her, though now, I'm gonna have to practice a Creole accent since I imagined her having one. ^^;

Also, I seem to be making glowing eyes (and just glowy things in general) a theme in my pictures, but I have a legitimate reason for this one. Maezine's spellcasting focus was originally gonna be a ring with an eyeball where the gem would be, but I decided one of her body's doll eyes was made with a special magic crystal that glows certain colors depending on the spell she's casting, and sometimes, if she doesn't feel like lifting her hands, the eye itself fires off the spell.

Also, enjoy shading that doesn't completely suck for once. XD
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